Natchitoches Police arrest individual for shooting on Allen Street

The Natchitoches Police Department is investigating a shooting that took place Tuesday afternoon on Allen Street.

On August 18, 2020 around 3:43 p.m., officers with the Natchitoches Police Department responded to the 1200 block of Allen Street in reference to gunshots in the area. As officers arrived to Allen Street they were notified by the victim that a vehicle with two suspects began to shoot at her while she was in her driveway.

Detectives arrived on scene and were able to identify DeAndre Butler (B/M, 21 y.o.a. of Natchitoches) and a 15 year old as the two suspects in the vehicle.

DeAndre Butler was arrested and charged with Principle to Attempted Second Degree Murder.

Detectives have secured an arrest warrant for the 15 year old that is charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder.

The Natchitoches Police Department will release more details as they become available.

If you have additional information in regards to this investigation please contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101 or Detective Terry Johnson at (318) 357-3858. Remember all information given shall remain confidential.


4 thoughts on “Natchitoches Police arrest individual for shooting on Allen Street

  1. So, I hear there are idiots that want to defund the police departments. As for me, I would like to see more police on the streets, more arrests being made, more thugs going to trial, and judges putting more people behind bars for a long time. As I have said before, I sat in a courtroom when a young thug walked up to Judge Cunningham to answer to why he had not paid his little bit of money to stay out of jail. The judge seemed flabbergasted that the guy was walking the streets with 5, yes I said FIVE, attempted murder charges against him. He said he would have put him behind bars. But that is what is happening in our courts today. People who should be locked up are walking the streets with us. The guy paid his pittance and left the courtroom grinning. Yep, he beat the system.

  2. You guys should do a shooting and murder count daily like they do for Covid. Natty would have some impressive numbers.

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