RE-PRINT: Part I – The Case for the Presidency Has Been Made

In case you missed Part I.

We have now seen the national conventions of both major American political parties. Each presented their plans and platforms for governing. There should be no confusion about any of this because they have each written and stated them clearly and emphatically. What did we learn about their respective policies and agendas? The differences are stunning.

Let’s begin this week with the Biden-Harris agenda. It embraces virtually all of the socialist platform advanced by Bernie Sanders.

This includes the effort to destroy suburban neighborhoods, posing a threat to roughly two thirds of the American people including a substantial number of Black, Latino and Asian Americans who live in suburbs across America. How so? Biden-Harris seeks to advance a social engineering scheme—entitled Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing—that would result in a federal takeover of local zoning laws. The Biden-Harris plan is to, regardless of local preferences and local control, mandate that suburban neighborhoods with single-family homes and minimum lot sizes build high-density affordable housing right in the middle of these neighborhoods.

Biden-Harris also means vigorous support for abortion generally but also specifically allowing our taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions up to and through the ninth month of pregnancy; open borders and free federal benefits, including Covid relief payments, to those in the country illegally; Biden’s commitment to Beto O’Rourke that he would lead the gun control effort, including compulsory confiscation of firearms, in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment; Support for defunding the police while praising weak, leftist Democratic mayors who coddle, and prosecutors who won’t prosecute, criminals and their violence and destruction.

Biden-Harris means support of the national teachers’ unions that, among many other things, completely oppose charter schools and school choice, which would unquestionably free millions of American schoolchildren from failing schools. Some teachers’ unions have also threatened that they won’t return to school until the police are defunded and will no longer allow for Resource Police Officers on campus when they do return. Regarding unions, there would also be a major effort to repeal right-to-work laws and advance other efforts such as “card check,” a process that deceptively leads employees to vote to organize when they believe they are only agreeing to a secret ballot election.

More disturbing is that this agenda is based upon political identity and “critical race theory.” Critical race theory has as its foundation the belief that every societal flaw is based upon sexism, racism or some other form of prejudice or “systemic bias”—and so the interactions and relationships of our citizens must be closely monitored for conformity with ethnic and gender categories. All of this, of course, is to say nothing of the forced redistribution of wealth (our taxes), a massive dose of new taxes and regulation, government-run health care, elimination of the oil and gas industry and feverish devotion to the false religion of climate change.

Next week we will review the Trump-Pence agenda.


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65 thoughts on “RE-PRINT: Part I – The Case for the Presidency Has Been Made

  1. Hey, did y’all hear about Biden and the Billionaires? Bloomberg wants to give him $10,000,000 to spend in Florida. He isn’t suppose to give any candidate that much money, & $10,000,000 is an enormous amount of money. Bill Gates is planted squarely in Biden’s corner, too. So it does seem there are some rich folks that are really anxious to get Biden into office for some reason. Then you have the others that want him in office. Guess who they are! Of course we all know, the socialists, the New Democrats. The ones bailing out the arsonists, looters, murderers. The ones getting the evil ones out of jail. Harris, aoc, & Omar who wants to reinvent the USA. Why are they so afraid of President Trump, and so desperate to get Biden in. Could it be because they know they can control Biden. How sad that his loving wife allows him to be used that way. It’s pitiful when he is only going to one state, but has to ask someone where they are going. People say they don’t see that he is losing it, can’t finish a sentence, doesn’t know where he is headed to campaign and even insists on calling it the Harris/Biden ticket. Don’t any of you find any of this a little strange? If you don’t it’s because you don’t want to see it.

    Oh yes another tidbit on one of the networks that gives only positive info on the soviocrats and hands out lies on President Trump. Alan Dershowitz, a well known attorney, caught one of the libs favorite networks editing his words and has filed a $300-million Defamation Lawsuit against CNN. That is $300,000,000 as in millions. Me thinks the old liars went too far and really made the man angry. He says that network tried to destroy his credibility. He said he will donate all the money awarded to different charities. I hope he chooses some deserving ones. I hope one and all have a blessed night.

    • Aactually dont mean to argue, just trying to provide facts. I only hope some will actually take to heart that I’m trying.. point taken.

      • I think instead of arguing , you should challenge each other to a dual…really tired of all the comments on this post. You cannot force anyone to believe the way either of you believe. Writing Novellas does not change the facts!!

  2. I’m not the hater, only of certain actions, beliefs. What caring individual tells folks that are trying to survive wildfires (the worst in CA history), looking through what may be left of their homes, looking for loved ones that may have survived, mourning those deaths… who tells them to rake the forest and saying that “I don’t think science knows”. Who does that and then laughs about it? Oh that’s right, the climate denier and the same individual that lies about covid while tens of thousands (199,148 deaths) lives have been lost. No plan. No concern or caring of others. Talks of our veterans as losers and suckers. You talk of socialism while completely ignoring, denying the autocratic, Russian loving individual that is occupying the White House. I know you can’t see it. Blinders and tunnel vision..ignoring the real threat in your own front yard. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • I don’t think you have your facts straight again. I heard a gentleman last night telling of the problem with the fires in CA. You see, sociocrats run the state, remember the gov is a dem and most mayors are dems, and pelosi is a dem. Remember that, right. Well when trees fall, or are partially burned and end up on the ground, the brilliant minds will not allow them to be removed. Then brush grows up around them, then the dry winds from the dessert dries the brush out. The same brilliant minds plant eucalyptus along houses, buildings, in parks and shopping malls, all because they have a nice smell. There is one major problem though. They are very flammable, and once they catch fire, and then the dry brush or undergrowth catches, the the downed trees catch. you have a major problem. So sorry, Trump did not cause the fires, their own overzealous practices about conservation is what causes the fires. As for the President laughing, he did not do that. He might shake his head at the bright intellectuals thinking they know what they are doing, and only causing more problems that they can blame on anyone other than themselves. You cannot leave dry tender there to catch fire, and the hot winds coming across then the idiots using pyrotechnics to announce the sex of their expected baby. As for the rest of it. all fake news, made up by people thinking they are intelligent enough to be reporters. I know I’m not a reporter, but I do know how to find the truth in events, too bad not everyone has that ability. Try try again, someday you might get it right.

