Mariner’s Restaurant announces closing

Mariner’s Restaurant announced on May 6 that it will not reopen after shutting down on March 17 due to the coronavirus and the state’s sat-at-home order. A post on Facebook says the decision was made after much consideration and with heavy hearts.

Jennifer and Don Nichols and Lyssa Taylor expressed their appreciation to all their customers, employees and friends for the continued support they’ve received over the past 38 years.

19 thoughts on “Mariner’s Restaurant announces closing

  1. WOWWW!!! What a shock. It is with a heavy heart that I read this. I have gone to Mariners for so many years. I am 50 now and I went to Mariners on Home Coming and Prom dates when I was in high school. Now my wife and I as well as our children really enjoyed the food and lake views on nights out. This is such sad news!!

  2. I am so sad! We never missed an opportunity to visit when we go to Natchitoches!!! They don’t make restaurants like that anymore. Service was always excellent and elegant!!! 😢😞

  3. I can’t believe that they are closing. Mariners is a staple in Natchitoches and some of my fondest memories were celebrated there. I’m so sad to hear that they are closing their doors. Hopefully, someone will buy the establishment and keep this a part of Natchitoches charm!

  4. I’m sure the owners have already considered trying to sell the business. Using 2017 – 2019 financials…normal years…the real value of the business can be determined. Does the real estate go with it? If so, it can be packaged as business/real estate deal. Yes, it’s true, restaurants is a tough business/industry. But I would think it would be possible to at least find some interested parties.

  5. We will miss Sunday dining, but most of all we will miss the great food and the wonderful staff.

  6. Please Mr. Don, don’t let it fall into the lake. Hopefully someone will lease or purchase and reopen a similar establishment. Too much $ and love has been invested into the Marnier. ( I also remember the days it was owned by the McCain family before it became the Mariner and Cove.) But everyone loves Lyssa and her staff, primarily NSU students. You have provided wonderful paying jobs for college students and you have helped build many lives. Why wouldn’t you be loved. You are a gracious lady.

  7. Get there at the right time and you had a view of a fantastic sunset over the lake. We enjoyed that on a number of occasions. Window-side seating was sometimes hard to get. It will be missed.

  8. It is a wonderful restaurant and the food was always great! We have so many wonderful memories of family and friend celebrations there. It’s hard to imagine Natchitoches without the Mariner. It will be greatly missed!! p

  9. Sorry to see them close. Great food and service every time that we went there. Always where we would have Mother’s Day with out of town children. Wish them well in their future.

  10. My wife is going to cry, we are in our 60s. We’ve been married 19 years. When we dated, sometime we would drive from Pineville to eat there as a date. Many good, good memories.

  11. I sure am going to miss it. The very best steak in town and the best salad bar. So sad to see it close down. Thank you for the 38 years it was open.

  12. Many memories & good food at the Mariner’s. This was a great place for special celebrations and we will miss the Mariner’s.

  13. Lots of good memories from visits to Mariner’s. So sad to see this, but I can’t say that I blame them. Why risk more government interference with your business? Thanks for nothing, JBE.

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