LDH Update for 05/10/20; Natchitoches: 100 Cases/9 Deaths

Defend Against COVID-19

Stay home. Follow the Governor’s Stay at Home Order. Only leave your home if it is necessary for essential work or for essential items.

Defend Against COVID-19. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Recognize the symptoms. Cover your cough. Wash your hands. Stay home especially if you are sick.

Maintain a Social Distance of 6ft. Social distancing means keeping 6ft. of physical space between yourself and others. This helps to prevent the spread of illness.

5 thoughts on “LDH Update for 05/10/20; Natchitoches: 100 Cases/9 Deaths

  1. According to today’s LDH website, there are 31,815 reported cases statewide and 22,608 reported as cured. Doing the math, that’s 71% cured. If you apply that logic to our 100 cases, we have only 29 active cases in Natchitoches Parish. That number would make people feel much safer.

  2. I have questions. When you showed the graph last week of the increasing cases in Natchitoches Parish, why is there no reference to those you have gotten better and now test negative? Those cases that were added to the Natchitoches Parish stats two weeks ago are most likely cured. That would seem to show as a decrease in numbers. Where is that reflected in the stats? If all we’re doing is reporting new cases and not reporting those showing as negative who were once positive, it seems to me that all we’re doing is scaring people unnecessarily.

    • I agree. More information is needed for individual to make the appropriate decisions about their safety as we open back up.

    • You are right David, however there is NO money in reporting the no longer negatives. This is a huge disservice to our medical community who are trying to help, they don’t have accurate numbers to work with. I would also like to see some kind of audit of the deaths to see if they passed FROM or WITH the virus. There’s money there too.

    • Because seeing that there are only 25 actual cases in Natchitoches would give us hope and then the government and media would loose it’s choke hold on the American public. They would miss the opportunity to sneak legislation through that will set them up for years and years of power and money. Gotta hold us down as long as possible.

      This will all be mysteriously cleared up by Wednesday, November 4th.

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