Madness in Minneapolis: Police Disbanded

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

The Minneapolis City Council on Sunday voted to disband its police department and invest in community-based public safety programs following calls from activists to “defund the police,” in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

2020 has already been such a trying, nerve-wracking year that it was difficult to comprehend what I was reading. Minneapolis, an American city of approximately 425,000, has decided to disband its police force and replace it with “public safety programs.” WHAT?! There will no longer be any police protection. If they were not already there, I am certain Antifa and other violent protestors are now gleefully headed to the City knowing that their violence and lawlessness will now go unchecked.

This decision by the Minneapolis City Council is simply mind-boggling. It represents the height of unhinged liberalism and Political Correctness. Sadly, the innocent citizens of that City will pay for this gross error in judgment. I would very much like to be wrong about this, but I am virtually certain that we are about to see a major increase in crime in that City. Why wouldn’t we? There has been a police presence during the rioting and looting these past few days and looters were laughing as they left various stores, before setting them on fire, with their stolen goods. Crimes will now be committed with no reservation or hesitation. This change will not only result in more physical harm to residents, stealing and destruction of property but the number of murders will increase. Sadly, I believe violence will leap to historic highs.

History has shown us time and again that when law enforcement authority disappears that vacuum is filled by lawlessness and anarchy. Men are essentially like animals when they are not subjected to restraint or control. Without rules and regulations that are enforced by legitimate authority you have violence, destruction and chaos. There will be no security for the private property or lives of citizens. It will be Might Makes Right, the strong survive and rule, and minority voices are silenced. I am stunned by how naïve this approach is. The warm fuzzies are not going to work on these people. “How long are we going to abdicate law and order,” House Leader Gerald Ford asked in 1966, “in favor of a soft social theory that the man who heaves a brick through your window or tosses a firebomb into your car is simply the misunderstood and underprivileged product of a broken home?”

I simply cannot fathom this decision by the Minneapolis City Council.

5 thoughts on “Madness in Minneapolis: Police Disbanded

  1. “the man who heaves a brick through your window or tosses a firebomb into your car is simply the misunderstood and underprivileged product of a broken home?”
    Even though this is probably true, it is not going to “get fixed” now. Once the abused or neglected child grows up, and becomes a criminal, no “social programs” will prevent him from committing crimes. We do need more detection and prevention of child abuse and systems to deal with it while there’s a reasonable chance of saving that child, but once they have become lawless, the recidivism rate is astonishingly high. A few get the help they need. Most do not. We need police to stop the criminal behavior and youth programs to recognize and repair our damaged youth.
    No one system will do.

  2. I agree to a point with the writer but his words are no different than those political ass-hats on the left and right. So-called settlers looted this land and killed off millions. Now the southerners…..who also didn’t come to this land by way of Ellis Island, want to play the moralist victims. Nothing worst than a bleeding heart conservative douche bag.

  3. This is one where you have to say “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?” Is there no wisdom in the city administration? I wonder as I hear these things, are there an substantial businesses in the city? Are they going to stay with lawlessness all around? How are they going to control gangs in the area? What happens when the bad men with guns come after the good men with no guns because they got mad about something? Did they think of the the consequences of doing this? If this continues in this city, I would like to know what will be left in 5 years. Will the city be better off? Will the city be destroyed? Will there be anyone left there if it’s still standing. When there is trouble at my house, I want to call a policeman, not a community organizer. I don’t think they can do much of anything to solve our problems.

  4. It is, indeed, absolutely incomprehensible. It’s like something out of some dystopian novel about the future. But, incredibly, it’s happening now.

  5. I agree and quote you that “Men are essentially like animals when they are not subjected to restraint or control.” Because it looks like some police unions/associations don’t want much restraint. I dissagree that the city’s leadership and citizens are not smart because they’re probably aware of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office that will probably absorb the work which is normally done in those situations. A little more research and mature approach would help your commentaries.

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