  3. Careful, your real trumpian hatefulness is coming out. I’ve never threatened anyone. I speak truths and you people cannot stand it. I hate what he says, what he does, what he stands for. I’ve given facts, sites to look on. I can list more if you’d like. I understand that you may be upset. If you have never heard the truth, it can be very scary. Imagine how people felt when they found out the Earth is actually round and that the earth actually revolves around the sun. Whew, I bet lots of folks were upset, scared. He has lied for months about covid but has known the horrible truth about it since Jan.Think about it. Why would he do that? The economy. It is all he cares about. No plan. He continues to cut out any law that protects the environment, national monuments, our planet, endangered species, and us. I know you will never see it. I can only hope you will…one day. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • What you say does not scare me, what the dems are turning toward, socialism, worries me. Then the murder of policemen and innocents and then laughing about it is what angers me. Not you.. The words you spout day after dreary day is nothing to even consider. It’s a shame that you don’t understand your own ignorance. You did not even understand one word of what we, the silent majority are upset about. Your drivel just keeps coming. What you say is what is laughable, you have no idea of Google and what is going on there. You only know that Fox is a conservative station, but you have no idea of left leaning networks because you are so far left. Then you have the nerve to use MSNBC as a reference for good journalism. That only proves you don’t have a clue.

      But what I wrote about last night is evil, pure evil, and YOUR VP candidate is a part of getting those people out of jail so they can shoot more innocent people. No conscience at all in these people, none. Yet you support them. It truly does tell me what kind of person you are. The fact that you won’t discuss the evil done by these groups proves you are exactly like the snakes that slither around DC, refusing to look at truthful video or even acknowledge that all the evil is going on. It puts you right there in their league, anything is ok as long as we get Trump out of office. How low can anyone sink when life taken for the sake of killing to prove you are going to go the distance to get what you want. It seems to be just fine for you people to murder babies, murder innocent people, murder policemen, shoot others in the face. All to prove you are right and get Trump out of office. Now I’m not talking about all the crap you want to keep bringing up, I’m talking about the evil of what I watched and heard last night. No reporter saying a word. Just the thugs of the party, the dem party laughing as two people got shot in the face by a punk who shot and ran like the coward he is. Men get shot by police for coming at them with a knife in hand, and you people think it’s ok. It’s no wonder that the police are extra cautious. They are being ambushed while sitting in their cars, murdered in cold blood. It is disgusting and it is sickening. But you Vicki Locatto, seemed to have no feeling for it at all. You just wanted to go back to the same old crap you keep talking about. Why? Because that is all you have you been trained by the far left to say over and over and over. Frankly I’m tired of it, and I think others find you a bit laughable.

      FYI, my hatefulness is not coming out. My disgust at the way innocents are treated by BLM and antifa and Harris, and the fact that the dems are trying to pretend Biden is fine mentally is coming out. When Biden walks out into an empty field, with no one around, wearing a mask, and needing a teleprompter, I know things are being put on for show. People who are conservative are normally more quite and polite, but sometimes we reach the point where we say enough is enough. I think I have reached that point. I will counter ever lie you tell with the truth, but you never give examples, just vague remarks that smears the president. He is not a perfect man, but I do believe he is doing a better job as president than most could do during this trying time. You want to know what I see coming. We are seeing too much evil. We will see something very much like the civil war again, and why? In your opinion, as it always is, it’s President Trump’s fault. But the fault lies with the ones filled with so much hate. Do you hate him? Do you accept any blame for not holding the evil doers accountable? I even heard Biden blame the hurricane on him. I never knew the president had that much power. But then you people have to invent things to blame on him. I wish you would write your friend Pelosi and tell her to get off her high horse and do the things she was elected to do,. instead of saying nothing will be done until after the elections. She is about the most pitiful pathetic woman, and struts around, using her power to cause delays in things that need to be done and then hopes the president will be blamed. Most of us see through it.

      So yes, count me as upset. Count me as tired of the evil of BLM and antifa. I am of the belief that all lives matter, until people start murdering, then their lives don’t mean much to me. Those are the ones that I believe should be put in prison, and someday, feel the fires of hell at their heels. So try talking about the things that bother us and stop with the nonsense. I wrote last night because I felt so deeply for those two young officers, and to hear people laughing, and hoping they die, it was just too much. If you can stand by and accept that, you really are a something else. I would pity you if you didn’t have so much hate inside of you. You honestly do need help if you think murderer, and attempted murder is ok. I will pray that your heart will open and the hate will leave you. It’s all I know to do now, since you won’t listen to anything or anyone.

  4. I sit here in tears watching as a man walks up to a police car and shoots two young police officers in the face. One is the mother of a 6-yr old child. I hear that officer call in for assistance and can barely understand her. She stands with blood running down the front of her uniform, watching to make sure the shooter doesn’t come back, and trying to stop the bleeding wound of her young partner. It was just horrific. We hear some jerk across the street laughing while on the phone telling a thug friend about how these two had been blowed up in the face. Yeah! The dud just walked up and got ‘em, blowed they faces off. Such a celebration that thug was having. All I can think is that hell’s gates will be open for him, and he will know suffering for eternity. Then we go to the ER entrance of the hospital, where BLM members are gathered to try to keep these young officers from getting the medical help that could save their lives. I hear the names these young officers are called. Then the laughing as the sheriff’s office begs them to let the ambulance in so the officers can be treated. Law enforcement begging thugs? What is happening to out country. There are people killing innocent people. Yes bad cops do kill innocent people, both black and white. That does not give me, a white person,the right to start killing law enforcement officers. If I did it, I would either be shot and killed on the spot, or if I cooperated, dropped my weapon, I would be arrested and taken to jail

    Why are we letting this get out of hand? Why? Joe Biden & his babe in arms, kaMala Harris, sociocratic governors and mayors across the land, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, aoc, the little phoney Muslim Rep, and all the liberals who are hate filled that brand all cops bad because of a few, and encourage this behavior.

    I believe lives matter, but BLM is no longer an organization that should be supported by any decent law abiding people. If you believe it’s ok to walk up and shoot innocent officers, then vote the party that ignores the violence. If you believe these innocent officers deserved to be shot in their faces in an attempt to murder them, then stand behind the people who have given these thugs permission to do this and not have to suffer any consequences. If you believe in all that is going on in areas of this country, vote that Biden/Harris ticket and watch this nation go to hell in a hand basket, carried there by those two. If they fail to even acknowledge that it’s happening now, do you really think they will do anything if they are elected. No, they want this country changed, taken down. They are filled with hate, and they want a Socialist government, so they will let terror reign. We will no longer be the United States of America, proudly holding high the Stars & Stripes. We will only be another poor country, at war with one another, poor, lawlessness across the land, no police to help keep any of us safe. There is no such thing as law & order. I have to say, may God bless America, in spite of what we are allowing to happen.

