Roads & Taxes: John Richmond – Letter to the Public

I do not want anyone to pay more taxes. However, we get what we pay for: Natchitoches pays just over the state average in property taxes, in a state that ranks 48th in property tax rates.

So let’s talk sales tax. Our combined State and local sales tax in Natchitoches Parish is the same, or lower than 26 other parishes. So we do not have the highest taxes in the state. Our sales tax is high compared to most other states, but it doesn’t even come close to offsetting the low property taxes collected.

So, let’s quit giving huge tax breaks to multinational companies operating in Louisiana, AND stop giving them property tax exemptions too! Let’s be honest that our roads are bad because they were poorly built 40 years ago, and that.nothing short of new well constructed roads will fix the crap we drive on. Then let’s be real and admit the Federal government is not going to give us a new road system. No one will fix it except us, because everyone else in the USA is dealing with their own crumbling infrastructure.

Like many of you on this page, I would love to go back to the days when diesel was 35 cents a gallon, a loaf of bread was 25 cents, and the Hwy Dept budget was $6,000,000 a year. But the reality is that prices are way higher now, and our budget has been cut in half. Do the math.

I will continue to work to find a way to make totheorrow better than today for Natchitoches Parish. How about you join me in this effort, and look forward for a solution, instead of backward to what never was very good to begin with.

John Richmond, Proud resident and President of Natchitoches Parish

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  1. Legalize marijuana and use the Taxes from the sale of to fix ALL the roads in our parrish.
    When Colorado legalized it many years back they collected in excess of multi- millions of dollars in only the First TWO Months following. Alcohol is way more harmful than marijuana – drunk drivers kill, whereas marijuana has so much medicinal uses that its a shame that our Governor has Failed as far as not looking at the positive effects of its legalization. Marijuana has in fact have a calming effect and NOT a violent one as alcohol does…

  2. One thing is certain DEATH AND TAXES ……Why can’t we use the system Texas does to support our roads and highways? You know when you cross the line into Texas even if you are blindfolded because of the difference in the road/highway

  3. The thing for sure is death and taxes,,,,why don’t we do what TEXAS DOES ABOUT ROADS. When you cross the Texas line you can know you have crossed the line even if you are blindfolded because of the difference in the roads/highways.

  4. It’s past time the city reallocate some funds and kick in. Example take over the cost of the court house and all that goes with it. And there’s more.

  5. I think Paul has stated it well. we have a large parish, geographically, (many miles of roads to maintain)
    relatively few residents, and of those many do not pay property taxes. Sales taxes are more fair overall , HOWEVER I think we are already over taxed with sales taxes. Now to make it more interesting, what is the economy going to be like in this state and parish in the next year or two the virus? A sales tax
    would further cripple this parish, I dare say we are not a rich parish. The Fire Districts, I am pretty sure have their own taxes mainly levied to the property owners in the parish district they serve. I think the Fire Districts work well, I don’t see waste there. As for revising other taxes, that is not a bad idea in consept, but it will have to be done with an act of the LA. Leg. and the Parish voting on the change, not an easy thing to do in the least.
    Yes its a mess, I really don’t have a quick fix. I don’t envy the Natch. Parish Council, I am praying you make the best choices.

  6. Why not go back to tax rates like the 1950s when the wealthiest paid their fair share. Their rate was 40%+. Now most of us pay more taxes (relatively) than the top 1%. Take a bigger bite from those that can afford to pay more. If you think about it, we built a great new highway system back then.

    • There it is. Redistribute the wealth. Actually the top rate was closer to 90%. But I don’t think you want to go to the fifties. Sure, the state and city would have plenty money. Why?
      Look at all the freebies that would have to disappear. If you gave politicians more money and they made better what we already have, I’ll vote for that. But what happens is they find new projects, require more workers, thus need even more money. Need an example: Natchitoches.


