President Biden Takes Aggressive and Immediate Action to Contain COVID-19 Crisis

Today, Jan. 21 at 2 pm, President Joe Biden will release the National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness — a comprehensive roadmap to guide America out of this pandemic. To jumpstart this strategy, he will immediately sign 10 Executive Orders and other directives and take additional actions to move quickly to contain the COVID-19 crisis by:

Immediately expand emergency relief and exercise the Defense Production Act (DPA) by manufacturing and Delivering Supplies for Vaccination, Testing, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Reimbursing States So They Can Deploy the Emergency Personnel and Supplies Americans Need

Mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by establishing the Pandemic Testing Board, Expanding Testing, and Strengthening the Public Health Workforce and Bolstering Access to COVID-19 Treatments and Clinical Care Improve Data to Combat COVID-19

Mount a safe, effective and comprehensive vaccination campaign by Taking Immediate Actions to Convert Vaccines into Vaccinations

Safely reopen schools, businesses and travel by taking Direct Action to Support Students & Safely Reopen Schools, Helping Protect Workers from COVID-19, and Promoting Safe Travel

Protect those most at risk and address inequities faced by communities of color and other underserved groups with Advance Health Equity in the Nation’s COVID-19 Response

Restore U.S. Global Leadership and improve preparedness with Advance U.S. Global Leadership, Support the Health and Humanitarian Response to COVID-19, and Protect Against Future Biological Threats

Below are more details on the steps that President Biden will take today to immediately put his National Strategy into action.


Manufacture and Deliver Supplies for Vaccination, Testing, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

President Biden is taking immediate action to fill supply shortfalls for vaccination supplies, testing supplies, and PPE, and to ensure that these critical supplies equitably reach American communities, especially communities of color and other underserved communities hit hardest by the virus. The President will issue an Executive Order directing relevant agencies to exercise all appropriate authorities, including the DPA, to accelerate manufacturing, delivery, and administration to meet shortfalls in equipment and supplies needed for the COVID-19 response, beginning with action to increase the availability of critical supplies such as N95 masks, isolation gowns, nitrile gloves, PCR sample collection swabs, test reagents, pipette tips, laboratory analysis machines for PCR tests, high-absorbency foam swabs, nitrocellulose material for rapid antigen tests, rapid test kits, and all the necessary equipment and material to accelerate the manufacture, delivery, and administration of COVID-19 vaccine.

Reimburse States So They Can Deploy the Emergency Personnel and Supplies Americans Need

The President will issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) to increase federal reimbursement to states and Tribes from 75 percent to 100 percent of the cost for National Guard personnel and emergency supplies, such as PPE, cleaning and sanitizing efforts, and the personnel and equipment needed to create vaccination centers. The order also includes restoring full reimbursement for eligible costs necessary to support safe school reopening through the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund. To help address the health and financial crises faced by Tribal Nations throughout our country and to advance Tribal sovereignty in our COVID- 19 response, this Memorandum also expands FEMA resources for Tribal governments.


Establish the Pandemic Testing Board, Expand Testing, and Strengthen the Public Health Workforce

To control the COVID-19 pandemic and safely reopen schools and businesses, the U.S. must have wide-spread testing. President Biden will issue an Executive Order that establishes the COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Board to bring the full force of the federal government’s expertise to expanding testing supply and increasing access to testing. The federal government will increase testing capacity by directing the use of the DPA and other authorities to procure more tests and expand manufacturing capacity where possible. The Executive Order will promote surge capacity for testing in the United States, onshore test manufacturing, expand the public health workforce, support

COVID-19 screening for schools, and ensure that underserved communities, including communities of color, can equitably access tests.

Bolster Access to COVID-19 Treatments and Clinical Care

Effective treatments for COVID-19 are critical to saving lives. President Biden will sign an Executive Order directing studies, including large-scale randomized trials, to identify treatments for COVID-19 and to ensure that such studies address the needs of diverse populations. The Executive Order establishes a comprehensive, integrated, equitable, and coordinated preclinical drug discovery and development program to allow therapeutics to be evaluated and developed in response to pandemic threats. The Order also outlines steps to improve clinical care, provide assistance to long-term care facilities and intermediate care facilities for people with disabilities, increase health care workforce capacity, expand access to programs designed to meet long-term health needs of patients recovering from COVID-19, and support access to safe and effective COVID- 19 therapies for those without coverage.