    • I 100% agree with you! I believe the right has turned the other cheek enough.its time to put this civil unrest down. And there’s only one way to do it. We are going to have to fight back. That means sinking to their level and start taking them out at any cost.

    • You have already assumed he was black. You haven’t cried as much as you gonna cry in the very near future because of the man that gave violence, lying, propogander that people like you love to see. How many of those blacks that were killed for no reason you cried for? They had families too. But before you would cry for them, excuses were already coming forth about something they did to cause their death and you will justify it too. We all know what make America great again means. News flash, it will never happen.

      • Mrs. Armstrong, I am so sorry that you thought I was saying I thought the shooter was black, for I did not say that, nor did I imply that. I realize there are black and white that are burning, looting, killing, destroying property in the name of what, I’m sorry, that I don’t know. What I said was that I was upset over innocent people being shot in the face by a coward that turned and ran like a coward. Why did he run, because he was trying to murder two innocent people who happened to be police officers. I said BLM was no longer what it started out to be, a group of people peacefully protesting the mistreatment of black people. Do I believe they have the right to do that, yes mam, I do. What I don’t agree with is the burning down of black neighborhoods because some who have come into the group under false pretenses, all because they hate, and the like killing. Do you really approve of all the actions of black people? I don’t approve of all the actions of white people. I do not like skin heads. I don’t like people who are rude and mean to people of color, be it black, brown or whatever. I believe you mistook what I said about the people across the street laughing at the shooting as me saying the shooter was black. I don’t know his race, nationality or anything about him except he was doing wrong. What I do know is there was one black man who was on the phone telling someone about the dude that just shot the cops in the face, and then laughing about it. That angered me, yes mam, it did. What if it had been a black cop sitting in that car, and was shot in the face? Would you have been angry about it? I believe you would have been.

        Back when Mr. Floyd was murdered by the white cop, it angered me. It would have been so easy it they thought he was breaking the law to cuff him and put him in the back of their car. But that didn’t happen, and I truly hope the cop gets the punishment he deserves. I know there are some who don’t believe what I’m saying, and that doesn’t concern me. I know there are good people and there are bad people, they come from every nationality, and in every color. I don’t have problems with the good people, but please don’t expect me to condone the evil in the bad ones. After one area of one of the cities was burned, my heart broke when one beautiful lady, who just happened to have black skin (said here to make my point) was crying because her area of town had been destroyed and now she had no place to shop, to buy her food, or do anything. It was all gone. She was sobbing, and I had tears with her because I could feel her pain and frustration. Was I glad it had happened to her? No way, but I was very angry at the ones who burned her neighborhood to the ground. They were all colors, but I saw black faces destroying the neighborhoods of the people they should be very protective of. If they are so concerned about black lives mattering, why did they do what they did? Another little woman I saw, and she was a tiny little older woman, came out of her store, with a broom or something in her hand. She stood up to those bullies. Do you know what she said to them? She said “I know who you are, I know where you live, now you better get away from here.” She was, and is, one of the bravest women I have ever seen. She knew they were burning businesses, she knew they were killing, shooting wildly, killing anyone who happened to be in the way. Even innocent children, just babies, and they never had a chance. Were the black? Yes some were, some were white. Do I condone any of the violence. Those women are in my mind, and I would be honored to meet either one or both of them.

        I know you don’t care for me, and you have never met me. You don’t know what I stand for or what I believe. Because I wrote I think it is wrong for people to laugh and think it’s funny for cops to be shot. I hope that you realize there are good cops in this world, even great cops. Yes there are bad ones. There are good people in the black community, but please don’t try to convince me that every single black person is good and would do no harm to anyone. That is not true. I know the white population has evil, I know and admit it. I make no excuses for those that do wrong. I don’t understand if you are making excuses for people in your community that do wrong, or if you, like me, will admit that some are mean, will take your last dollar, sell dope to your children, rape the young beautiful woman they want to have. It is the same in all races, and I do hope that you can understand that. I don’t know why you didn’t fully understand what I said, but I didn’t base anything on reporting. I watched video. Those men wanted two young cops to die. They laughed. That is what my comment was about. Lives matter, all lives are the same under the skin. We are no different except that I do know you are not always treated fairly, but I was not the one to do that to you. Evil people, any evil person, should be punished, and if they continue their evil ways, killing, raping, burning, looting, ruining people’s lives, I believe someday will feel the fires of hell devouring them, no matter the color of their skin.

        So again, I’m sorry you thought I said the shooter was black. I didn’t say that. I did say that BLM had been infiltrated by people bent on murder and mayhem. I cannot in good conscience support any organization that willingly lets people into their group that will kill then laugh about the killing. I believe in the Ten Commandments, and let the ones who doubt me just keep on. I know right, and I know wrong. There is no way to make wrong into right. No way at all.

    • Your hate shines so brightly it shadows your reasoning. TDS has made individuals ignore the great things that have come from this president, all from hate. In 2020 what is the impeachment going to be based on? If, I mean when, elected will you finally accept that America has spoken and made its choice. I suspect not but I choose to remain positive. Your opinion is entitled, no one has tried to take that. But just because you believe something doesn’t make it right or the majority. The majority is what matters in a democracy. Throwing tantrums, burning and looting, crying wolf every time fake news is posted. That is becoming the Democratic legacy. Throwing a fit because you didn’t win. Heck, you get a participation award in the form of a I Voted sticker. I’m guessing the world of no winners and second place is still number one lives deeply within the Democrats/ Socialist ideology.

      My opinion is just that and I will vote accordingly. I do not want free healthcare. All that has accomplished is outrageous premiums for hard working individuals, thanks Obama. I do not want free food that comes with a free cell phone. I work hard for what my family has and big government can keep their handouts. Thanks to CIC Trump my taxes are lower. My quality of life is improving. He is pulling my brother’s and sisters out of decades long wars with peace talks. He didn’t succeed with NK but has gotten farther than anyone. Dialogue has been set with Israel and Muslim Nations. He smacked Iran down when they bared their teeth. He continually fights for better treatment for veterans. Something I personally have gained from. I can keep going and going but to deaf ears it will fall.

