NCHS LHSAA All-Academic Awards

The LHSAA All-Academic Award Program recognizes the academic excellence of senior student-athletes who have attained a 3.5 grade point average or higher by placing them on the Composite All-Academic Team or Class All-Academic Team.

To earn Composite Team honors, a student-athlete’s six-semester GPA must have a 4.00. The composite team is honored at the LHSAA state events. The Class Team is composed of student-athletes with six-semester GPA of 3.5 – 3.999.

All senior student-athletes must be registered and submitted by a school principal on the LHSAA Member Website by the specific deadline date established. In order to be selected to the All-Academic Team, the student-athlete must be a senior, have participated in the sport for at least two years, and achieved a six-semester cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5. NCHS has two senior athletes receiving All-Academic Award on the Composite Team, Mali Simmons and John Waskom.

Mali Simmons is a 4 year letter athlete in Powerlifting. She competed twice in the State Powerlifting meets as a part of NCHS. She finished 7th place as a Sophomore and 6th place as a Junior. A Senior member of this year’s team, she was a top lifter for the girl’s squad. She lifted in the 165 lbs weight class where her best numbers were 315 in squat, 160 in bench, and 315 in deadlift. She had numerous medals throughout her career including medals in USAPL meets in the off-season.

John Waskom is a 4 year letter athlete in Powerlifting. He was team captain his Senior year. John competed as a Junior in the state meet placing 7th place and was ranked 5th going into this year’s state meet in his weight class. John was an extremely hard worker and team leader where he excelled as one of the four senior boys who made the state team. John lifted in the 181 lbs weight class and posted best meet numbers of 515 in squat, 290 in bench, and 490 in deadlift. He placed 1st place overall in this year’s regional meet.

NCHS athletes receiving Class All-Academic Team Awards are: Olufunke Adeleye, Alyssa Broadway, Madison Brown, James Burrell, Brandon Conant, Carley Dark, Chancellor Davis, Kaylie Delacerda, Naji Helaire, Selena Humprrey, Kayla Metoyer, Carlos Moses, Nash Nichols, Dillon Ratliff, Mali Simmons, Dane Steadman, Dustin Stewart, and Jackson.

The faculty, staff and administration of NCHS are very proud of the seniors that represent this school all over the state of Louisiana in athletic competitions. Some these athletes have traveled to four corners of the state to compete. They have trained countless hours and have still maintained their academic requirements. GO CHIEFS!

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