Improve Data to Combat COVID-19

Metrics and metric-driven public health guidance will be essential to controlling the pandemic. President Biden’s Executive Order will enhance the United States’ collection, production, sharing, and analysis of data to support an equitable COVID-19 response and recovery. The federal government will work with state, local, Tribal and territorial governments to aggregate and analyze data to track access to vaccines and testing, reopen schools and businesses, and address disparities in COVID-19 infections and health outcomes. And, the federal government will create publicly available dashboards with national and state-by-state level information, consistent with privacy protections, on cases, testing, vaccinations, and hospital admissions to make real-time information available to policymakers and the public.


Take Immediate Actions to Convert Vaccines into Vaccinations

The Biden-Harris Administration will spare no effort to ensure the public can get vaccinated safely, effectively and equitably. To meet the aggressive vaccination target of 100 million shots by the end of his first 100 days in office, President Biden will take immediate action to improve the vaccination program. Yesterday, he directed FEMA to begin standing up the first federally-supported community vaccination centers, with the goal of standing up 100 centers in the next month. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will also launch the federal pharmacy program — making vaccines available to communities in their local pharmacies beginning next month. And, he tasked the U.S. Public Health Services Commissioned Corps with expanding its workforce and preparing for deployment. Central to this effort will be expanded support and collaboration with state, local, Tribal and territorial governments, including the establishment of COVID Response Liaisons for each state — a model based on the response to Hurricane Sandy.


Direct Action to Support Students & Safely Reopen Schools

President Biden will issue an Executive Order directing the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide guidance on safe reopening and operating for schools, child care providers, and institutions of higher education.

Ensuring the safety of students and educators and adherence to science will beparamount. And, the Order directs the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services to collect data around reopening and school closures so state and local officials have metrics to inform decision-making and can better understand the impact of closures on students from families with low-incomes, students of color, English- language learners, students with disabilities and others.

The COVID-19 Response Team will work to ensure that testing materials, support for contact tracing, and vaccinations for teachers are equitably provided to support in- person care and learning. Finally, the order encourages the Federal Communications Commission to increase connectivity options for students lacking reliable home broadband, so that they can continue to learn if their schools are operating remotely.

This work will be supported by the Presidential Memorandum directing FEMA to offer reimbursement for eligible emergency supplies, such as PPE for schools and child care providers.

The Administration will engage with educators and their unions, students and their families, state and local education and public health officials, civil rights advocates, and other experts in the field. And, the Department of Education will work with HHS to ensure that guidance for schools is updated based on the latest science and any developments in the pandemic, including the spread of new coronavirus variants that may have a higher transmission rate. The Administration will always be honest about the challenges we face, directly addressing how and whether changes in the pandemic may impact the reopening of schools or the ability of schools to remain open.

Help Protect Workers from COVID-19

Millions of Americans, many of whom are people of color, immigrants, and low-wage workers, continue to put their lives on the line to keep the country functioning through the pandemic. President Biden will sign an Executive Order calling on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to immediately release clear guidance for employers to help keep workers safe from COVID-19 exposure. It also asks OSHA and Mine Safety and Health Administration to determine whether to establish emergency temporary standards that require employers to take steps to keep workers safe from COVID-19 and it directs OSHA to enforce worker health and safety requirements, targeting the worst violators. With the goal of protecting all workers from COVID-19, the order instructs agencies to explore ways to protect workers who are not always covered by OSHA standards, such as those who are self-employed.

Promote Safe Travel

To protect travelers from COVID-19, President Biden will issue an Executive Order to require mask-wearing in airports, on certain modes of public transportation, including many trains, airplanes, maritime vessels, and intercity buses. For air travel, this Executive Order also requires international travelers to produce proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to departing for the United States and to comply with CDC guidelines for self-isolation and self-quarantine upon arrival. The Executive Order also calls for the consideration of additional public health measures in domestic travel and for consultation with foreign governments and other stakeholders to implement public health measures for safe travel, including at land and sea borders.


