Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court: Election Day after-thoughts

Lots of thoughts after another Election Day in Natchitoches Parish, State of Louisiana, USA.

We go through the same processes with a small runoff election that had a less than ten percent turnout as we did with with the November Presidential election with, in many precincts, a 75% turnout and overall almost 70% turnout.

The two days before Election Day, we prepare and then deliver voting machines to 50 precincts across the parish thanks to the Secretary of State Warehouse personnel, the delivery guys and Natchitoches Parish Deputy Custodians.

On Election Day, the Clerk of Court and staff crank up before 6:00 am at the courthouse and all around the parish the Deputy Custodians and election commissioners and Commissioners in charge are setting up by 6:30 to be ready for the voters starting at 7:00. They check the machines and prepare the precincts for those first voters. On most elections this is all going on state wide by Clerk’s, their staffs and citizens of their parishes.

At the courthouse we check in with the precincts and answer their calls assisting with what they need.

Later the Board of Election Commissioners start checking the mail in ballots making sure they were properly done. We get the Early Vote ready to report at 8:00 pm.

Meanwhile the Election Commissioners are helping all day at the polls, 10% or 70% turnout, both in local, parish wide, state wide and National elections. They do their job well and are on the front line of helping deliver fair and accurate elections. Yes, a 14 to 15 hour day can be brutal and I’ve never seen anything less that professional and friendly service delivered.

You would think that would be the day but back at the courthouse we start receiving the votes to process down to the Secretary of State via secured lines. Last night we were out of the courthouse by 10:00 pm. An amazing system Louisiana has in order to have the vote out to the public in less than two hours from the closing of the polls.

I’ll steal from the cable TV ad, BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

We have accomplished this during the virus, and even through the Christmas Festival was greatly reduced, still plenty of traffic as we try to get the vote delivered. Special thanks to Sheriff Stuart Wright and some super Deputies of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Department.

This morning the Deputy Custodians are back at the precincts to meet the deliverymen and get the machines safely back to the warehouse.

This week we will check the machines and later certify the election.

Every election there are plenty of people to thank from the ones mentioned to our staff at the Clerk’s office. Regardless of if you vote every election or just the Presidential and Gubernatorial elections, these folks are the unsung heroes of the election process.

Finally, be assured, regardless of what you see and hear on the national news, thanks to the processes put in place by the State of Louisiana Secretary of State’s office and carried out by among others, the citizens I have mentioned, we are set to deliver accurate results to you.

Thanks for your support and thanks for voting.

David Stamey
Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court

9 thoughts on “Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court: Election Day after-thoughts

  1. As a commissioner I’m so grateful and thankful that at the poll location where I worked the Natchitoches City Court building we experience a Safe and great turn out.

  2. Thank you Mr. Stamey for setting the record straight. I’m sure other states are as thorough as ours. Voting and counting votes is nothing to be taken lightly. It sounds as if the “crew” in Natchitoches was very efficient. Thanks again for the rundown.

    • Vicki, I’m afraid that you are looking through rose colored glasses, but I’m sure that is your preference so that we can say all states counted and VERIFIED signatures of mail in ballots. Mr. Stamey set the record straight for Natchitoches and told how it was done here. One sentence in his article told a lot, if you read it correctly. In Natchitoches, “…. the Board of Election Commissioners start checking the mail in ballots making sure they were properly done. We get the Early Vote ready to report at 8:00 pm.” To me this is very important as the BOARD OF ELECTION COMMISSIONERS check to make sure the mail in ballots were PROPERLY DONE and that they were ready by 8 pm. Note: READY AT 8 pm. Other cities had people still pulling ballots out of suspicious cardboard boxes and suitcases very late at night. That says a lot, as in some states we know that ballots were brought in late, no one verified signatures, and some had no postmark that allowed the Commissioners to know if they had been mailed back to the proper address in a timely manner. Please don’t assume that the way Mr. Stamey deals with votes in Natchitoches is the same as they do in Philadelphia, Detroit, and other places where they have witnesses to tell that very suspicious things were happening. Pull off those glasses and look at the truth.

      • All states have certified this election. Judges have tossed out all the ridiculous challenges, Secretaries of state and Governors have all signed off on the election. President elect Biden will take over in January. ‘nuf said.

        • Maybe, Maybe not. Are you sure? Have you checked all your facts? After all, we know how you can be at times. Your facts have not always been correct. Maybe you are this time, and if so, we will put up with Biden just like we did Obama. We would never sink to the lows we have seen the left has done over the past 4 years. Burning and looting in their own neighborhoods. Killing innocent children. MyMy, what a show of class. So if it is proven the Old Joe won, I will congratulate him and go on with my life, and not be filled with hate as so many of you people have been filled with and continue to show. You fought President Trump’s stay in the White House for 4 years, yet we get chastised for seeking a verification of these ballots for only 4 weeks. Do you not see the difference there? I can and a lot of us can. There are 3 years and 11 months more that you people hated and did everything but take care of the business of the country. Investigate Russian involvement, not Trump, but investigate something else. Y’all were the poor losers, yet you cant see that either. You really should be ashamed of the hate you put out there. I thought you were an adult, not a teenager. Just sayin! Now I have other things to do rather than waste my time trying to get a fence post to understand what I’m saying here.

          • You seriously need a life!!! You dominate this page with your rhetoric on a daily basis like we all should agree with what you say. News Flash!! Half the time you are taking up most of the space on here, you like yo president wanting everybody to agree with you and what YOU say. Wake Up. Half the time you wrong

          • Ms Armstrong, If you don’t want me to post any more, don’t write anything to me. You seem to think you and others can give their opinion, but I don’t have that right. You seriously need a life, maybe learn a little about politics, the constitution, and our rights as citizens of this country. I have news for you, I really don’t care if you agree with me or not, I am giving my opinion. I guess your opinion is only that you don’t want to read what someone else thinks if they don’t agree with you. But Ms. Armstrong, I forgive you for your rudeness and for your hate of me and our president, at least for the time being, President Donald Trump. The president who has done more for our nation and took the unemployment numbers, especially for people of color, than any president has done in years. You say half the time I’m wrong. Point those out to me if you can, and I might agree. Until that time, be careful, you might be wrong more than you think. Think on that and be sure you are not saying it out of hate. I have never before said anything rude to you, or mean to you, yet you feel it’s perfectly ok to come at me with hate. Have a nice day.

  3. Thank you for the important work that you and your workers and the many voting commissioners do for every election.

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