Former City Council member Sylvia Morrow speaks regarding altercation caught on video

Sylvia Morrow

May I share with you and your audience that through the years I’ve been proud to serve the citizens of District 3 as a City Councilperson. I’ve gone beyond the call of duty to offer excellent leadership throughout our city. I don’t regret a day of public service. Being the leader that I am, I felt it was my duty to speak the truth regarding the lost recent disturbing video that you aired on your radio show. Since this is a public video and was done against my will. Please let me share that I’m a professional educator and would never risk my credibility going on a video of this nature. This councilperson used her telephone without my permission. I was carrying my sister home who had recently moved to the Bailey Heights Community. I was driving down Dean Street when I heard someone calling my name to stop. Naturally, I looked and recognized the two people in the yard of a friend of mine. I did stop and felt I was in good company because I know the homeowner as well. I got out of my car and asked was something wrong, that’s as far as I go in the conversation. The City councilperson from District 4 was visiting my friend’s daughter. The City Councilperson began screaming at me. She was highly irate. She started accusing me of going to the radio station on her. She made accusations that Mayor Posey, Rev. James Below, Carl Sasis and I had been talking about her. I tried to speak but she was shouting, cursing, and using unprofessional terms towards me. It was impossible to get a word in to her. The neighbor tried talking to her and was unsuccessful. At this point, I had gotten highly upset. This Councilperson used her phone to do this video. I tried to move her phone back but she wouldn’t move her phone. I was very upset! I got in my car and carried my sister home. We were both highly disturbed about her actions. The neighbor did all she could, but couldn’t contain this irate city councilperson.

I drive from my sister’s house and headed home. I looked through the review mirror in my car on Dixie Street and saw this councilperson following me. When I for to the corner of Amulet Street and Sanford Street I stopped in front of Mr. Sasis home. I blew my car horn, he came to the door. I told him I have problems, he heard this person shouting at me. He asked her to leave from in front of his house. The neighbor was driving behind her. The neighbor got out of her car and asked this irate councilperson to leave me alone. This irate councilperson drove and parked near my car. She was in a rage. She began cursing me again using derogatory terms towards me, she stayed in her car. She talked about my mother, used unprofessional; terms and indecent terms to me. I was shocked about her character. I asked her to get out of the car, but she wouldn’t. She did film me using her phone. I was so angry with her, I told her that she couldn’t read and she didn’t know protocol at the meetings. This is when she went into an anxiety rage. She began shouting and calling me negative names. I drive off with her screaming. I came home. I sat our front very upset about this matter. She drove by my house twice. I called the police. They did come by my home. I shared with them about what had taken place. I requested them to make a blotter entry about this incident which occurred on October 14, 2020 and told them she had video of this matter with her phone. I told them I was sure it was on Face Book.

The next day I called the police and told them I wanted her arrested. I had gotten calls that the video was all over Face Book and this matter was very public. I was highly upset and embarrassed. I completed my written statement and gave it to City Police. I visited with the Chief and told him I wanted her arrested. I also shared it in writing. I never asked that this matter be dismissed.

I want every citizen in Natchitoches to know that I have never had a cross word with this young lady. I don’t understand her actions and her unprofessional aggression toward me. I have never gone by her home harassing her. I have never hone by her home harassing her. I’ve never had any type of argument with her. I have no reasons to go by her home for anything. It seems to me that she snapped mentally.

I have read her letter of apology to her constituents, the citizens and her council colleagues and the general public. She didn’t do any harm to these individuals, the damage was done to me. It seems to me that this councilperson is delusional. I know she speaks out of turn at the council meeting. Since this video is public I have full faith and confidence in the people of District 4 that they will evaluate the character of this councilperson before they vote again. She showed her character by using her personal telephone to air an unprofessional video without the consent of the other party. It seems as though she isn’t capable to face the challenges in the district. It has been my great privilege to serve the citizens of District 3 and the City in a professional manner. I’ll let the works I’ve done speak for me.

I’m pleased to not be working with the Natchitoches Democratic Party, the LA Democratic Municipal Association and the National League of Cities. Certainly, I’m humbled and honored to serve the citizens of Natchitoches. It is my ultimate goal to move forward and continue serving the citizens of our community. It is my philosophy to take the high road when individuals go low.

I’m thankful to God that he allowed me not to lower my standards and bow to the level of my aggressor.

As a local elected official, I play an important role in promoting positive initiatives in our community. I want to continue promoting physical activities, provide opportunities that can benefit the local economy, help deter crime and support the local environment as well our educational opportunities for our youth.

Hopefully, this communication can shed some clarification on the video matter. Many thanks to all citizens that made contact to offer words of kindness. I do appreciate your concern. I ask that all positive thinking individuals keep me in your daily prayers.



21 thoughts on “Former City Council member Sylvia Morrow speaks regarding altercation caught on video

  1. Sylvia, You are NOT a local elected official anymore. Natchitoches does not want you to be an elected official anymore. You seem to be on your high horse over this incident, but you have repeatedly been an embarrassment to this community. Find another outlet for your time and energy.

  2. Blah, Blah,Blah,… This woman has caused more problems than amaginable still she gets elected every year for another round of Chaos.Wake up Natchitoches.

  3. Well I don’t see any changes in the district that Silva’s Marrow accomplish over the last 20 years as a city council elected official. It is a black eye on the whole district that she was elected to serve. This is a new day and time to replace her and move on for the citizens of Natchitoches. 20 years of nothing it time you and your cancer crew call it a day. Thanks for nothing

  4. As if there isn’t enough going on Covid, people dying, election craze. This is embarrassing. Please. Grow up. Pray.. Repent. And live. Forgiving and loving one another.. Be Blessed

  5. I believe Ms Morrow has forgotten all the ruckus she caused while she served as an elected official. Her arrest for shop lifting was perhaps the most embarrassing, but there were so many incidents over the years, it’s really difficult to say that something was not worse. The best thing she could have done in this situation would have been just to not make a fool of herself again in public, shut up and let the whole matter die down. But that is just not her nature. Some people just love attention, no matter if it’s good or bad being shown. Fade into the background, Sylvia, it’s time for you to go.

    • The past is the past we all have stuff to pay for so who are you to throw stones at someone else.Smh if Thats so what about John Richmond oh but you dont want to talk about him .

      • No, it’s not ok prophet, but this article was written by and was about Sylvia Morrow. I do not like the politics of Natchitoches, or maybe I should say, the politicians of Natchitoches. Sylvia has embarrassed the city on more that one occasion with her antics. I think there was plenty written about Richmond at that time he acted the fool and was arrested. Personally, I didn’t vote for him, and I would never have voted for her. Let the bad politicians be quiet and stay out of the limelight. PLEASE

  6. This is so embarrassing to see elected/former elected officials act this way. Unprofessional language, misspelled words, improper grammar, and the list could go on and on. More pride should be taken in the positions you have been blessed with. You cannot expect to see a positive change in our community when the trusted officials are leading the way with negativity and mess.

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