NOTICE: Bills Signed by Gov. Edwards

Gov. John Bel Edwards announced on July 16 that he has signed the following bills into law from the 2020 Special Legislative Session:

ACT 12—HB 70 Extends Enterprise Zone Program incentives to essential critical infrastructure workers by authorizing the payment of a one-time hazard pay rebate.

ACT 13—SB 4 Extends the sunset of the research and development tax credit.

ACT 14—SB 5 Provides relative to promotional play wagers.

ACT 15—SB 6 Provides for the suspension of the corporation franchise tax and initial corporation franchise tax for small business corporations.

ACT 16—SB 10 Provides relative to rural broadband high-speed internet access.

ACT 17—SB 13 Provides for the Louisiana New Markets Jobs Act.

ACT 18—SB 16 Provides for cooperative endeavor agreements between local governmental subdivisions and other entities that may require payments in lieu of ad valorem taxes.

ACT 19—SB 17 Provides relative to the Angel Investor Tax Credit Program.

ACT 20—SB 18 Dedication of unclaimed property funds and creation of Louisiana Unclaimed Property Permanent Trust Fund.

ACT 21—SB 19 Provides for investment authority of the Treasurer for the Millennium Trust, the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge Trust and Protection Fund, and the Russell Sage or Marsh Island Trust Fund.

ACT 22—SB 24 Provides for eligibility for the Angel Investor Tax Credit for investments made in federal opportunity zones.

ACT 23—SB 26 Provides for an extension of the application deadline for the Quality Jobs Program.

ACT 24—SB 27 Creates and provides for the Streamlining Government Commission.

ACT 25—HB 4 Extends the date for eligible expenses to qualify for the tax credit for the rehabilitation of historic structures and extends the effectiveness of the credit.

ACT 26—HB 6 Establishes the State Cybersecurity and Information Technology Fund and dedicates revenues to the fund.

ACT 27—HB 11 Provides for the amount of compensation persons required to collect state sales and use tax may deduct for remitting taxes.

ACT 28—HB 13 Authorizes certain retail businesses to participate in the Enterprise Zone incentive.

ACT 29—HB 19 Extends eligibility requirements for certain industries to participate in the Quality Jobs Program.

ACT 30—HB 35 Creates the Capital Outlay Savings Fund.

ACT 31—HB 37 Requires the Department of Revenue to waive penalties and interest for certain taxpayers for tax years 2019 and 2020.

ACT 32—HB 39 Provides relative to the Louisiana Electric Utility Investment Recovery Securitization Act.

ACT 33—HB 62 Provides for state income tax withholdings on unemployment compensation benefits.

ACT 34—HB 64 Levies a state tax on the net revenue of fantasy sports contests.

ACT 35—HB 69 To provide for a sales and use tax rebate on the sale of certain fiber-optic cable equipment.

ACT 36—SB 9 Provides relative to safety belts.

ACT 37—HB 57 Enacts the Civil Justice Reform Act of 2020.

ACT 38—SB 12 Constitutional amendment to dedicate unclaimed property funds and to create the Louisiana Unclaimed Property Permanent Trust Fund.

Gov. Edwards vetoed the following bill. 

HB 55 Gov. Edwards has vetoed HB 55 because it was duplicative of one of the elements of House Bill 57, now Act 37. In addition, the bill mandated that evidence of failure to wear a seatbelt be admitted into evidence before a determination of whether it was relevant under Louisiana Code of Evidence art 402.