Many High School students have been arrested in connection to an alleged assault

Three Many area high school students have been arrested in connection with a video of an alleged sexual assault of a student from Many High School.  The individual names have not been released and the three arrested have been placed in the Ware Youth Center in Coushatta, La.

The video shows a disturbing attack on a teenager that authorities say happened at the high school.  The alleged assault was recorded and posted on a social media app known as Snapchat.

Louisiana State Police are continuing the investigation.

Snapchat:  The app has evolved from originally focusing on person-to-person photo sharing to presently featuring users’ “Stories” of 24 hours of chronological content, along with “Discover”, letting brands show ad-supported short-form content. It also allows users to keep photos in the “my eyes only” which lets them keep their photos in a password protected space.

Snapchat has become known for representing a new, mobile-first direction for social media, and places significant emphasis on users interacting with virtual stickers and augmented reality objects. As of October 2019, Snapchat has 210 million daily active users.  Snapchat is known to be popular among the younger generations, particularly those below the age of 16, leading to many privacy concerns for parents.

Original: February 3, 2020

An investigation is underway into a reported case of bullying that led to an alleged sexual assault of a student at Many High School.

Multiple sources confirm it happened last week. The case came to the attention of local law enforcement and school officials after a reported recording of the alleged attack went viral on social media.

Most of Many has heard all about the incident, in which the victim was held down by other students and sodomized with an object.

Most parents are concerned authorities only found out about the alleged attack on Friday.

The Many Police Department and the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office had no comment on the investigation.

The Sabine Parish School Board released a statement saying they are cooperating fully with law enforcement and that disciplinary action will be taken against anyone involved in the attack.

Watch for any updates as they happen.

14 thoughts on “Many High School students have been arrested in connection to an alleged assault

  1. And doesn’t it just make you sick to know someone thought it was acceptable to record on a cell phone? Like it’s a joke or something to be proud of? And then someone posted it on social media! It just disgusts me. If the ones involved don’t go to jail, I don’t think I want to live in this state anymore. It’s a disgrace that these kids have now put Many on the map for something so despicable.

  2. This is so unacceptable! Schools should not be a harmful environment. I hope they get charged for this incident for doing something so sick!

  3. Those children’s parents should be ashamed that they raised such deranged kids. If my kid did that to someone the police would be the least of their problems.

  4. Put them all in jail. They need to learn they can’t do things like this, but this is Many sports are more important than a rape. I would fire the every coach and higher ups how new about this.

  5. A similar situation occurred at Natchitoches Central. Teachers left students unsupervised. Also, a few years ago another student was killed by another student! It seems, to some, that the school environment has become as dangerous as the streets!

    • That’s so true no matter what a school it is no matter what happens they all want to cover it up instead of helping these kids and the bulling is so bad that the kids tell and do nothing and it gets so bad they take their life’s because they feel no one wil help them when they tell them it’s nothing done you see all the time teachers having sex with students or touching a child or doing what they want but the schools don’t do nothing until it comes public but it’s to late cuz the child is scared for ice it should of never went that far they think it was a joke it’s not a joke but they let go until it comes public before it’s said and done and u wonder why kids take their life the schools are suppose to teach and protect our kids on we have to worry about every day about our kids being stay at school it is bad that it’s getting the schools are bringing the streets to the school if teachers and every body that works their and don’t want to do their job and they just their to a pay check and not do their job needs to find some where else to work

      • You’re absolutely right. The kids have a saying, “Snitches end up in ditches”. So some kids don’t even come forward and say they’ve been bullied or seen someone be bullied. It’s a sad state our schools are in, not just here, but nationwide. Teachers do their best, but teaching kids how to behave starts at home long before a kid comes to preschool.

    • Well, when you can’t kick out the troublemakers because we’ve turned our schools in to a babysitting service and jobs program what do you expect? We excuse lawlessness in our streets or committed by the people we hire in our government run institutions so why should school be any different?

  6. expel these kids and fire any coach or teacher that knew about this.
    these kids who did this need counseling and where do they learn this
    stuff ? I hope not at home .

    • Expel they need a lil jail time in my opinion cause if it was ur son expel wouldn’t be on ur mind that’s someone’s bby boy getting injected with objects only animals do evil things like that ….

      • Um, animals have never been known to sodomized one another! Leave animals out of this sort of crap.

        The only despicable creature on this entire planet is the human. We have zero to be proud of as a species in regard to anything fair amongst millions of other species on this planet.

        We are the sole ones to do this to each other and it be intentional.

        We are the sole creatures of this planet to know we are destroying it not just for ourselves but for the millions of other species without voices, yet still keep going ahead and doing it regardless of known consequences.

        Humans are straight disgusting and should be ashamed to bring down God’s name by claiming to be made in His image.

    • Expel them?! If this happened to your kid, would you say that? This was assault. Charge them with the crime, make them appear before a judge and jury, and put them in jail! Kids don’t take things seriously. Show other kids that assault will be treated as the crime it is, even if minors and not adults did it. Maybe it will put a the fear of God in the rest of the kids.

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