Louisiana Senate Committee Kills Insurance Reform

By Charles Marshall/Opinion

Last week the Louisiana Senate Insurance Committee voted to kill several bills filed by local Senator Jay Luneau that were designed to reform car insurance and lower the amount we pay in premiums.

While most people think their insurance rates are based solely on their driving history, the reality is that insurance companies penalize people for a variety of reasons. One of Senator Luneau’s bills would have prohibited insurance companies from charging women more than men.

Insurance companies also charge what has been come to be known as the “Widow Penalty.” Some Insurance companies will raise rates on someone when their spouse passes away. Senator Luneau filed a bill to prevent insurers from charging a Widow Penalty.

Insurers also consider a person’s credit score when rating someone. Last year a study showed that a person with a DWI on their driving record but with good credit actually pays less than a person with a perfect driving record but bad credit. Senator Luneau’s 3rd bill would have prohibited the use of credit in the rating process.

The Senate Insurance Committee sided with the insurance industry and voted against all three bills. Local Senator Louie Bernard voted in favor of the bills that would have prohibited the Widow Penalty and discriminating against women. However, all three bills were opposed by the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner and the powerful insurance industry lobby.

The Committee did approve Senator Luneau’s final bill that prohibits insurers from charging military service members more after they return from being deployed oversees. Remarkably our Insurance Commissioner currently allows insurers to penalize the young men and women of the military who defend our country oversees. The bill now moves to the Senate floor for consideration by the full Senate.

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16 thoughts on “Louisiana Senate Committee Kills Insurance Reform

  1. Good drivers should pay less than bad drivers. Credit scores predict risk because risk adverse people manage their business carefully, careless people do not. Gender and marital status are good predictors of risk. Women are, statistically, worse drivers than men. Single people, statistically, are worse drivers than married. If you pass laws restricting what statistics insurance companies can use, you won’t decrease insurance premiums, you simply make good drivers pay MORE so that bad drivers pay less. The article was written by and for the trial lawyers. They’re very good with words. LA has the 2nd highest auto insurance in the country precisely because they are so good with words. The laws that the Trial Lawyers have written have not worked. For the sake of common sense, can we try something new, like Tort Reform, and see if it works and see if our rates can go down? What we have done so far has not worked. Can we please show some common sense and if what the insurance industry promises, which is lower rates if we can get Tort Reform, does not work, then I agree, HAMMER THEM. But at least let’s see if they’re right before we dismiss it. Common Sense.

    • These morons think that their insurance is the highest in the country because of Insurance companies. Trial lawyers like the one that pushed this nonsense that would have made rates go up even more own these politicians in Baton Rouge lock stock and barrel including a significant number of Republicans. All those billboards and tv commercials paid for and run by personal injury lawyers promising big bucks are run for a reason…the system is rigged for them not the citizens. They need to ask themselves why is insurance in Louisiana significantly cheaper in Texas.

  2. Well, we know who NOT to vote for. Just goes to show you that women will still pay more than men and earn less. Vote Dem in 2020.

    • You seem to be a Feminist, or at least have Feminist beliefs. I would love to know how you have talked yourself into voting for Biden in 2020. That is hilarious to me.

      • No one accused Vicki of being the smartest person in the room…but she is the most oppressed! Just ask her!

        • I agree. But how are you totally fine with voting for a guy that is at best an absolute creep show that likes to rub, hug, squeeze, smell, and kiss women and children even as they pull away in horror???

    • How would anyone vote Dem for LA. State senator in any district outside Orleans or BR, and expect to win?

  3. This shows the power of the insurance lobby. Each Louisiana voter should show that their vote is not for sale by voting out those who serve this lobby.

  4. My car insurance is almost the same amount as my car note. I’ve never been in an accident; yet my premium is sky high. Smh. This is another win for big insurance and another loss for consumers.

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