      He’s definitely a loudmouth and gets on my nerves. But that is exactly what we needed. If ruffling some feathers continues to make these advancements I say playa play on!

    • Google?? Really? Lol it’s owned by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Just for starters Brin is Russian. They are both far left wingers. Google is left wing most things you look up will automatically take you to the lefts side of the story. Lol and stats show most don’t read past the first 5-6 entries before finding the answer they WANT to hear! Lol try again conrad!

    • Google does not even show sites that do not agree with their liberal views. Most everyone who wants to know the truth found this info a long time ago. No wonder all of the things you offer up as fact is actually not fact at all. You are only looking at far left sites, and you are only drinking their kool-aid. Wise up and figure it out, you da smart one, right? We would like to hear something else from you other than the thin air crap. Maybe I’m being a little harsh with your views at this point, but I just watched videos, not a news person, the people who suffered at the hands of liberals attempting to murder them while others laugh. I’m in no mood for your nonsense, so please don’t start.

  5. Why did he lie and continue to lie about covid? Why did cadet bone spurs draft dodger call veterans losers and suckers, wondering what’s in it for them? Why does he continue to break the law by holding large indoor rabblerousings with mostly maskless individuals..oh yeah, the ones closest to him were required to wear a mask. How telling. Add BBC, Reuters.. lots of reputable long trusted news sites. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • What branch of military did Obama serve in? How long did Biden’s son stay in the Navy? And again, why did Biden’s son leave the service? As I said, my mood is not one that is patient with your nonsense tonight! Trust me on that one! You might support the party of BLM & antifa, murderers who then laugh about it. I would never support a VP candidate who gives money to bail these thugs out of jail so they can do more damage.

      • You got a whole limb on your shoulder because people don’t agree with the garbage you spew every day. Your opinion don’t even matter most if the time, so enjoy the push backs. Haha.

        • I would suppose you are talking to me again. Push backs don’t bother me in the least. I believe I’m addressing issues. The push backs are general opinions pulled from thin air. Why on earth should they bother me. I’m an adult, I’ve lived a long time. I believe in giving chances, I am for our new mayor having a successful term, and even spoke out on his behalf to the ones causing a ruckus on Front Street. I guess you will think that I said that not meaning it. Why would I when I got blasted from the skinheads, or little rich boys who don’t believe in giving people a chance at doing a good job. So, you need to understand, I stand firmly behind the mayor, until I have a good reason not to. I pray that I can stand by what he does through his entire term. He is a Christian man, so I think the God I worship will be leading him through every step he makes.

  6. ABC (no View, tell me about it), NBC, NPR, PBS, MSNBC, on occasion CBS, plus many articles by many very knowlegable, reputable reporters. You might try one. I hope you can finally see the truth. No sensation, just facts. Follow the facts. He only gets the best on his staff. They all seem to be under investigation, indicted, in prison or house arrest. He was the only one to mention mini strokes. That wasn’t ever mentioned in Michael Schmidt’s book, nor was it mentioned in his interviews. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • Investigations?? You really should call them something other than that. Pelosi, Schiff, and a few others aren’t really doing any investigation on much of anything that holds water, they are simply on a witch hunt, looking for anything that they can use to impeach the President. Look what happened with the great witch hunter, Robert Mueller, who found nothing, but was paid millions. Money okayed by those two upright citizens Pelosi and Schiff. If they would just get down to working to solve the problems of the US instead of going on all of the different witch hunts they have been on for the past 4 years, we would be in much better shape. But they are so hate filled, like so many of you, they just cannot let it go. It is one thing after another. Why not investigate their own golden boy, Hunter Biden, kicked out of Navy for snorting cocaine, making millions working for the Ukrainian gas company and it is a proven fact that he knew nothing about that industry. OH!! Yes, Yes, Yes! Let’s not forget that he works for our favorites, a Chinese company, which in essence, is run by the Chinese Communist Party. You do know that they don’t have the same freedoms we have. It seems that every time Biden’s little boys needed a job, they went on a trip with daddy and Biden came home patting sonny boy on the back, congratulating him on the new job he had.

      So maybe we need a few more investigations, true investigations, and no more witch hunts. When will you people learn that enough is enough. If they can’t find anything to base charges on in 4 years, stop and go about doing the job they were elected to do, stop the nonsense and get on with the business of governing the USA. They are up to no good again, happens often with Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and some of the other people in charge. I would imagine that some of the committee hearings under Nadler should not even be allowed into the record. He knows nothing about Robert’s Rules of Order, and is so totally one-sided in his rulings it is more like something from another country. He is too old and senile to be in charge of any committee, especially one that calls a lot of witnesses. He one-sided prejudicial ways are so very evident.

      So get off your soap box about everything the POTUS has supposedly done, where you have not proven’ and you have no proof. All you have are theories about what he supposedly did. I personally think that someone should go back and investigate that Clinton woman that was running, and lost poorly. Her dealings with foreign countries who made large donations to her foundation so that they could live higher on the hog while she made a good salary and Mr. “I didn’t have sex with that woman” drew a huge retirement amount as a former president. You think you are convincing people that President Trump has stolen from the people as president, and have yet to prove squat. So you might think of taking a break and doing some real research in stating your claims.

      As to your statement about the Obamas having different schedules. I researched even beyond the US papers to find this. Interesting stuff. “Barack and Michelle Obama spent more than $1million of taxpayer’s money on separate flights to LA – despite filming TV appearances on the SAME DAY just miles apart

      Barack Obama took Air Force One to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live
      Cost for presidential jet along will have exceeded $1million
      Michelle Obama took separate plane to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
      Both shows were filmed in Burbank, California, on Thursday
      White House insists that their ‘schedules were not in sync’
      Obamas flew separately before – for breaks in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard

      • MEWHP You are so right about the monies spent on Michelle and Obama’s travel. Here is an interesting fact: When Obama began his presidency his net worth was $1.3 million. after 8 years making $400.000/yr he was worth $80,000,000. Check out his home in Martha’s Vineyard. Talking huge and beautiful. I am sure Michele and Barack will not be able to manage this property on their own.(might they need servants) Again, if you want the truth about the behind the scenes, of Obama’s tenure in the White House Read David Limbaugh: Crimes against Liberty. And now, what about Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Prize because of the successful peaceful negotiations with Israel, Bahrain. Then Remember, Obama’s destructive actions with Israel. If only people would search the truth from sources other than CNN< CBS< ABC, You should't vote in Nov, if you are only informed by the brainwashing, slanted or biased, twisted reports in the TV news,

        • You didn’t really come on here and talk about Obama travels????? Your President is spending all your money at Mari Largo every week and when he ain’t there, he making money for himself to get out if jail when he leaves office. Oh, by the way, at least Biden stood up like a man and did his civic duty, what did your priviledged pres got, he dodged just like he doing now bobbing and weaving around all those lies he tells Everytime he parts them half lips.

