According to Kris: Move Over Cotton

By Kris James

Forget the cotton, with its eco-credentials! Linen is the “it” fabric of summer. Fashion has its own way of taking things and declaring them uncool, and then making them cool again. One trend that has been through the wringer more than others is linen. This is the fabric that your favorite uncle wears with sandals in the heat of summers.

Made from the flax plant, the soft, breathable, centuries-old fabric is a highly sustainable material that doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers to grow, plus little water compared to thirsty cotton. One of the oldest fabrics in the world, the ancient Egyptians used it to wrap mummies, and in the 1930s, wedding gowns combined linen with lace.

However, with production for cotton and man-made fibers over the last few decades, linen went from the staple fabric of the summer to the frumpy fabric that was a nightmare to care for and wrinkle way too easily. Linen became less of an edgy trend and more of a practical style choice associated with dads.

Fast forward to 2020, linen was seen on all over the spring forecast.

This really is a minimalist trend, so go for neutral tones and few accessories it works especially well with a coin necklace or gold watch. I like a linen blazer thrown over silk pants, paired with a tan sandal. I’m also a big fan of the shorts suit which is the perfect office-appropriate outfit during the summer. If you’re concerned that the material is too casual for the office, the key here is to show it in a different light with tailoring and more structured iterations like soft power suits, pencil skirts, and wide-leg trousers, all ideally worn with a block heeled shoe or sandal for a more polished look. These tips will also work for my guy stylers also, think tailored linen suit with a pair of casual dress sneakers. Classic

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