Advance Health Equity in the Nation’s COVID-19 Response

In order to address the disproportionate and severe impact of COVID-19 on communities of color and other underserved populations, President Biden will issue an Executive Order to ensure an equitable pandemic response and recovery. The order establishes a COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force to provide specific recommendations to the President for allocating resources and funding in communities with inequities in COVID-19 outcomes by race, ethnicity, geography, disability, and other considerations. The federal government will expand equity data collection; increase access to PPE, testing, therapies, and vaccines in underserved communities and high-risk settings; and assess and update pandemic response plans to ensure equity. The health workforce, including community-based workers, will be expanded to assist with contact tracing, vaccination, and linkage to care. Additionally, the Biden Administration will work with states, local jurisdictions, Tribal communities, and territories to address unmet basic needs, including food, housing, and childcare, for individuals and families affected by COVID-19.


Advance U.S. Global Leadership, Support the Health and Humanitarian Response to COVID-19, and Protect Against Future Biological Threats

America’s withdrawal from the world stage and retreat from the World Health Organization has impeded progress on the global COVID-19 response and left the United States and the world more vulnerable to future pandemics. Yesterday, President Biden signed letters to the United Nations Secretary General and World Health Organization Director General to cease America’s withdrawal from the organization and to outline U.S. intent to work constructively with the WHO to strengthen and reform it.

Today, President Biden will sign a Presidential Directive to restore America’s leadership, support the international pandemic response effort, promote resilience for future threats, and advance global health security and the Global Health Security Agenda. This directive restores U.S. leadership and seeks to support the international health and humanitarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its secondary impacts, global health security and diplomacy, and better biopreparedness and resilience for emerging and future biological threats.


The COVID-19 crisis has shined a light on and exacerbated the persistent racial inequities in our healthcare system and our economy. Americans of color are being infected and dying from COVID-19 at higher rates, while workers of color disproportionately put themselves at risk of exposure to COVID-19 on the frontline of this crisis to keep our country running. Changing the course of the COVID-19 crisis requires mobilizing an equitable response across the whole of our government. The new COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force will intensely focus on these issues. The actions to expand the availability of testing and vaccines in communities of color, and other underserved communities, ensure that new clinical treatments are developed to serve diverse Americans, and safely reopen our schools so that children who are facing disproportionately high risks of learning loss can get back into the classroom. These actions will also support Native communities and Tribal governments to address the health and economic crises in Indian country.


These executive actions will help keep millions of workers healthy and safe from COVID-19. They direct agencies to provide new guidance so that employers and schools know what they need to do to keep workers safe. They’ll increase access to personal protective equipment, testing, and vaccines that will help reduce the spread of COVID- 19 in workplaces across the country. They’ll help ensure more people are wearing masks when they travel, immediately providing more protection to many airline workers, bus drivers, and other transportation workers, and providing Americans safe ways to travel to work.

With the support of funding from the President’s American Rescue Package, the President’s plan to safely reopen schools will help students engage in in-person learning, parents return to work and prevent more educators from being laid off, as we combat the virus and make schools safe for students and educators again.

These measures will help keep workers safe and healthy, get more Americans back to work, and ultimately reduce the spread of the virus.

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  1. The one really great accomplishment of Trump is his ability to scam his own supporters.

    He settled out of court for $2,000,000 for having skinned those dumb enough to contribute to his phony “Charity Foundation,” from which he regularly stole to by giant paintings of himself and other junk. The court made him dissolve this scam so he wouldn’t just go back to conning more dupes with it.

    He settled for $20,000,000 for the “Trump University” rip off, which promised desperate right-wingers insider tips in real estate that would make them rich. But all they got in these “classes” were high-pressure sales pitches to pay higher and higher “tuition” for the “real” classes that would make them super rich, like Donnie himself. Some of them forked over their life savings and never got any “secret real estate tips.” Oh well, buyer beware, right?

    Then there was Steve Bannon’s “We’ll Build the Wall” rip off of Trumpers. It was brilliant: the gullible wing nuts gave Bannon money, and he stole it. He was facing serious jail time for that. Funny how Trump pardoned old Steve, isn’t it? But it was even funnier how he pardoned Flynn, Stone, and Manafort, right? Trump always said these patriots did nothing wrong.

    Now that Trump’s been thrown out of office by we the non-gullible people, the Royal Scam continues: One-term, disgraced, seditionist Ex-President has sent out millions of emails begging more money from his victims so he can “keep fighting for them.” Yeah–just like he fought right beside the mob he incited to attack the Capitol Building. Oh, wait: somebody said he was safe in the White House, watching on TV and dining on nachos and a Diet Coke. But that couldn’t be right, could it?

    What a laugh. What a liar. What a shame.

