Opportunity: Express Pros – NOW

Actively searching for professional Landscapers with the ability to maintain gardens, parks and other outdoor landscapes. Duties include ensuring plant growth, cleaning outdoor facilities, and trimming overgrown hedges. Steel toe boots/shoes required.

-Design, remodel, and maintain properties
-Prepare and grade the grounds
-Mow and roll lawns
-Plant, remove or trim shrubs, hedges and trees
-Apply pesticides and fertilizers
-Build and repair fences and walls
-Place and repair cement, asphalt or marble walks, driveways or figurines
-Install water sprays and hoses and underground sprinkler systems
-Equipment used may include the following: Power mulchers, mowers, hand trimmers, spades, picks, and rakes. Garden tractors with tilling, scraper, excavating and pesticide dispenser attachments.

Pay is between $9.50-$14.00 hourly – Monday through Friday – 6:15am-6pm (hours vary between 8-10 hour days)

Apply online at: expresspros.com/alexandriala