Ronnie Williams, Jr. announces candidacy for Mayor of Natchitoches

It’s time to make the residents of Natchitoches a priority again. It’s time for something better for all of us who live here. This is a historical election at a critical time, and together we can make a difference.

I am so very pleased to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the city of Natchitoches. With encouragement from my family, parishioners, friends and numerous citizens, coupled with my desire to continue serving the community, I have prayerfully answered the call.

My wife Tiffany and I, as well as generations of our families, have called Natchitoches home for centuries. We are committed on ensuring Natchitoches remains the best place to raise our children now and in the future. As we grew up, we felt safe and secure. Now, the incidents of violent crimes are skyrocketing. The great city of Natchitoches has so much to offer, and I will continue working hard to ensure our residents have an equal opportunity to live their dreams.

Are we content with the leadership of our Mayor over the past eight years? Are we sure he has the best interests of ALL of the people he serves? We have allowed our City government to serve only certain areas of our city for far too long. You do not have to look far to see the results of this: violence in our neighborhoods, poor drainage and streets in disrepair, forgotten youth with nothing productive to occupy their time, significant increase in crime and public safety concerns, and most importantly, no new jobs that offer living wages to the community it serves.

Over the last 8 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in spending that focuses mainly on tourism and visitors. To continue with what has been done over the past 8 years is to continue to ignore the urgent needs of the residents of Natchitoches. We have allowed our “leaders” to shape our future, with little resistance and as a result the devotion and loyalty to the residents has dwindled

Remember, leadership is not about the position you hold. It is about solving problems and developing solutions together with our friends and neighbors to achieve a common goal. Leaders do not passively wait to see who will step up to the plate; they step forward themselves and ask, “What can I do to help?” As an educator, I see first-hand the impact that poverty and limited opportunities have on our children. Furthermore, as a pastor of 7 years, I know what it means to have a heart for serving others. I will be your servant leader.

We deserve jobs that pay enough money to care for our families. We deserve safe neighborhoods in which to raise our children. We deserve honest and open government that gives us a voice. We deserve affordable utilities that do not force us to decide between heat and air or feeding our families. We deserve attractive communities. We deserve youth programs that invest in the future of our children. We deserve a better tomorrow.

I must believe there is room for everyone in our beautiful, historic City of Natchitoches to experience the American dream. Sadly, the powerful have just gone silent, and the forgotten are waiting for solutions. Today, I promise to make a difference, to be worthy of the title of leader, and to help reshape the future of our city as your Mayor. Please consider voting #168, Ronnie Williams, Jr. for Mayor. You can vote for a better tomorrow on April 4 or go to the polls during early voting March 21-28.

7 thoughts on “Ronnie Williams, Jr. announces candidacy for Mayor of Natchitoches

  1. Sounds like more socialist B S to me. Just because the “youth” do not have enough distractions to keep them busy does not mean they are free to rob and steal. And who is supposed to provide all these high paying jobs? Are the poor youth preparing themselves by education or learning work skills in order to perform themselves to do these jobs. I agree we need more jobs but they can only be created by attracting manufacturing industries. Will they companies come if we do not have a good work force? Those in the local prison do not count. I think Mayor Posey is doing a good job. The new candidate did not mention his education or qualifications. I wonder what they are.

    • Are there education and qualifications required to run for mayor. I thought the only requirement was to be citizen of the city and not be a convicted felon. I guess I am wrong again

      • I do not know what the qualifications for Mayor are but I think that a college degree would be a good start. This candidate may be a good man, but I think that higher education would be helpful in decision making. This candidate for Mayor lists a lot of things our residents deserve but he does not mention how any of those things are going to be paid for or by whom. His implication is that he can just divert money from people and areas now getting City money and everything will be just fine. I think this man needs to grow up a bit and get a lot wiser before he can run a city. That is just my opinion, of course.

  2. Bulloney…mayor lee posey HAS ACCOMPLISHED
    ALOT in our fair town of Natchitoches…It is NOT to be blamed on him personally for the violent crimes/murders here. Nor can he alone control the illigal drugs being sold and used here. It is the Job of our police/sherriff dept to step in…and many of these muderers HAVE BEEN Caught with not only their help but with the communities help as well…
    Mayor Posey IS very high qualified to continue in Office….He IS a good man and Has Proven to ALL of that he is more than capable to handle it…
    The bad road condtions from all the rain – which he cannot control the weather – IS being taken care of
    But the dept that handles that can ONLY fix one at a time when weather allow. I personally know of Many roads that have already been improved..
    So please do not add crap to obtain votes –
    Be Honest about it and tell it like it REALLY is Only the Truth can set you free and help you prevail

    • A lot you are saying is, BALLONEY!!! Evidently you live where the money is being spent on your paved street with no potholes that ALL THE RAIN you talking about that caused them. They have been there when it didnt rain. Do you know how many streets could be fixed with all those flowers being bought all year long? Either you don’t know, or dont care because it doesn’t affect you. As for the crime, the drugs, etc. You say the Mayor is not suppose to do nothing about it!! Explain to me who does the hiring of the police chief and officers who have blinded eyes to what this city represent. For your info, the Mayor represents the entire city and that means more than the historic district and where you live!

      • You’re exactly right Earnestine Armstrong. They don’t care about the welfare of others as long as they’re live comfortably. This is a racist town, that why I’m so glad that so many of our children are moving to other cities and states. I hope they get their hearts right before Jesus comes back for them.

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