The 2020 Natchitoches Christmas Festival – 94 Years of Holiday Magic and Family Fun!

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Thousands of visitors descended on Natchitoches for a holiday experience that still remains unlike any other. From colonial era reenactors, top quality entertainment and one of the finest fireworks shows in the country, there was something for everyone at the 94th Annual Natchitoches Christmas Festival on Dec 5.

While the COVID situation forced the cancellation of the traditional parade and attendance during the day was not up to previous year’s numbers, there was nonetheless quite a few things for visitors to do. Colonial era reenactors at Natchitoches’ Fort St. Jean Baptiste welcomed visitors into another era. The superb Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History museum likewise welcomed visitors throughout the festival day. Several bands entertained the crowd at the downtown riverbank stage.

Festivalgoers were able to browse a craft fair held in the parking lot of a local bank. Front Street shops and eateries were busy throughout the day as people enjoyed the holiday ambiance and awaited the fireworks show.

The fireworks show, superb as always, certainly did not disappoint! The show is one of the finest one can see anywhere and is easily the best in the state. This year was no exception.

11 thoughts on “The 2020 Natchitoches Christmas Festival – 94 Years of Holiday Magic and Family Fun!

  1. All the awe and wonder that Christmas brings. Little faces pressed firm against the car window so as not to miss one single marvelous display of lights upon lights. Natchitoches Festival of Lights is truly a magical mystical event that will transport the oldest into a time warp so they too are but young ones filled with excitement and anticipation, once more assured that they just might catch a glimpse of old Santa. Main streets centuries old brick street that parrellels Cane River, bridges cascading in waterfalls of lights reflecting millions of sparkling scenes, holiday music fills the air, mouth watering food smells wafting, causing butterfly hunger pains, people nodding hello and dancing on the riverbank is only a minute part of this month long festival. I miss you sweet magnolia Natchitoches. I am homesick hearing your name. Thank you for keeping this memorable event alive. One day I will sit on the river bank again, lay back under the stars and wait with baited breath for the fireworks to fill the skies. Yes, make Natchitoches one of your bucket lists items. You will be thankful you did! Pam Causey Stanforth

  2. My name is Roy DeBlieux, I was born and raised in Natchitoches until I was 24 years old. My fondest memories of the fire works were just that, beautiful memories. My family history has long been a foundation for other families that made a difference in Natchitoches. My Grandfather was, John Clarence DeBlieux, my Dad was Jr.. I apologise for this family history, however, they and my two Uncle s, Hertzog and Henry were also pillars of the community. They all supported our annual Christmas Lights and fire works . At 75, I must say, I miss it dearly.

      • Congratulations on 45 years of marriage. The website states that the holiday season will last until January 6th. I assume the Christmas lights will be on until then.

  3. Thousands showed up?? Pffffft… Just another shiny example of what this so called pandemic has brought to us. Fear. Compliance. Social Distancing. I say HUMBUG!! That’s not what Christmas is about. Saturday was a pathetic excuse for what Natchitoches has been capable of in the past years. Saturday was sad and disgusting. If this is the “new normal”, you can have it.

    • Well it’s not the city of Natchitoches fault that this COVID has taken over so what is the reason for your comment? Oh and I agree with you, this is not what Christmas is about. We all know this is not what Christmas is about, but like I said earlier this is not Natchitoches fault. Blame the world for COVID not Natchitoches.

      • I went this year to the festival..i don’t blame the city for the virus..but they did a shitty job thus year..that bracelet thing for one was not nedded and I found it racist..So why don’t the city have two in entrance and everyone pay $10 and we move about as we feel..but this year was not there best..i feel I was let down.

        • You can thank the Fire Marshal for the bracelets. That is the only way to account for and control the 3K people that are allowed down there. If you’re going to complain about an event at least try to keep up with what and why things are happening. BTW when I ordered mine there was not a check box for race.

    • So-called pandemic? Tell me what is “so-called” about close to 300,000 deaths in our country alone? Yeah, I hate everything we have to put up with because of the ‘Rona. Is there anyone out there who still thinks this is all just a hoax?

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