PUBLIC NOTICE: Hurricane Laura update and river closing

Cane River Lake is currently at 97.4 MSL.

Pool Stage is 98.0 MSL

Flood Stage is 99.0 MSL

Hurricane Laura is forecasted to potentially have significant impacts to our area. Cane River Lake property owners need to be prepared. Please secure loose items, check ropes securing boats and other things. Monitor your property and remain diligent in observing water levels and weather conditions for personal safety and property protection. Cane River Lake is expected to rise rapidly, have fallen trees and other debris that potentially will interfere with safe navigation, therefore the lake will close at 7 pm today August 26, 2020. Once the storm passes a lake assessment will occur. The lake will reopen once it is safe to do so. Making decisions should be based on information from the National Weather Service, Governmental Agencies, and your knowledge. Due to the intensity of this storm and the safety of the Commissions employee water levels will be posted as often as it is safe to do so. To view lake levels visit the Commissions web site at (click at the top on NEWS, in the drop-down box click PRESS RELEASES, scroll down, and click on LAKE STATUS. For more information contact Betty Fuller @ 318-617-3235.

Betty Fuller
Commission Administrator