Community rallies to show support for Class of 2020 High School graduates

We all know Covid-19 has cancelled many plans and has really pushed people to their limits. School students have felt this upset to their daily lives. With schools closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, students are figuring out home schooling and dealing with the loss of many big events. The biggest of all is graduation for high school seniors

Recognizing this disappointment, a group of Natchitoches Central High School senior parents decided to do something to make a difference. Not only did they want to make a difference for their own seniors and high school, but for every single class of 2020 senior in Natchitoches Parish.

Working closely with Mayor Lee Posey, the City of Natchitoches, and many local businesses, they created a plan to display yard signs with each individual Graduate’s portrait to honor every single graduating senior from Natchitoches Parish on the beautiful Downtown Natchitoches Riverbank. This includes Natchitoches Central, Lakeview, St. Mary’s, LSMSA, Oasis of Love, and homeschooled students. Over 500 graduating Seniors will be on display for the community to honor. With the assistance of Randy LaCaze, Front Street will also have flags from each of the high schools flying to show support for the graduates. This will all take place Tuesday, April 28th through Sunday, May 3rd on the downtown riverbank.

With a plan in place, the next step was to secure support. As it’s known to do, the Natchitoches community rallied and many chose to support this mission including Alliance Compressors, Rhodes Realty, Rhodes Property & Development, Jackson Automotive, Natchitoches Police Officers Association Local #1998, Louisiana State Troopers Association, Maglieaux’sRiverfront Restaurant, Northwestern State University, City Bank & Trust, LSMSA Foundation, A+ Coalition, City of Natchitoches, Natchitoches Regional Medical Center, Signs and Banners, Natchitoches Parish Journal, Kyndall Harrell-Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance, BOM, Super One Foods, Northwestern Louisiana Cancer Center, Exchange Bank and Trust, Kristina’s Events & Weddings, Engage Federal Credit Union, Xstream Pressure Washing, Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court David Stamey, Sherriff-Elect Stuart Wright, First Federal Bank, and NCHS Senior Parents.

While things remain uncertain during the Covid-19 pandemic, the City asks that families and students that want to visit the riverbank maintain all social distancing protocols (no groups of more than 10 people). Please be safe when visiting the riverbank and taking photos. On Sunday, May 3rd the signs will be given to the respective schools for distribution to seniors.

“The City was honored to assist and support in recognizing the seniors of Natchitoches Parish during these unprecedented times. As always, I am amazed by the support of this community to rally together for a great cause, but most importantly for the students in our parish.”

-Mayor Lee Posey

“I cannot even begin to explain the emotions felt during this process. To say the community rallied with us is an understatement. There was never a hesitation, or second thought given. We are blessed to live in a community that loves and supports one another. Working with each principal, community leader, and business leader to secure the funds to honor these high school seniors in such a way has been a very humbling experience. One thing I can tell you without a doubt these school leaders love their students and have gone above and beyond to help us make this happen.” -Sarah Stewart Nelson, Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce Board Member

“This class has been a pleasure to see grow and develop leadership skills during the last four years. I will miss them and wish all the Class of 2020 bright and rewarding futures.”

-Bill Gordy, Principal, Natchitoches Central High School

“We have such a great group of senior leaders, and, sadly, they are missing a lot of the cherished moments that are very meaningful to them and our entire school community. St. Mary’s is thankful to the City of Natchitoches and all of those involved in making this happen. While this does not replace everything our seniors have missed, I hope this is one way we can highlight them and show them how much they have meant to St. Mary’s Catholic School.”

-Andrea Harrell, Principal, Saint Mary’s Catholic School

“Our community is so blessed. We are blessed to have great seniors who will continue to make our community proud. We are blessed to have great educators and parents who have prepared these incredible seniors for a productive life. And we are truly blessed to have a caring, loving community to continue to support quality education in our parish.”

-William Hymes, Principal, Lakeview High School

“At LSMSA we formally begin celebrating the Senior Class on May 1 when they make their final decisions as to what their plans will be after commencement. So many events lead up to this date, however, and because of the circumstances over the past six weeks, we missed all of them. We are truly grateful for the Natchitoches community for including LSMSA in its commencement celebration. Though our students are having to celebrate all over the state, their true home is Natchitoches where LSMSA provided them with their groundings to excel in the world.”

-Dr. Steve Horton, Executive Director, LSMSA

“Thank you for honoring these young people who won’t receive their normal accolades of finishing their senior year the normal way. Thank you for including Monique Monette who is our only senior at Oasis of Love Christian Academy. She is so deserving. She is an A Honor roll student who works so hard and has a very bright future ahead of her.”

-Francis Allen, Principal, Oasis of Love Christian Academy

“I am so incredibly proud of our 2020 senior class. No other class in the history of our district, state, or nation has had the difficulties this class has faced. It is so inspiring to see them deal with this adversity and although I wish things were different, I thoroughly believe they will be stronger adults after having dealt with this. To the parents, educators, administrators, staff, business leaders, community leaders and all stakeholders of Natchitoches Parish I cannot thank you enough for coming together to honor our students in such a unique and significant way. Natchitoches is amazing and its indelible spirit is exemplified through this event!”

-Grant Eloi, Superintendent Natchitoches Parish Schools

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9 thoughts on “Community rallies to show support for Class of 2020 High School graduates

  1. I’m a very proud mother of a 2020 Senior Grad! Love what is being done here for the quarantined graduates. Very proud of all the students. Know it’s difficult for them.

  2. A proud mother, Thank you so much for doing this for the Seniors of Natchitoches Parish!! Way to go SR’s!!! God Bless, and have a safe, and bright future. May all your dreams come true!!

  3. This is awesome!! Best of luck to Natchitoches Parish graduates. Class of 2020!! May God bless each and everyone of you!!! Go forth and be great. The sky is the limit!!!💙

  4. This is amazing!!! Everyone did a fantastic job honoring ALL of Natchitoches Parish Graduates-We want them to know that we love them ALL! Thank you to everyone who was involved in this-what a wonderful way to honor them!!!

  5. I would like to give a shout out to Signs and Banners for their hard work in designing and producing these signs. These seniors have had so much happen this year and this is a wonderful way to show them this town cares.

    Awesome job and one very proud Mama moment Kim.

    Susan Dowden Davis

  6. What a wonderful way for the community to come together to highlight these well deserving Seniors. Great job!!

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