    • You are so right, crooked politicians have misused our money for years and raising taxes is always their answer…

  8. Looking down that bumpy road to see how the parish is going to pay for the septic systems their sure to take over.

  9. That BS statement you made on Louisiana being the 48th lowest taxed state is statistical Kubuki. The handful of people that work and pull the wagon compared to the number riding in the wagon in this state is what explains that so called low per capital tax rate. Typical good old boy Court House crowd politicians using the same old tired talking point about how we and not really taxed and can afford to pay more. The late Neil Cameron wrote an article many years ago that highlighted just how few the number of taxpayers there were in Natchitoches that actually paid taxes to support all the government we have. Get rid of the Cane River Waterway Comm, the Ambulance Tax, cut the Library tax in half, look at the Port Comm and all these fire districts that must be flush with money. Then you better look at consolidating the City-Parish government to get rid of duplication and cut cost of administration. How about you total up all the cost of government in Natchitoches Parish to provide sevices for appox. 38 thousand people and then explain how we can spend that much money on everything else but can’t drive on theses roads Again, taxpayers in Louisiana are not under taxed.

  10. Hmmm, during the campaining for the job I was impressed with one man who stood up and stated the facts and that taxes would have to be increased. Of course he lost. I don’t remember Mr. Richmond’s stance but see he is now apparently going to do exactly what the one that was honest during the campaign said would have to be done and was defeated for being honest.

  11. Sales taxes are not the answer, if they were they would’ve worked by now. As someone else pointed out “you want it to be like Texas (roads, schools, etc.) you have to pay like Texans”.

    At least allow each district to determine if they want to pay and stop this one size fits all sales tax mentality. Way too many want others to pay for things for which they should be paying.

    • Well said Mike. There are not enough businesses to collect sales tax in the parish to amount to much. The parish has allowed the city to annex the businesses that collect the most tax. Why does severance tax go to the state instead of parish it’s collected in?Vehicles are driven on parish roads. How much of the fuel tax goes to parishes? Property taxes don’t work. Too many have exemptions. I’m not entirely against taxes, but you can’t keep taxing the same fee people.

  12. IF everyone would fill out and send in the census form we would be eligible for more help from the Federal Government. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE TO BE COUNTED, AND IS UNLAWFUL TO NOT SEND IT IN!! How else can we be counted?????

  13. We realize it will not be easy. You ran on fixing the roads and making a change. No matter the budget we want to see where the money goes and that a quality job was done that will last. How about an ongoing maintenance project schedule that is transparent and followed. Several of us are losing money on our land because the roads are in such bad shape and potential buyers don’t want to buy in our community for this reason.

    C. Dupree

  14. The parish has already got our money through taxes and wasted it elsewhere. So we have already been down that road. Now show us some new roads and then we can discuss taxes. It’s time for the parish government to do their part, we have already done ours.

  15. The only answer is always more taxes…Heard that from the police jury and now the home rule guys..I asked to see the capital outlay budget years ago when we were trying to get some work done on the Kisatchie Falls road and the Parish 318 road..which by the way was in such terrible shape back in the mid 80s that a group of investors refused to participate in a project we were attempting to put in south Natchitoches Parish because of the condition of that road!!! We were told then..and still have not seen a capital outlay budget!! Have not seen prioritized listing of road work to be completed..More taxes..sounds like Gov J. B. Edwards is now in Natchitoches parish!!

  16. We cannot have good roads on a 1980’s budget. I am willing to see a tax increase as long as it is guaranteed to be used equally across the parish. And it should be property as well as sales tax across all municipalities to be dedicated to PARISH roads NOT City of NATCHITOCHES.

  17. Increase taxes? No thanks . You spend all the capital outlay money to overlay roads in one subdivision. No overlay should be done until every damn pothole in parish is patched. Then you want to take over sewage system in same subdivision. Parish should not be in sewage business. Yes, I own property inside and outside of natchitoches, and pay property taxes taxes on all of it. It’s time for jurors to start representing all of the parish and start saying NO to some projects.

  18. I am basically ok with some increase in taxes for the roads. But please, be so kind as to KEEP that money for our roads ONLY. I think I speak for many, when I say that has always been the main issue. Can you promise us that and promise us to never ever put anything else on some later ballot to change the allocation of those tax funds? I thank you for your consideration.

  19. John Richmond you wanted this job now deal with it! Do all those things you said would work during your campaign!

    • Politicians, lie, steal, raise taxes,help buddies and family, fatten their own pockets! Always has been, always will be!

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