          • Earnestine: YES, I really wanted to talk about Obama and Micheles travels. They used separate jets when the traveled over the oceans to foreign countries.. Millions wasted just for her. I said millions!!!!! . Does Melaina go on trips over seas at the taxpayers dollar? And now where is he making money for himself?? I repeat: Obama was worth $1,300,000 when he took office. Then after 8 years salary $,400,000, and then worth $80,000,000. At lest Trump works and has worked. What did Obama do before he became a senator (or whatever). Anyway, Why don’t you forget the word lie for at least a second and read what Royal has written about where your party is going to take this country. I don’t want to live like that. The Latinos in Florida are not showing support for Biden. They just fled miles and miles on foot escaping the pure hell of the socialist countries they used to call home. They came all this way for a better life and a better country. Latino’s will tell you the honest truth about where your political party will take all of us.Theirs’ is living testimony. Oh and this just in: protesters (?????), attacked and trashed the 9/11 memorial listing names of firemen and police who died trying to help those people trapped. And OMAR “”9/11 wasn’t that big of a deal”.

          • Did you hear about the 53 people shot in protests over the labor day weekend in Chicago. 8 killed, and one an 8 year old child. What about the lie that these BL M protests are not violent. I could write a very long list of all the things that have happened since this revenge started. and the irony is they killed an 8 yr old black girl. Then say Black Lives matter.

          • If you are referring to Joe Biden. “Standing up and doing his civic duty”, he was never in the military, he was a collage boy. His son Beau Biden was in the Delaware National Guard, and his other son Hunter Biden was in the Navy, but got dismissed for cocaine use. By the way, Joe has never been employed in the private sector, He has no history of work other than being elected to a government position.

          • The Obama mansion has 8,200 sq ft of living. And a gated courtyard to hold multiple secret service vehicles. Now I have to watch you Dems take away police protection for me and my neighbors and family but no sweat for the greedy rich, they have it covered. Nancy too and I don’t know how many others with their armed guards and walls to protect them. . This couple amassed multi million dollar bank accounts from being president and first lady, while the same poor are suffering with homelessness, and poverty in the broken neighborhoods that they claim to care about. Did they ever help foster children? I’m mean with their own money, not the government.Then what about their taxes. What percentage did they pay. See people who work at middle class jobs cannot get rich because of the taxes they have to pay. And they want to increase a 21% rate to a 28% tax rate. But these people who claim over and over that the rich should pay their share.Over and over we see the really rich just don’t live by the same tax code as the rest of us.They keep getting richer and richer at a break speed rate. But boy do the dems preach that is what they are going to do:. (tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich). Why do they keep getting richer or staying the same?And to hound Trump over his taxes. He made a lot of money and I am sure a lot of it was crooked, but he didn’t live off the government..

  7. Pathetically inadequate information coming from the right. Reporters are nice in calling it misinformation. His officials interfered with CDC reports on Covid19. They attempted to add to CDC findings and tried to change agency reports that were charting the progress of covid. Emails from his aides to Redfield said the CDC reports would undermine his optimistic messaging about covid. In other words, only tell them what they want to hear, not the truth..again. You do realize that one of the first things a dictator does is to get his followers to believe all the trusted media is lying, media that has been trusted for decades and decades and decades. Trust only me. I alone can fix it. It’s been too easy to lead some Repubs down this path.

    • Wrong again! The reporters that were trusted for years are dead. Why would anyone with any sense trust the new dudes. Oh yes, I forgot, you get the news that you trust implicitly from GMA, that outstanding news reporting service. I suppose with the way you think(?) the next in line for honest reporting is The View. You are a real piece of work.

  8. Jill Biden wikipedia.
    Michelle was a very hard working First Lady. You wouldnt know that about her of course. She promoted good health, exercise, especially for kids, good nutrition, especially for kids, women’s rights among many other things. Dont know about a supposed fight. Another conspiracy theory, I see from the website. Differing schedules that’s all, different locations. She finished before Barack and came home to The White House.
    What is Barr doing? Hes supposed to be AG for the US, for we the people that pay him. He’s not Individual 1’s personal atty. Why is he trying to derail investigations? What else are they trying to cover up? Heard this news on GMA, Good Morning America.. on ABC. I told you, I watch and read from many very reputable locations. There’s a problem with ABC? Wow!

    • ABC IS A LIBERAL NETWORK! IT IS MADE UP OF LIBERAL REPORTERS! WOW, and WOW, yes there is a problem with liberal ABC! Some people are not teachable. You claim to research all sides of this, but don’t even realize that the news networks that you are using are leftist or left leaning networks. So you are just regurgitating that same mess over and over.

      From the site,, a neutral site that rates different networks and their political reporting
      ABC News (Online) media bias rating is Lean Left. ABC News bias is Lean Left. So you are only referencing the networks that back up your twisted thinking.

      From Media BIas/Fact Check we find:
      Overall, we rate NBC News Left-Center biased based on story selection and word choices that moderately favor the left and High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing and a reasonable fact check record. So again, not the best place too prove your point to people who do check up on what you say.

      Your disrespect for the President of United States of America shows me that you are owed no respect either. You have done nothing but pull ridiculous items from liberal websites and spout them as truth. You speak of him in disrespectful ways. You seem to forget that he is owed respect in speaking of him if only because he is the duly elected to the highest office in the land. You blindly follow some of the rabble rousers who continue to cause discontent in this country. The college students who cannot stand the fact that a student is a conservative and writes of his beliefs, so he is beaten to a pulp in from of others who simply stand by and watch. The most disappointing I’ve heard lately is of a Fine Arts professor, or maybe not at that level yet, teaching a class at our own NSU, telling his young impressionable students that violence is what is needed to bring about change. How is that a part of Fine Arts? Now personally, I don’t think he should be saying this in a classroom of college freshmen. I wish the President of NSU would check into this, and find why the young teacher has the right to just throw that into his daily lesson plan. It is wrong. Is he really trying to get students riled up enough to start the same mess of burning and looting as we see in the northern state. That teacher needs to be written up and should be kept in his folder forever.

