Superintendent Grant Eloi issues statement regarding district operations

Per the Governor’s order, District administration, school administration, secretarial staff, custodial staff, food service staff, and maintenance staff will report back to work on Monday May 18, 2020. All staff will be screened and will be required to wear proper PPE and follow social distancing guidelines.

All visitors, including teachers and other instructional staff will be required to provide their own PPE or not be granted entry. Visitors must contact school offices prior to admittance to make an appointment. Schools will be open but all doors will be locked.

This will continue until further updates from the Governor in regards to transitioning to Phase II.

One thought on “Superintendent Grant Eloi issues statement regarding district operations

  1. Please return the schools to how they use to be! My daughter should have to attend 3 different schools before high school, she is going to the 3rd grade and will be starting her 3rd school since Cloutierville’s closure…. she has special needs and she’ll never get use to all those changes… she has anxiety just thinking about going to a new school with different people.

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