  2. Vicki Locatto
    JANUARY 24, 2021 AT 5:52 PM

    “Betcha make more than $15/hr.”

    Sure do Vicki. It’s called hard work and effort. From a wet behind the ears Private to now I have taken advantage of every opportunity I could. A comment like that is worthless. I grew up with nothing in one of the projects in Natchitoches. I made my opportunities by utilizing every possible avenue. I draw a retirement check from the military and make a lot more than 15 an hr after years of hard work and sacrifice. What’s your point? Anyone stuck at minimum wage has no one to blame but themselves. A job at Mickey D’s is a starter job. There are so many opportunities for low wage earners that there is no excuse to be stuck. I still fail to see your point other than just throwing crap. I will not feel guilty for earning an above average wage. I got myself here without help! Any able bodied person can get free tuition through the military. Self sacrifice through hard work will pay out in the end. At 38-40 the average person can retire from the military and receive full healthcare for the rest of their life. No excuse for someone to be “stuck” at minimum wage. It’s a choice. Again, I can’t understand your comment.

    • Clueless. You are absolutely clueless. No reason to explain. It’d be like someone teaching physics to a dog. Except the dog would probably get it.

    • Vicki is difficult to understand, or maybe impossible. She uses phrases and only she knows how they pertain to what the comments are about. She get off insulting everyone who doesn’t agree with her, then accuses us of lying and yelling.. Then she does use those ridiculous little smart remarks like this. “It’d be like someone teaching physics to a dog. Except the dog would probably get it.” Come on VL, surely you can do better than that one. Did you get it from a third grader. I suggest you keep on point and quit trying to be cute. Cute is not working for you.

  3. MEWHP you say with age brings wisdom! According to your postings you must be a pre- teen or younger! Peace!

      • Two of my friends were killed in Vietnam. They were Marines that proudly served the USA. One is MIA. His jet was shot down. He was never repatriated. They died for the American values most of us believe in. The attack on our own government is not American.

        • Sorry for their loss. I too lost a few of my Marines in combat. However, dragging them into your politics is very concerning to me! You have no right and says a lot about your integrity! How dare you!

          • No Vicki. IDK if you served in the military or not, but after that comment I doubt it. How freaking dare YOU use my fellow brother’s as political pawns. That is downright filthy. You should be ashamed, but we can already see how heartless you are. That is where the line is drawn and you so blatantly crossed it. Keep to your agenda and say whatever you want. May you burn in hell for that! Some people have all and I promise your sorry butt it wasn’t political! You are a scumbag!

      • USMC03 this man has never been wrong about ANYTHING! His opinion has never been wrong about ANYTHING! Now that’s all in his head of course. He,cat lady and you get the last word man should take their show on the road.

    • Randy, no one was talking to you. Your young friends have already ratted you out. You are an old man who loves to smoke dope with young girls. You claim to be in the newspaper publishing business, but have issues with using correct grammar when writing a simple sentence, so my suggestion to you would be to butt out. If I want to have any conversation with you, I will let you know, otherwise don’t direct your snarky remarks toward me. I have no desire to talk to the likes of you.

    • Randy, I said nothing at all to you to give you cause to insult me like you did. Your comments added nothing to the discussion going on, you only want to insult me, for some reason and who knows what that could be, other than you have something in your mind that has put you at odds with me, no matter what I say. Though I used to admire your writings a bit, I now believe I was wrong. You are an arrogant man, and I believe you make yourself feel more important by putting others down. You have bragged about being in the newspaper business, which I find amusing, considering your poor grammar. Even high school seniors have learned better writing skills. You don’t ever have anything intelligent to say, you just want to stir the pot, make people angry. You don’t have to try to put me down any longer, because your words mean nothing to me. Nothing at all.

      Lastly, ending your insults with the word “Peace” is the last thing you should be saying. You are filled with hate, and you want to stir up more hate. Peace should not even be in your vocabulary.

      To you I say, be quiet, and listen to the men who can teach you about peace.

  4. Good grief. The Supreme Court said give it up. There is no evidence. That’s why his attorneys presented none. And it was Repubs that said about Hillary, no crime here.