      People seem to forget that Martin Luther King was for solving our problems peacefully. That cannot happen with a show of respect on each side, and that includes you, vicki, calling the President of the United States Donnie. How very disrespectful that is, and that very fact causes me to disrespect you even more than I did due to your way of thinking. With that much hate inside you, there is no way you can ever find peace, unless things are exactly as you want them. I really do feel sorry for you because you can’t ever seem to see even part of the other side of an issue. How very sad for you, and those around you that have to listen to you all day. Too bad you can’t be more like Martin Luther King. You would definitely be a better person for it.

      I have never met anyone that I could not discuss politics with intellectually, until I met you on this forum. You are one who will never let peace be a part of our government unless it is done you way, and only your way. I am so glad that you don’t live up here all the time. I pray that you go back to your home shortly and stay there for a while. You are not a person I want to associate with, and trust me, I do have plenty of liberal friends. Friends that don’t have only one little tunnel that your thoughts must travel through, and can never hear the other side of an issue. Your mind is closed off, and can never gain any new information that might actually help you get along in the world, and help make this world a better place. There is no point in you continuing your diatribes, as those of us who have been on here for any length of time know exactly who you are and how your mind works. I may not know you personally, but I know the way you are, as there have been others through the years that show their ignorance in so many ways. I will be praying that God can open your mind, break through the wall that has you thinking that you are always right and everyone else is wrong. Maybe someday. A slight maybe, but a maybe

  9. Oh ye of conspiracy theories. Joe and Jill met in 1975. She was in divorce proceedings or just out of.. The went on a blind date set up by his brother. Actually the difference in their ages is 8 yrs, the same as my parent’s age difference. They were married when Mom was 19 and Dad was 27. Their marriage lasted nearly 65 yrs. Mom and my grandmother both passed having Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve been very aware of this awful disease and its signs for decades. I’m truly sorry your loved one passed with it. It is a dreadful, pitiful disease. States are running out of money to treat covid. Where’s the inauguration money Donnie? Where’s the $44M you took from FEMA, Donnie? Where’s the $12M you took from the Sept 11 NYFD fund, Donnie? Look it all up on reputable sites, not sensationalized rags. He lied over and over about Covid and is still doing so. Look it up. He called our troops losers and suckers. Even someone on your only station confirmed it. I heard it, saw her lips moving while saying it. Not doctored. Live, on your only channel. You see, I tune in from time to time to see what is coming out. I hear it for myself. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • I am so glad we have an expert on here that knows more about the situation about what happened at the time J & J got together. It is a shame her husband thought they were still married. Please tell me the site you got your information from, and if it’s from another Sociocrat site, don’t bother repeating it, for it is nothing but garbage. I can read more lies and thin air stories there in 5 minutes that I can read on other sites in 5 days. But then I know you will never learn. About money, Where is the money that Michelle used to take all of her family and friends on the amazing vacation? Will she ever pay it back? What about the trip to China that she and her mom and girls took, not a political trip, just a trip to see the country and get away from the hard work of having people do things for her in the White House, the largest staff of any first lady ever, and didn’t even feel bad about wasting money that could be used elsewhere. They stayed in the very best, most expensive hotels and spent a ton of taxpayer money. Oh yes remember the time she and hubby were fighting, and they were both due on the West Coast, but couldn’t bear to be on the same plane, so they took two very large planes, very very large planes to the coast on the same day so they could both appear on television shows. I saw her appearance, she should have stayed home. She would have looked less ridiculous. As I said before, I have not said much about our previous president, but you need to shut up with the name calling and lies, or we can really get with it, and you might be a little embarrassed. Oh I forgot it’s you, you won’t be embarrassed, it’s not in you to feel the fool when you pull things out of thin air. It’s funny Obama took every penny of his salary, made us pay for his wife’s vacations with her friends and family, used the US Air Force 1 & 2 on the same day going to the same place, and we had to pay for it. President Trump takes no salary, donates it to worthy causes, but you have the nerve, yes nerve, to call him Donnie. You are really a piece of work, a piece of poorly put together work.

      By the way, my mother did not have Alzheimer’s, she had dementia. Read up on it, as there is a difference. It is all sad, but there is a difference.

      Now, privileged woman, I’m sure the utilities on your other home are probably due. Maybe you should go pay them. Are your taxes much on two homes? Do you claim one as a homestead and then you are not allowed to on the other one, isn’t that the way it works? If you haven’t been doing it that way, don’t you owe one parish some back taxes plus interest. I know taxes are so high, I don’t know how you do it. Ours are just so high it’s difficult to pay on SS and retirement. How in the world do you do it? Y’all must have a very good income to have enough money to pay expenses on two houses. Or maybe a good accountant that knows all the loop holes so you don’t have to pay as much as you are supposed to. Who is he, maybe we should call him?

      Do you see how that all sounds and how it makes you feel. I’m pulling things out of thin air, just as you do. So when you stop the nonsense, there can be some intelligent conversation around here. Until then, I’m wish to goodness I could block you. God love you, you do have a problem bigger than anyone on here can help you with.

  10. I am so glad (sarcasm here) that we have a doctor (?) viski on here diagnosing medical and mental problems, yet she so conventionally misses signs in her very own presidential favorite of possible major medical problem. I hope you notice I said possible. He cannot complete all of the sentences he starts, but puts in garbled words that make no sense. Look into his eyes, doctor viski, can you not see the blank stare he sometimes has? Do you not see him having to be taken by the arm to be led to where he needs to go because he doesn’t know. Now I want you to be sure and understand here if you possibly can, I am not making fun of him. I pity him, and cannot understand why his supposedly loving wife lets him be put on display like this. Is it simply because she has a big desire to be called first lady? Is it pure selfishness on her part? She has to know that he could not last 4 years as president. Did she have the affair with an older Joe back when she was a young married woman, I think her ex-husband said she was 21 and they were working on Joe’s campaign? The ex surprising was not upset with her about her affair, but with Joe for leading her to his bed. Did she, even back then want to be a political wife, the wife of an up and coming politician? I don’t know, but if you investigate as a doctor and give a diagnosis on President Trump, maybe you should do the same for your favorite. I’ve told you what I believe because I saw the same things happen as my mother started losing her ability to think straight, the beginning of dementia, a real medical doctor’s diagnosis that was told to me. She had the same lost look in her eyes like all the ones losing their ability to think properly, with either dementia or Alzheimer’s. She could not finish all of her sentences. She would try leave us when in line at a restaurant, and try to go sit with another group, but we always took her by the arm and keep her with us. It is a sad situation. But I have to wonder why he has stayed in his home, or as they say, hiding in his basement, for so long. My mother, after she came home from the hospital would be taken to other areas of our home, but she always wanted to go home, to her room. He shows so many signs that it is very troublesome to me. I really would like for him to be examined by an honest doctor, one not leaning to either side, one who will us an honest diagnosis on his medical and mental condition. It seems that I remember a bunch of sociocrats calling for President Trump’s medical information to be released. They declared he had a heart attack. He did not, which was verified. Why not let old Joe be examined?

