Happy New Year Stylers

Happy New Year Stylers, Oh how I missed our weekly convo but don’t worry, Bill took away all my vacation time, so I’m here for a while…well until I take that spring vacation he doesn’t know about yet. oops! Not only is it a new year but its a new decade. Of course, we begin every year with a clean slate, but something about 2020 feels refreshing. It perfect time to hit the reset button and define your goals and that goes for style, too. You spent the last two months focusing on others needs, Now it’s January its time to give that love and energy back to yourself.

I’m corny so I do make Resolutions that I always forgot before January is even out. This year I thought about it as I reflected on my style from the last ten year, from who I was and what I wore. All I could see was a 20 something-year-old trying to make it work. I guess it’s true what they say “you get better with time”.My style resolution is to be my adventurous. In 2019 I turned 30, lost 50 pounds, and I fell in love with myself. This version of me is more confident and sexy. I no longer follow the rules of whats tradition or “normal” in men’s fashion. I’m a man and I wear what I want. New Year doesn’t mean totally new you. It simply is a reminder that you have all it takes to be the star version of yourself, all you have to do it to put a little work into it.

I created a vision board to help me get an idea of how I wanted my style to look. I filled my board with images that inspire the mood that I’m going for. Take the time to think about your image and ask yourself these questions, How do I want to be perceived? What image do I want to portray? Who am I? Then, figure out the steps that you need to take to get there. Open your closet. Who do you see? If you turn your style up a notch, it will take you places. The goal is to help you celebrate yourself through style, and I believe that going for a slightly aspirational wardrobe will push you to another level

While we all want to toss clothing we haven’t worn in a while, and infuse a little more life into our current wardrobes, don’t worry, those are still on the list! these resolutions go way beyond the traditional go-to’s. Read them all below and pick out a few you want to tackle yourself!

Wear the clothes You own
NOT!! playing it too safe
Wear more pants that are not jeans
Detox your wardrobe
Invest in staple items
Shop local
Only Shop when needed