Public invited to Mayor-Elect Ronnie Williams’ Inauguration Celebration

The Inauguration Celebration of Mayor-Elect Ronnie Williams Jr. will take place Friday, Aug. 28 at 5 pm on the Natchitoches Riverbank Stage. The program will begin at 6 pm. The public is welcome to witness Mayor-Elect Ronnie Williams Jr. take the oath of office as Mayor of Natchitoches. The oath will be administered by Clerk of Court David Stamey.

7 thoughts on “Public invited to Mayor-Elect Ronnie Williams’ Inauguration Celebration

  1. What do the last two comments have to do with the Mayor’s inauguration? And an outside venue is most appropriate under the circumstances. Just hope Laura doesn’t have other ideas.
    Congratulations to Mayor William’s.

    • My comment had nothing to do with the inauguration, and I know it. I did not have a problem with trying to help someone by giving information on the issue commented on. If that is a problem on this forum, I apologize. Geez, when did we get so touchy and not want to help someone who had a complaint of question on something.

    • Live from Texas! Congratulations to your new mayor! We are so proud of Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr. and his entire family. He’s a wonderful, humble man of God, servant, pastor, husband, and father of three. Natchitoches is a great progressive city. God bless the city with health, wealth and love.

      Love The Davis Family (Sugar Land, Texas)

  2. Regarding Vaughn Chevrolet in town. I went in to have my battery checked, as my car was difficult to start that morning. My car was taken into the shop, and I watched the mechanic, from the entrance area, raise the hood and work in the engine compartment. 15 or 20 minutes later the mechanic went into the office area and converse with the cashier. I waited for a few minutes, then approaching the cashier I noticed a small sheet of paper indicating that there will be an additional 3% charge if you use a credit or debit card. The mechanic was inside by the cashier chatting with her, I asked what were the results of the test? He stated the battery was dead, and I needed a new one. I asked “both of them” he said yes. The bill was $150.00 a one hour labor charge, plus a 3% debit card charge. There is no sign, or are you told that there is a one hour minimum charge when you entire the garage, nor is there a notice regarding the additional 3% if using a credit or debt card. Bye Bye Vaughn…….

    • I thought I remembered reading something about a company charging more for using a debit or credit card, so I did some research.

      I found out more on

      So it appears the folks in Louisiana can be charged whatever the retailer wants to charge. Some states have taken action against these charges, but as usual, Louisiana is behind. We sometimes can’t win for losing.

      Then I found this information on
      “The law does not address debit card transactions from a consumer perspective, but it does limit how much retailers have to pay when you pay with a debit card, and the costs for accepting debit cards are typically lower than the costs for accepting a credit card, even if you use a debit card but choose a “credit” transaction at checkout.”

      • I think the only requirement is a notice at the register of the 3% charge. Lots of states don’t allow the extra charge. Unfortunately Louisiana is not one of them.

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