    Know that if you vote for Joe Biden for president, you possibly are not voting long term for him because of health reasons. Do any of you remember Richard Nixon fiasco? He resigned as president. Because the VP had already resigned, Gerald Ford then became the VP. When Nixon resigned, Ford went on to become the first president that had not been elected. Could that happen again? Indeed it could. Would we, HEAVEN FORBID, end up with Nancy Pelosi? All I can say, if you are on the fence about who you will vote for in November, think about if you had to say Madam President to that woman and where she would lead the USA. It’s something I don’t even like to think about.

    Yes, it is a long reach, however, if it has happened before, it can happen again. It is DC, the swamp.

  11. We were sitting pretty good until Individual 1 got hold of everything. Running it into the ground, just like all he touches. And what’s Rudy up to? Who’s the Russian agent, Derkach he’s been hanging out with. Another one of “the best” for this badministration? And the hits just keep on coming…

    • The hate runs deeply within you. If only you would put feelings aside maybe you could see the wonderful things Our President has accomplished. Guess two Nobel Award nominations is a fluke too.

  12. We pay attention to the lawlessness in the White House now. It is rampant. So sad what has become of our United States. We are now the laughing stock of the world. Other countries pity us. Look it up. Lots of repubs will actually vote for Biden. Most have stayed Repubs, some have already changed party affiliation. Nothing there for them anymore. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • And the will be more democrats voting Trump simply because the old sniffer has done nothing in almost 50 years in government and is a big part of the reason we are in the shape we’re in.

      • And Mike, the news about the Latino vote going to Trump. You see, these people took a long hard trip on foot to get away from socialism. You can’t fool or brainwash them: they have lived with the hells of Socialism. They also ran away from fighting and rioting in the streets. They know where the country is headed and what the Democrats are trying to do to take away the America they have come to love.

  13. It is so pathetic the things you Republussians can come up with. Individual 1 did nothing, denying it, called it a hoax, then saying it will go away magically. And all the while hes saying those lies, he knew full well what we Dems have known all along, well since Jan. And he knew Dec 31 that this pandemic was coming. He’d already disbanded (so to speak) the pandemic unit. We were not prepared for this obviously. And for those that listened and are still listening to his lies, watch out. Covid it still here, killing people. Nearly 200,000 now. Guess it didnt magically disappear.

  14. I suppose the purpose of this is positive reinforcement for Trump supporters. No thinking person would be persuaded by this kool-aid

    If Trump supporters could be influenced by facts, logic or appeals for decency, they wouldn’t be Trump supporters

  15. I have been a registered Democrat since 1963. However, when I enter s polling place, I don’t check my brain at the door and vote the straight ticket of my party. Anyone who would do so should move to Kremlin West (formerly known as Washington, D.C..

  16. I just found this article, which is something else that proves to me that Joe Biden has a problem with his hands. I have seen the pictures of the uncomfortable look on young girl’s faces as Joe is standing there hugging on them. I have seen the shocked faces of young women as Joe put his arm around them for a photo shoot, and good old Joe has his hand up right under her breast, copping a feel. What happens if he becomes president, and does this to some foreign leader’s wife or daughter. Would it lead to escalating hate between countries? Probably so, because you and I know what we would do if it happened to a young member of our family. Someone would get violent.

    Now you don’t have to go on a rip telling me the language candidate Trump used on the bus, I heard it and I don’t approve of it at all. I don’t approve of having affairs while married. I have not always approved of President Trump’s actions before his election as President. But I do have to say though I don’t approve of affairs, I don’t believe he ever forced his attentions on any woman, I think it was all consensual. I also do believe he has changed. If you don’t believe people can change, read the Bible. Saul of Tarsus was changed to Paul and became one of the greatest Christian witnesses of all time. I have no problem with what President Trump is accomplishing as president, none at all. If you can’t see the good, then you are filled with so much hate, you don’t want to see it. That is a shame. I didn’t approve of our former president, Obama, but I never acted toward him like some of you people are acting toward President Trump, and he is doing much more for the future of our country. Now I don’t want to hear how he has done bad, unless you can prove it from a reliable source. Otherwise, shut you trap and keep your fingers off the key board if you are going to reply to me. I have already heard all the lies plus a few more pulled out of thin air by VL and I don’t need to hear any more trash. Vicki, this especially applies to you. I’m not writing to you and I don’t care to hear your drivel. I have heard all I want to hear from you and I will not discuss anything with you ever again.

    What I read, I will copy here. It is very interesting in my opinion and just shows again the Biden has a real problem in addition to his mind and not remembering things. Here it is word for word

    “Here’s the story, and keep in mind obviously that Joe Biden is innocent until proven guilty, and these are only allegations against him.

    According to a report by the Gateway Pundit, a Secret Service agent and his girlfriend were getting their photo taken with the brand-new Vice President for the Obama administration in 2009. Biden got all huggy with the couple during the photo, and apparently, he did a full-on, full-handed grab of the Secret Service agent’s girlfriend’s breast as the photo was being taken.