  5. Nobody said that stopping the Keystone pipeline wouldn’t cost jobs. I ask again, where is your outrage over the jobs lost, businesses closed and over 400,000 (and counting) lives lost on the badministration’s watch? Operation Warp speed didnt fund Pfizer BioNtech’s vaccine. It was the earliest out and so far the most effective. Oh yeah, and the last one in the Oval Office didnt accept the genome researched by BioNtech. Pfizer went to Germany to work on the vaccine. Sad the US passed on it. Thankfully, my hubby and I have been able to get the 1st vaccine dose. Why was the last resident of the Oval Office so reluctant to release more vaccine? Why dod he refuse the other 500M doses offered for purchase by Pfizer BioNtech? Why was he so reluctant to use the DPA to secure much needed PPE and ventilators. Quick response my foot. People died because he was so incapable of just doing the right things. Why? Where is your outrage for all that?

      • What a lazy, childish, false “response’ to a detailed presentation of facts embarrassing to you.

        If you don’t have anything to say, it’s not necessary to tell us you have nothing to say.

        • You need to read your own words, and take heed. It’s only that we have heard the same old things from your friend for months now, and we are all hoping she will come up with something new. Plus, you know, sometimes things depend on how you say something, and VL, your friend is just as rude and condescending as you are. A union for all time!

        • You don’t know the people you are talking to, you just assume because someone is Republican or Conservative, there was no outrage at jobs lost, no outrage at deaths. We just don’t blame the ONE PERSON you chose to blame it on. Now Biden has opened the South Wall where thousands will come pouring in, bringing who know what disease with them, but certainly they will bring COVID, and we will support. Who just opened up all flights from overseas, where there will certainly be passengers on board with COVID. Will you blame those new cases and probably new deaths on Trump, too. Maybe the rest of us should start pointing fingers at Biden and talk about all the jobs he is costing people 70,000 out of work, then the minimum wage goes up to $15 and small companies can’t afford that, so more are out of work, and even large companies will not keep the same number of low level minimum wage employees. It will take seeing it work for me to believe it will work. What you people don’t seem to understand, most of these minimum wage jobs are the jobs that high school students take to make a few extra bucks. Now really, are all the people making $7.50 an hour worth $15 when they really have no expenses. Dems makes moves without thinking of the consequences, they don’t think it through. It really is pathetic, you act like a little girl sticking her finger in her mouth saying, ‘What was wrong’ You know hate speech, you use it constantly, you never answer all the questions put to you, because you know you are throwing out lies and expecting everyone to believe you. You are like a bad toothache that just won’t go away.

          I remember when I tried to be nice to you and teach you how to look things up and find all the information you needed instead of just a few, you still were hateful to me. Old RN finally told me to forget trying to get through to you, you would not listen. She was so right. You are so bent on being right, you only harp on the same thing over and over and over. So come up with something new, or stop. We have heard the same mean drivel from you for months. How many people Trump killed. How Trump is destroying the earth. and on and on and on it goes. Find another subject for goodness sake.We already know your opinion on these things.

          • I can wait to see were there put all of these people that are about to mass at the boarder. Those that try too enter and leave the kids they picked up on the way and then walk away from.

          • This is for VL……..Do you have the nerve to work out your hourly wage? Just wondering if you are willing to prove yourself wrong on the $15 per hour minimum wage. No, I don’t think you are the type to say, oops, I goofed.

          • You know I’ve heard all my life that with age comes wisdom. After reading what the two of you say after not listening to anything, I’ve really discovered one thing. Both of you don’t have any sense. You talk just because you learned some big words along the way, but as for wisdom, you have none. You might think on that a while before you think you have the best of anyone. I believe you might be talking about me pretty boy, and go right ahead and spout your immature mutterings. I really though we would never have another on here as thick headed as VL, but I do believe you have shown yourself to be in the same class. Are you two by chance related? I know Old RN, one of the finest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting on this forum told me it was useless, so I’m gonna just let you take your bows when old Joe does something that you think is good. But I can guarantee you that in the long run, it won’t be that senile old man running the country, it’s the puppet masters and kamalla, the witch that begs her supporters to bail antifa out of jail so they can pull the crap that they are doing right now. So do you still think it was just Trump they hated. It was the two of you, too. So don’t sit smug thinking you have won. You haven’t won anything except more misery from these thugs and Biden won’t lift a hand to stop it. God bless those to stupid to help themselves.

            And now as you have said, that is my last word, and you said you would let me have it.

