Laura Arrives

Hurricane Laura landed as a Category 4 hurricane.  We currently have strong winds, rain and some power outages in the area.

Residents are strongly encouraged to shelter in place and stay off the roads until the weather conditions improve due to increased winds and possibility of flying debris. In the event of downed utility lines, please do not touch or move any lines as no line is guaranteed safe and should be handled by the appropriate entity. Residents can expect wind damage that may cause trees, limbs, or other debris to fall on your property. Please move those to the edge of the street if possible. 

Due to the pandemic, local shelters are not available at this time. If you need to evacuate from your home please consider staying with a friend or relative to weather the storm. There are also hotels in the area with accommodations at this time.

In the event of an emergency, please call 911. For further updates as they relate to Hurricane Laura, please follow our local media.