NRMC recognizes associates with Inspiring Excellence Awards

The Natchitoches regional Medical Center celebrated its Associates on July 22 who were recognized for their commitment to NRMC and living up to the hospital’s Standards of Behavior [IExCEL].

The leaders who received an Inspiring Excellence Award exemplify the core values of NRMC and were nominated by associates, peers, and patients. They are Tina Johnson, Chris Golden, Misty Dalme, and Natalie Vandersteen.

Some quotes from submissions received include:

“I have worked with her and have been inspired by her caring and patience while dealing with a busy clinic and so many patients”

” … begins everyday in a positive mood, never being negative, always uplifting to patients & staff”

“…no matter how big or small, any concern or issue is addressed appropriately and timely with compassion and respect”

“…has shown me that through focused attention to process and systems improvement IS achievable”

“…regardless of circumstances … wears a smile and leads the team with fearlessness through stressful situations”