Natchitoches community attends historic inauguration celebration for Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr.

The Natchitoches community filled the downtown riverbank for the Inauguration Celebration of Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr. on Sept. 4.

Ed Ward Junior likened Williams’ win during the recent election to a new progressive captain taking the helm of the oldest permanent settlement in the entire Louisiana Purchase. A seaworthy vessel sailing on the ocean of municipal government.

This was a hard fought battle,” said Ward. “A courageous battle and we have won the victory.”

Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court David Stamey performed the ceremony. Before having Williams recite the oath of office, Stamey talked about what it means to do so.

“The next four years will not be easy. There will be tough days,” he said. “As all public officials know there’s not always good days. There’s tough days. He [Williams] got plenty of tough ones within his first week. Stamey was referring to the role Williams played in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, which hit Natchitoches in the early morning of Aug. 27, a short time after winning the election on Aug. 15.

Ronnie Williams Sr. introduced his son to the crowd as a great son, father, husband, pastor, brother, adding mayor to the list.

Williams started off by saying how grateful he is to have the honor to serve as Natchitoches’ mayor. He thanked Mayor Posey and others that came before for molding the City into what it is today.

“Natchitoches is great,” he said. “It will be my hope and goal to lead this city in a way that makes Natchitoches even greater.”

6 thoughts on “Natchitoches community attends historic inauguration celebration for Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr.

  1. I do want to say to Mayor Williams that the ones making the noise along Front Street during his inauguration in no way represent me or the way I think or believe. Yes, I am a conservative Republican, and many have called me a racist because I am a white conservative Republican. There are not many things that could be further from the truth. I did not attend his special day because of COVID and my doctor’s advice to stay home from all public gatherings because of illness that lingers. I do wish him the very best, and I will be praying for him, that he makes the right decisions for this town, and not do like some of the mayors across this country right now. I pray that he is more like the old-fashioned Democrats and not be anything like many of the new Democrats. I pray the same for the Republicans in our town. I feel that as a pastor, and a believer in God and Jesus Christ, he will do what he can do as mayor that is in line with God’s teachings, and work for all. I thank God that a Christian man was elected.

    Now, to the young men showing your rudeness during the inauguration, you and your parents should be ashamed, but of course you are not. I don’t understand why young people of today are not taught manners, but are allowed to do things that disrupt the things they don’t agree with. You are a lot like the ones causing problems in many of the cities. This is not the way to have a great city, parish and state. You are causing discord and that is wrong. We need to sit at the table and work together to end violence in our town. It is embarrassing that we have a higher crime rate than Shreveport, not only embarrassing but sad. Now if I were any law enforcement person, I would have stopped you and given you a ticket for disturbing the peace, for that is exactly what you were doing. Not only the peace of this celebration, but you are a part of what is disrupting the peace of this nation. Please let’s not start this man’s term as mayor off on a bad note. Give him a chance. I was raised in a time of racial tension, but the tension was not nearly what it is today. I would love to have the peace and safety of that time over the hate and home grown terrorists of today. Don’t be like anyone that causes trouble in other cities and then bring it into Natchitoches. I pray that the gangs of every kind will be disbanded or locked up, whatever it takes to end the violence. I pray for a beautiful and peaceful town, with a Christian mayor that is given a chance to show us that he follows God’s leading in governing our town.

    May God bless the Mayor, City Council members, the Parish Government and Natchitoches.

    • Why did you have to come on here and explain that you aren’t racist? I’m sure you were dearly missed. Again, why did you have to explain why you didn’t attend? Someone seems full of themselves. Not to worry though. The Earth continued to rotate during your absence.

      • Were you possibly one of those driving a loud truck on front street? Did I hit a nerve? I’m sure some people can understand why I came on here and posted, and people like you obviously never will. I don’t owe you an explanation and hopefully you can understand that. You obviously have a problem. Hate is ugly and is clearly visible in people like you.

        • You are right. You don’t owe me an explanation. But you sure as heck feel the need to give it anyway. You are a sad person. Very very sad. Small town minds. You think everything revolves around you and your world. It’s just pitiful.

          • IBNIDAHO, I didn’t know I was ever talking to you. You must be one of the rabble rousing idiots too. I didn’t give you or anyone else an explanation. And by the way, I’m not from here, and I don’t agree with the small attitude of people like you. You don’t give anyone a chance, you assume the worse in anyone without knowing, and the first three letters of that word assume pretty much describe you and you way of thinking. Well he’s black, he’s no good. Well, my thought is he is a Christian man, give him a chance if you have that in you. And I am from a very large place in Texas, moved here because I thought living in a small town would be a nice slow pace, a great place to retire. I think I was wrong. I have never see so much distrust, dislike, non-acceptance of new residence, and pure hate as I have seen here. From people like you butting in when I said nothing at all to you in the first place. As I said, hate is ugly, and you can see it all over you. What a pity your parents didn’t do any better bringing you up.

  2. The riverbank wasn’t exactly “filled”. You also omitted the young rednecks racking their truck pipes along front street… My hope for Natchitoches is that Ronnie will look beyond politics and race to do what is right for this town. He does have a tough battle ahead and some of that battle will be with people who call themselves his friends. I pray that God gives home discernment to see the problems and the wisdom to help fix them.

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