SWEPCO Shares Community-Level Estimated Restoration Times for Customers Impacted by Hurricane Delta

Southwestern Electric Power Co. (SWEPCO) has released estimated times of restoration for Central Louisiana communities impacted by Hurricane Delta.

SWEPCO updated its overall estimates to 10 p.m. Monday for the Natchitoches area and 12 midnight Wednesday in the Hornbeck area for 95% of customers who can take power. See the community list below.

A majority of customers will have electric service before these restoration times. 

“As we have completed more damage assessment and made progress with repairs, we are able to move up our estimated times of restoration,” said Drew Seidel, SWEPCO vice president of Region Distribution Operations. “We have more than 1,000 line, tree and support personnel focused on restoring power to our Central Louisiana customers as safely and quickly as possible.”

As of 3 p.m. Sunday, 10,000 customers in the Hornbeck area and 3,300 in the Natchitoches area remained without power. In the wake of Hurricane Delta, a peak of 22,000 customers were without power early Saturday.

Estimated Times of Restoration

The following are updated estimated times of restoration. Estimates are for 95% of customers who can take power. Many customers’ power will be restored sooner.

Natchitoches Area

12 noon Sunday – Hwy.480 Campti / Sportsmans Lodge area/ Sandy Point
2 pm Sunday – Campti community/ Hwy. 71 north from Campti to Fairfield

Cane River
10 pm Sunday – Natchez/ University Parkway/ Mr. Ed Lane/ Kayla Dr. /Old River Rd. / Lime Kiln Rd. / White Ghost Rd.

5 pm Sunday – Colfax/ Mead Rd./ Alford Rd. / Bagdad community

2 pm Sunday – Pardee Rd./ Jim Bell Rd. / Campti Bayou Rd
12 noon Sunday – Hwy. 156 Creston/ Goldonna community

10 pm Sunday – Basco Rd./ Mora Gorum Community/ Hwy. 119 Derry/ Jannie Gorum Rd.; Hwy. 484 Natchez / Hwy. 1 Clouterville/ Melrose/ Robert Lacaze Rd.
10 pm Monday – Chopin community/ Coco Bed Rd./ Marco Community/ Little Eva Community/ Sunk Hill Community/ Nid Aigie Rd./ Bay Springs Rd./ Lena Flatwoods/ Lake Gorum/ Little River

10 pm Sunday – Mckaskel Cemetery Rd./ Bethany Rd./ Pete Carroll Rd./ Hwy. 1221; Andrew Bryant Rd./ Erdis Freeman Rd./ Hwy. 487

Grand Ecore
7 pm Sunday – Hwy. 1226/ Allen Dam Rd./ Ed Conley Rd./ Montgomery Camp Rd./ Hwy. 1225 Clarence

8 pm Monday – Tom Lee Rd./ Harmony Rd./ Provencal Hwy. 117 to Bellwood/ Vowells Mill Community

10 pm Sunday – Fairfield community/ Dartigo Community/ Richardsons Loop/ Dry Prong community
10 pm Monday – Atlanta community, Gum Springs Rd.; Hargis Rd./ Fletcher Loop/ Whispering Pine Rd./ Aaron Fletcher Rd./ Leston Dubois Rd./ Gilcrease Rd./ Hwy. 71 south of Montgomery

Hornbeck Area

10 pm Monday – Golf course to Tank Trail on 117 North
10 m Tuesday – East 28 & Slagle Road; North to Anacoco & East on Hwy 111; Hawthorne to Foul Road on Hwy 8

12 midnight Sunday – Ebarb School, North Toledo State Park, 191 South

12 midnight Sunday – Florien; Hwy 476 & Hwy 191 South; Hwy 191 North to 1215 & Hwy 6 West to State Line

10 pm Tuesday – Florien city limits to Hwy 463 to Hwy 191; Plainview & Peason
5 pm Monday – Anacoco; Hornbeck – Burr Ferry

12 midnight Wednesday – North on 117 to Kisatchie fire tower; South to Tank Trail on Hwy 117 & Hwy 465

12 midnight Wednesday – Hicks to Slagle – Hwy 8 to Simpson; Hwy 121 to Leander; To Simpson – parish line

12 midnight Sunday – South to Florien – East on 118 to Mt. Carmel Church; Hwy 6 West of Many, Airport, Shut Eye Road, to Negreet Road

When to Call an Electrician – Repairs to Customer-Owned Facilities

· SWEPCO cannot connect power to a home or business if there is damage to the service entrance, which is owned by the customer.

Power Restoration Process

· SWEPCO established base camps near Mansfield and in Leesville to stage operations for the recovery effort.

· The restoration process focuses first on essential public health and safety facilities such as hospitals and police and fire stations.

· As damage assessment proceeds, workers will repair major power lines that restore power to the largest number of customers in the shortest time. Crews will fix power lines and equipment that serve multiple customers, and then individual service lines to homes and businesses.

Call 1-888-218-3919 to report your outage. During and immediately after the storm, customers are asked to call the Customer Solution Center only to report downed power lines and other situations that could pose a safety threat.

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