UPDATED: COVID-19 Closures: The List

The following  have been either Closed, Delayed, Restricted, Postponed or Cancelled:

Melrose Arts & Crafts Festival – Postponed
CASA of Central Louisiana -Phone 318-581-7876 – Closed
CASA’s Gala – Postponed
Wal-Mart Natchitoches Closing at 11p each evening – Restricted

UPDATE: March 16, 2020

Natchitoches Visitor Information Center – Closed
Legal Aid of North Louisiana – Restricted
Elite Cheer-Nastics – Closed
Natchitoches Parish Library until 3/30 – Closed
Natchitoches Farm Bureau Annual Meeting – Postponed
All Casinos and bars – Closed
Restaurants will be – Closed
Take-out, drive-through and delivery orders are allowed
Movie Theaters –  Closed
Pioneer Pub (2 weeks) – Closed
City of Natchitoches Offices – Restricted
LDWF Offices  – Closed
NSU WRAC – Closed
The Cane River film festival – Postponed
Natchitoches Knights of Columbus “KC Bingo” – Postponed
Natchitoches Genealogy Meetings – Postponed
Brother’s Keepers  2020 Dream Run and Crawfish – Cancelled
Natchitoches Parish Chapter/Grambling Alumni Meeting – Postponed
Les Amies Annual Butterfly Release – Postponed
All Hours Fitnes – Closed
Dazzling Dance Studio – Closed
Natchitoches Flipping Athletics – closed
Oasis of Love Academy – Closed



April 4, 2020 Louisiana Elections – Postponed to June
CLICK HERE – for new dates and Schedule 
No Early Voting at the Courthouse in March!

Area Banks and Financial Institutions – Open

Chamber’s Legislative Issues Luncheon – Postponed 
City of Natchitoches Candidate Forum – Postponed
CLTCC Classes Week of March 16 – Postponed

Flavor of Louisiana – Postponed
Friends of the Library Book Sale – Postponed

Long Purple Line luncheon – Postponed
LSMSA School – Closed/Online Learning

Natchitoches Dragon Boat Race for April 4 – Cancelled
Natchitoches Parish Detention Center Visits – Cancelled
Natchitoches Parish Public Schools – Closed
Natchitoches Parish Courthouse – Restricted
Natchitoches Regional Medical Center – Open/Restriced
Natchitoches-Northwestern Symphony Concert – Cancelled
Natchitoches Young Baseball/Softball League – Postponed

NSU Face-to-Face Classes Only – Closed/Online Learning
Campus is open and all staff reports as usual.

NSU President’s Open House – Postponed
NSU Sports Programs/Events – Suspended/Cancelled
NYP Pub Crawl – Postponed

St. Mary’s School – Closed
Steel Magnolia Run – Postponed
Southland Basketball Conference – Cancelled

To add or change any item to the list, please email the information

10 thoughts on “UPDATED: COVID-19 Closures: The List

  1. Thank you to all of our leaders for setting forth changes to protect us. Thank you and God bless to all of our healthcare providers out there fighting for our lives and taking care of all of us during this time of need. Thank you to all of our first responders out there working hard to keep care of us. God bless you and keep you! My family’s prayers are with you all.

  2. sure hope restaurants don’t go under or any other business
    because idiots freaked out over a flu.This is going to cost people a lot.

    • This is not a flu. And they’re not idiots. They’re doing what they feel is best for the American people.

  3. While I agree with the concept of erring on the side of caution, this is getting ridiculous. Only 136 confirmed cases in the entire state and not a single 1 in Natchitoches OR an adjacent parish…how long before they try to implement a curfew and martial law?

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