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An Open Letter to the Louisiana Congressional Delegation
By Royal Alexander/Opinion

Dear Louisiana Congressional Delegation:

I respectfully request that you object in the joint session on Jan. 6th.

Whether the election outcome is altered as a result is not the point. The point is that millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Louisianans believe as an article of faith that this election has been stolen and the outcome, therefore, is illegitimate. The theft that has occurred, particularly in the disputed battleground states, is both alarming and unacceptable in a free society like ours.

In addition to the large, inexplicable flips in online vote counts, the massive unverified mail-in ballots and the magical appearance of “midnight” ballots, a witness at a hearing this week hacked into a voting machine live, in real time, during a hearing on voter fraud.

The fact that a fearful and impotent U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear this case on its merits makes even more important the exercise of your constitutional prerogative, duty, and responsibility. The Framers, in Article II, clearly gave the power to determine electors to state legislatures and that express constitutional power simply cannot be squared with the non-legislative election activities in many of these states.
We simply cannot allow the sacred vote—the constitutional right that preserves and protects all the others—and the most powerful tool we possess to choose the kind of country we will live in—to be degraded or stolen. Our republic cannot last if Americans become convinced their vote no longer counts and that they truly have no voice. The core constitutional principle of our “government by consent of the governed” is mortally threatened. If this is not challenged now, political corruption of this kind will only become more widespread and more sophisticated.

Please object. I realize that you will be harshly maligned by the often dishonest national “news” media and perhaps by the Republican Senate Caucus as well. However, you will be beloved by many in this state. And, your actions regarding this constitutionally and statutorily created remedy—designed for these very circumstances—will be viewed as a profile in courage. To remain silent, however, could be interpreted to suggest a tacit endorsement of the organized corruption of Nov. 3rd.

I note that those now calling for the country to “move on” from the election certainly never did so in 2016. Not only did the losing 2016 presidential candidate never stop attacking others after her loss but the winning candidate was never given a fair opportunity to govern, facing as he did a coup attempt to remove him—a duly elected president, a completely false three-year Russia collusion hoax investigation, and an impeachment effort with no legal or constitutional basis, to name only three.

Please remember that dozens, if not hundreds, of brave individuals came forward to describe the fraudulent activities they witnessed. To ignore them is inexcusable. At the very least, Congress has a duty to hear and consider the information brought forth by our fellow citizens. These witnesses, at a significant personal cost to themselves, certainly believe their actions were necessary to save the country. The least we should hope for is that our elected officials demonstrate the same resolve. Facts don’t lose their stubborn durability because they are ignored. The truth doesn’t lose its intrinsic value because it is rejected, suppressed, or denied.

Thank you for considering my request.

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18 thoughts on “Please Object

  1. The last I heard the Constitution still allows for free speech. I believe Royal has many loyal followers who appreciate his viewpoint. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you! A lot of liberals live in Natchitoches. The truth of this election must be known. A lot of money has flowed to those who say this was an honest election!

  3. I hope Royal isn’t paid for the ridiculousness he writes. He, and his loyal supporters, all ten, are the reason I have to witness our nation’s capitol under siege by those wo deem democracy to be unimportant.

  4. None of this is about voter fraud. There was none. You as an attorney should know you need proof. None was ever presented in court. None. His “best” attorneys could provide nothing. Nothing was withheld. This is about dangerous disgruntled people that are hellbent on protecting a criminal that is trying to overtake our government. This has nothing to do with voter fraud. This has nothing to do with Antifa. Every single one of these participants in this coup attempt needs to be tried. I speak of the writer of this opinion piece as well. I have never said anything of his ability to speak his mind until now. Enough is enough. It is fine to speak your mind (today, this is still America) however you are not allowed to encourage violence in any form. His continued lies about fraud is fuel for their being so unhinged. His (and other’s) endorsement of known extremely violent protesters should be viewed as their own attempt to encourage violence and an attempt to overthrow the government and a legal binding election. Who does that? These individuals have tried over 50 times to get our legal votes thrown out. Who does that? Mad King Donnie will not own our government. Can you say sedition? Learn the word so that this can never happen again.