    As the story goes, the Secret Service agent then angrily shoved Vice President Joe Biden for this brazen alleged sexual assault. Other Secret Service agents had to restrain that agent, because he was going to deck Joe Biden for allegedly groping his girlfriend’s breast without her consent.” From 9/4/20 edition of The League of power

    “Freedom by Friday”

    • For all you Q loving conspiracy theorists, here’s a response to this silly one.
      “The manipulated image first appeared on World News Bureau, a “satire” web site that Carrie’s a disclaimer stating “This is fictitious satire and any resemblance to persons, places, or events is coincidental.”. 2015 controversy. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • MEWHP Hi. I heard about the breast grabbing. And Biden did have a woman come forward about an incident. And always remember Clinton: ” I didn’t have sex with Monica Lowinski”. A lie from him as well as causing this girl irreparable emotional damage. Change focus: I am also so tired of the accusation that Trump caused hundreds of thousands of people to die and that he lied about Covid. Well, what a lot of us talked about here was the reaction of people who refused to wear a mask because of distrust of Trump when it all came from Fauci and Birk. The main thing as I see it, is that Democrats made the issue of the virus a political one . People were all over without masks. And because of the obstinate reaction people died. This virus is a public health issue. We should all listen to the experts. Stop making it political Biden. Now Biden says wear a mask at all times when outside even. He has no knowledge or experience with communicable diseases. Wearing a mask when jogging or fast bike riding with a mask can cause lung damage. Not necessary to wear a mask at all times when outside. Only in crowds outside. Hospitals were famous for the line ” a little knowledge is dangerous”. Now the issue of the covid vaccine. Please people listen to public health officials or this too could end up being disastrous and you will only have yourselves to blame. .

      • I heard the Sec of Ed in CA. say that California would open the schools after the election. Naturally she was referring to the national elections, which throws the COVID scare right into the political ring. And since we we know the sociocrats are blaming President Trump for letting I get into the country because he didn’t do anything to stop it (and we all know that is a lie), they blame him for shutting businesses and causing people to lose jobs (Joe still wants to shut the country down), and no matter what the President does, it’s wrong. I think we all know who is keeping the big scare going. They want the president to lose based on COVID problems. After the election, they expect Joe to win, and all the terrible prijujm,oblems with COVID will magically be gone. Schools will open, restaurants will open, bars will open, and sports games will be back in stadiums. I don’t know what is going on with them in reference to COVID but if they are behind any of it, they are more despicable than I thought. I’m just very curious about all the many statements I’ve heard “After the election………” I am very suspicious of some people like Pelosi, Schumer, and all the movers and shakers in the sciocrat party and the stunts they might pull.

        A statement like that to me means that they are willing to sacrifice the education of many many children in order to sway people to vote for a particular party Person as President. If they allow this time to happy they would pup each and every student fall behind students in other states.

        Old RN, I only wish we could show on this forum the pictures that show the disgust, the shock, the fear (for the children) the looks on all the faces of the women old Joe had groped. As for the article that miss viski said was false, her fiancée was put on leave for going after the vp but because it put old Joe in a bad light, they were told to basically lose the paperwork. They said they were not allowed to discuss the matter. But there were plenty of men who had to pull the angry young off old Joe.

        • MEWHP: Today saddened by 9-11. And the direction of what is now happening. I grieve because I feel like the end is coming. I am not a prophet saying this is a sure sign of the end, or the day of the Lord. No, I cannot say that. It just might be the start of the end of this country as we know it. Heaven help all of us because these concrete headed people will not try to seek the truth. Vicki still does not understand how the taxes will affect the middle class. She needs to look it up. They still need to read highly referenced books like David Limbaugh. But they won’t. They need to listen to Royal, but they won’t. They pay no attention to the lawlessness in some of our major cities. The Bible tells often,of the sins of lawlessness, and these verses describe what is playing out. No or reduced police protection their party approves. I fear for all of us but mostly them because they are being used to advance this agenda. When they come to shut down suburbs and build housing for others, it will happen to the dems as well as the repubs. When these lawless rioters come to their town, it will happen to them too. When they take away our guns,, it will happen to them too. These taxes will surely hurt them too. When innocent lives are lost, as has happened to innocent children, then heaven forbid, it will happen to dems too. All because some people have a right to break the law, recklessly shooting even these children, then bitterly say the punishment is unfair. I just wish for all of us that they would wake up.

  17. Well it’s obvious which political party he leans towards. What a bunch of scare tactics he’s pushing. I am a proud Democrat & don’t believe in any of this BS. But some republicans will believe any of Trump’s BS & behavior. You have gobbled up all of the gaslighting nonsense he espouses.

    • Individual 1 is a proven liar, among a lot of other things. Check out anti social personality disorder (sound better for ya Doc?). He obviously lied to Repubs about Covid, over and over and is still doing so about so many other things. We Dems already knew what it was. We have learned don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. It is very clear who has the better policies, the more fair policies, Democrats. We are the party of inclusiveness.
      Ok Royal and all you others, have a field day. Put your Repub spin of racism, fear, white, exclusivity and wealth on this. Tax breaks for the already way too rich and way too big corporations. I have nothing against wealthy people, I know a few. Why dont they pay their fair share of taxes anymore? I think this covers both of your op eds.
      Wear a mask. Stay well.

      • Vicki look up what your taxes will be if Biden wins. I mean really, look it up!!! Just as Royal says we will have a massive dose of new taxes.

        • Do you know for who? Those making over $400,000. Long term capital gains and qualified dividends would be subject to ordinary income taxes-39.6%- for those with income over $1M and the step up in basis at death would be eliminated. Dems would have to win the Senate and keep the House for this to happen. This is on a CNBC website for anyone that may want to check. There are other facts on here that may interest you but more than I care to type. Wear a mask. Stay well.

          • I am one of the first to agree with you that “Individual 1” (as you so immaturely refer to him as) is not a good person. Just wondering how you have talked yourself into believing that a senile sexual predator is a way better choice?

      • So were you born this stupid, or did you study or is your brain fried from drug use and over dependence on the government to take care of you? Asking for a friend

    • So you want to elect someone who appears to have the beginnings of dementia? He can hardly complete a complete sentence legibly and sometimes appears lost. He has to be assisted when walking and shown where he needs to go. He appears frail and not up to the rigors that the job will require. He has secluded himself in his basement for months, and refused to take questions from the press Prior to his nomination, he even said he was going to raise your taxes, and you want to vote for that? In the Democrat primary Obama said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.” NY Times reporter Glenn Thrush reported about Obama’s message to Biden’s team, “Win or loose, they needed to make sure Mr Biden did not embarrass himself’ or ‘damage his legacy’ during the campaign.” And this is the man you want to be President of the United States?

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