Natchitoches Central to name football field, new field house after J.D. Garrett, Eugene Christmas

Natchitoches Central High School Principal Bill Gordy updated the board about upgrades to its athletic facilities at its committee meeting Tuesday night, Oct. 5. While the field is remaining the same, bleachers are being installed that can hold 1,000 fans with a press box. This is a big improvement because the field will now look more official as opposed to looking more like a practice field. The school won’t be able to hold varsity ball there, but it will be used for soccer, freshman football games, JV games and more.

Gordy said they plan to name the field after someone who was instrumental in the development of football in Natchitoches. Besides teaching most of the town how to swim, J.D. Garrett was the football coach at Natchitoches Central for years.

In addition to the upgrades at the field with the bleachers and a small concession stand with restrooms, a field house will be constructed. It will feature classrooms and a state of the art weight lifting facility. The most important part of any field house is the training room. You can’t produce a football team without a good training staff. For many years in the 80s and 90s Eugene Christmas was a trainer at Northwestern State University who would come to Natchitoches Central twice a week to work on players.

“He was well respected,” said Gordy.

A placard will be installed on the field house and the new press box will showcase Garrett’s name in big letters.


10 thoughts on “Natchitoches Central to name football field, new field house after J.D. Garrett, Eugene Christmas

  1. Awesome what a legend Mr.Garret were to us all….
    I still remember as a kid the story of him being so fast that he once chased down a rabbit that had gotten loose on the field…. Great Honor to his legacy!!!

  2. So well deserved! Coach Garrett not only taught me and my siblings how to swim, but (decades) later, taught my children when they spent summers with my parents in Natchitoches.

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