Christmas Festival Poster Unveiled

The 2020 Christmas Festival Poster was revealed on Nov. 18. The artist is Alex Felter of Alexandria.

Alex’s mother Sherri said her son has been drawing since he was 2 years old. She brought Alex to church one Sunday with a notepad for him to draw in. Sherri saw an unbelievably advanced level in her son’s drawing and knew that second that Alex possessed a God given talent.

Alex said he was inspired to enter his artwork for the poster because of his love of Natchitoches. He has fond memories of coming to the City of Lights with his family.

“My inspiration was the lights themselves,” said Alex. “I wanted to capture the history of the town with vintage and antique colors. It makes me feel warm being here and I wanted to convey that in the poster,”

Miss Merry Christmas Katherine Anderson and the Christmas Belles Jensen Parker, Brianna Laird, Mary Grace Long, and Baylee Laroux lifted the fabric to reveal the poster, which featured scenes of Christmas in Natchitoches, lit by a string of lights. It’s warm and inviting and makes you feel the pure joy of the season.

“One thing I can say about the City of Natchitoches, nobody does Christmas better than we do it,” said Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr. “I appreciate the resiliency, the perseverance. I believe we’re going to have a great Christmas season.”

The Christmas Festival Poster is organized by the Natchitoches Arts Council. The Arts Council is a volunteer organization whose objective is to enhance the arts and promote Natchitoches as a cultural and artistic center of high quality.

“Our mission is to promote art in our communities and our schools,” said Karen Terrell. “We have an endowed scholarship at Northwestern and that’s what the proceeds of this poster sale goes to.”

The Natchitoches Christmas Festival Poster has been a tradition for 40 years.

Pictured are Alex Felter, his wife Lizzie and their daughters Heidi and Nina.

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