Natchitoches Magnet announces Student of the Year winners

Natchitoches Magnet School announced its Student of the Year Winners, Jasmyn Carpenter (5th grade) and Isaac Young (8th grade). These students will go on to represent their school at the district wide Student of the Year review. The fifth and eighth grade finalists will then go on to compete at the state level. The school also recognized its 5th Grade Student of the Year Finalists: Avery Simpson, Patrick Martinez, Ella Fluitt, and Journey Ashlock. The 8th Grade Student of the Year Finalist was Layla Johnson.

Pictured with Student of the Year Winners are Sherry Hymes, Goings, French, and Carletta Jones.

Pictured with finalists are Codie Goings (School Coordinator) and Stephonie French (Magnet principal).