    • First let me say I do not believe in what happened tonight, a peaceful march showing that people believe there was voter fraud would have been perfectly fine and totally understandable. But that is not all that happened.What I don’t understand is that the dems never that what went on when BLM and Antifa were burning parts of cities, looting businesses and murdering people was a mob out of control. Oh no, they claimed that these people were simply protestors, trying to tell all the entitled white peoples that blacks were discriminated against. There were no mobs.

      I am a conservative, and that is how I describe myself. I have been upset with politics in this country since I saw the mess and heard people telling about on Election Day, 2020. Video showed fraud, and I did have my glasses on and I could see. Yet Joe Darby says there has been no hard evidence that there was fraud. I have always liked Joe’s writing, but he is wrong. But maybe he had other things to do. I definitely hear people tell what they saw happening. I saw people acting very suspiciously and heard people tell what these people were doing, yet that’s not evidence? I have to wonder why judges would not hear the cases. Did it involve those green folding bills. After all we know there are plenty of judges out there who are liberal, and as we found out here in Natchitoches, they will let a killer go, free to walk the streets with you and me,

      sentenced to 10 years, but no jail time. He killed a man, shot him, and no jail time . Liberal judges. That is why all the cases were thrown out. They were either paid off or they are afraid of more violence in the streets. Killings. Cold blooded murder. Businesses looted then burned to the ground.

      As I said, what people did tonight was wrong. They were called a mob. What BLM and antifa did months ago was far worse in the destruction of cities, businesses owned by people, and murder of many, and they were protestors. They did much worse, but no, nota mob, only simple protestors. Both groups were wrong, so if one was a mob, so was the other. I’m tired of the BS spouted by the far left. So either admit it or shut up! Try to be honest at least occasionally.

  5. Mr. Alexander’s claims that the presidential election was stolen and the outcome therefore illegitimate is believed as an “article of faith”. This is bothersome to me. My denomination uses the term articles of faith for much more trusted and truly sacred beliefs. These include our beliefs in the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the divinity of Jesus Christ, the reality of sin and the wonder of God’s forgiving grace, the hope and trust in Christ’s return, and others. Faith needs to have a strong basis, be it scientific, other evidence-based proof, or tust in God; Faith is not based on falsehood.

  6. I agree with Joe Darby. I am a conservative independent and once voted Republican. Now this party is the Trumplican party. Citizens should be loyal to the Constitution and not to Trump.

  7. As President Trump continues to make unfounded claims of widespread election fraud, 59 of the world’s foremost experts on electronic voting are hitting back, saying that recent allegations of actual voting machine hacking “have been unsubstantiated or are technically incoherent.”
    Just like Royal.

    • Seems like the new throw out term is ‘widespread’ So as I take it there was fraud but in the eyes of the democratics not enough to count or worry about!

      Now to the 59 world’s foremost experts on electronic voting! Did the just become experts in the last 2 months? Where have they been for the last 4 years when all the democratics were yelling RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA?

  8. First I want to emphasize that I am a conservative. A real conservative, unlike Trump. There has been absolutely no hard evidence of any voter fraud. Anywhere. What Trump and his followers are trying to do is to subvert the Constitution and to stage some sort of coup to resist the legitimate vote of the American people. I don’t like Biden. He and and the Democrats scare the heck out of me with their left wing ideas. But Trump has absolutely gone off the deep end. His obnoxious shenanigans are responsible for losing the Senate seats in Georgia, insulting the state’s Republican governor and secretary of state and casting doubts on whether votes in Georgia would be valid. No wonder many Republicans stayed home for the runoff. Trump is an absolute disaster for this country and I fear it will take us many years to recover from the harm he has caused. Finally, I don’t see how anyone can respect that man, much less strongly back him in view of what he has done.

  9. Why does the journal as a whole print opinions of this idiot. People are objecting to the election results because the current president said that it rigged. Those claims dont have any merit to being teue.

    • Simple. Every time they post one, a thousand nut jobs come of out of the wordwork and comment. It’s all about clicks.

    • Steve, You are exactly right, it helps generate advertising dollars. I don’t blame NPJ for trying to make money. Mr Alexander’s opinion holds no particular value except to stir the pot. His checkered past speaks for itself.

  10. Why object?
    The election is over, let’s move on.
    It doesn’t matter now. Trumps mouth and actions got him beat, and that’s it.
    Let’s move on and stop whining and hope for netter days ahead!!

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