          • Vicki, are you retired? I gather that you are since you travel between your two homes, you are. Do you get a Social Security check every month? I’m really not being noisy, I just want you to try a little experiment, if you aren’t afraid to do so. In the work place, work weeks are normally 40 hours per week, and this is a standard used by most businesses in the US. There are 52 weeks in the year, so there are 2,080 regular work hours in a year, not counting overtime. Take your gross Social Security amount on your 1099 for the year 2020, and divide by the 2080 hours. Tell me now, do you make more than $15 per hour. I think probably not!

            So, no, pretty boy, Grandpaw ain’t had a conniption fit, he’s just a little wiser than that know-it-all woman you call VL.

            Y’all have a good evening, ya hear!

  6. In politics, as in football, there’s offense, and there’s defense.

    Most of the right-wing posters here only want to play offense. But their offensive game plan only has a few plays, and they run them over and over and over: Democrats=communists; Hillary is the devil; science is an evil plot to take away “our” oil and guns, make us wear masks, and put us in reeducation camps if we express our strong, unshakable belief in the truth of the supernatural and the falsity of evolution; and, of course, that old standby hand-off right tackle play, “BENGHAZI!

    But the red team refuses to play defense. Why? Because they have no defense. Ask them to tell you why Trump shouldn’t be convicted in the Impeachment Trial for sedition and they’ll yell “Hunter Biden!” Ask them if it’s right for Trump to pardon all the convicted felons who committed their crimes while working in his administration and they’ll yell “fake news!” Ask them to admit Trump’s “big lie” about a “rigged election” was a lie, and they’ll demand you prove there ISN”T an international ring of “Democrat” pedophiles and cannibals who’ll all be rounded up by Trump in a Rambo Camo costume just before the Apocalypse.

    All offense plus no defense equals a losing season for your team: loss of the House, loss of the Senate, loss of the Presidency.

    Are you guys tired of losing yet? You must not be, because you keep on trying to hang onto your losing Coach Trump–even after we the people fired him.

    • Offence defence whatever the bottom line they want to impeach and convict Trump of anything so they won’t see him in 4 years in another race they can’t win in a fair election. They don’t give a damn what happened at the capital.

      • WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s first calls to foreign leaders went to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at a strained moment for the U.S. relationship with its North American neighbors.

        Mexico’s president said Saturday that Biden told him the U.S. would send $4 billion to help development in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala — nations whose hardships have spawned tides of migration through Mexico toward the United States.

        AMERICA 4TH.?

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          Unions that endorsed Joe Biden slam him for ‘slashing thousands of jobs’ by blocking Keystone XL pipeline
          TC Energy Corp, the company tasked with building the pipeline, announced they would have to layoff 1,000 workers

          By Kunal Dey
          Updated On : 07:37 PST, Jan 23, 2021

          Tags :
          Presidential Election 2020

          Unions that endorsed Joe Biden slam him for ‘slashing thousands of jobs’ by blocking Keystone XL pipeline
          President Joe Biden signs an executive order as Vice President Kamala Harris looks on during an event on economic crisis (Getty Images)

          President Joe Biden canceled the much-anticipated Keystone XL oil pipeline construction on his very first day at office and following this, TC Energy Corp, the company tasked with building the pipeline, announced they would have to layoff 1,000 workers. This happened shortly after Biden signed the executive order revoking their permit on January 20.

          “I believe this will send a concerning signal to infrastructure developers that resonates far beyond our project and will stifle innovation for a practical transition towards sustainable energy,” Richard Prior, president of the Keystone Pipeline project, said in an email on January 20, Reuters reported. According to TC Energy, the pipeline was supposed to run from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast and sparked controversy for partially building on Native American land. However, the construction would provide over 10,400 American jobs and 2,800 Canadian jobs, KMGH-TV reported

    • I suppose since the murders at Benghazi don’t bother you, you didn’t have a brother or friend raped and murdered there, did you? You don’t seem to care much for the lives of men who were over there, sent by the US government, namely a president of the democratic party, their golden boy, Obama. Hillary certainly didn’t care as we all witnessed as she said so live on a stage where many of us watched. Guess they didn’t mean a thing to her. I wonder if she ever apologized to their families for her cruel remark. I don’t expect that she did.

      As I said, if the dems want to impeach President Trump again, I say go for it. Can’t hurt him much, but it can put a hurt on the Biden administration, so go for it smart guy. What I would like to know, if President Trump did so many illegal things while president, why weren’t the things Joe Biden helped Hunter do while he was VP under Obama be wrong. He used Air Force 2 to take Hunter to the countries to make the deals Shouldn’t he have been in trouble. Then again, why is Hunter not in jail. He knew nothing about the businesses he was trying to conduct, but he was paid well for it. So where is the defense on that. I guess it’s the same one old Joe is using, “I love my son!” Great defense. I guess so, a son overseas bringing in millions for the “big guy” deserves to be loved by the one getting rich from another person’s help in dirty dealings. Have you ever noticed how old Joe gets mad when he is questioned about something he doesn’t want to answer. The temper flares fast, and he says a few choice words to a reporter daring to say anything against his darling son. Then he storms off. You people whined for 4 years wanting Trumps tax returns, then when you saw them, didn’t have enough sense to understand them. Why not at least ask for Joe’s tax returns, and add Hunter’s to that. But then I hear Hunter is already under investigation. But then his daddy is president, so do you really think they will find that he did anything wrong. After all, during the Obama years, the IRS did a lot of illegal investigations into the finances of conservative folks. My guess is that the Hunter deal will slowly die down and just disappear.Maybe the Biden’s will be like the Clinton Crime Family. Competing families, like back in the day. I’m not making accusations, just doing some wondering why some things are as they are. It’s like Christian conservatives are evil people letting a crooked president get by with so many things, when in truth, we aren’t. I have to wonder what others call themselves when they lie, they accuse without proof, they support the murder of babies, they see the tiniest misstep of one president, but can’t see the obvious big long evil runs of their own party.. They insist the voting was all legal when it was right in front of them that things were not right, but they can’t see that judges are not always good, some are crooked. There is evil in their party, but they see none of it. Do you call yourselves Christian? If you do, then you need to stop some of the things you are saying about the conservatives. I will always defend conservatives against any lie told, and some of you people have been handing out plenty. So let you without sin, cast the first stone. You have been casting stones for four years at a man who was not perfect, but was doing a good job for this nation, even though you can’t even admit that. So keep it up, another four years is in our future. We will see how those years go.

      • Y’all have learned that word very well. Any time you get in a corner out it comes. Benghazi. Are you sure you know why it happened? Before Benghazi…After Repubs took over the House in Jan 2011, before the Benghazi attack, they proposed cuts for US embassy operations and state Dept programs across the board, including for diplomatic and embassy facility and security. The House Repub Appropriations Committee cut $1B from the embassy security budget proposed by the Obama Adm. in the 2 years prior to the Benghazi attack. This is from news backgrounder even after Benghazi attack, House leaders continued to block embassy security funds.
        I think this was the same year House Repubs had cut funding for the Natl Guard during hurricane season. They had to hurriedly find funding and get troops ready for deployment to the Gulf Coast for an approaching hurricane. So you see, in their haste to “best” Obama, they hurt everyone else and again killed people. While contemplating these facts, also think about cause and effect. Cause and effect.
        Now, over 400,000 have died from covid. Some have said here, I try to blame 1 person. Um, yes I do. 1 person was in “charge” in the White House.

        • With all that being said,she left out the part about that there teams that were close enough already to end the attack in minute but the twin idiots obama and hittlery refused to send them in. THATS THE BOTTOM LINE,THATS THE TRUTH AND THATS THE FACTS!!!

          • House Republicans investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, have found no new evidence to conclude that Hillary Clinton, secretary of state at the time, was culpable in the deaths of four Americans, according to the committee’s final report released on Tuesday.
            This is from The Guardian.

          • I would like to reply to Vicki, please, in the comment that Hillary was not found culpable in the deaths in Benghazi. Maybe not legally, but she told the response teams, who were close by and might have saved these men, or at least some of them, to ”STAND DOWN.” Why did she do that? All the men say they were suited up, armed, and standing by, ready to go and they could have been there in time to help, maybe save lives. So don’t feed us foolishness about it being a group of Republicans who found that she was not culpable for the deaths of those men. Vicki, your information came from a British newspaper, and who knows where they got the info, since we already know that part of it is wrong..

            Under court order, the State Department released 11 documents responsive to the Judicial Watch request with large blocks of information redacted. The documents provided information on phone calls between Clinton and foreign dignitaries.At 10:08 p.m. on September 11, Mrs. Clinton issued an official State Department press statement, approved by the White House, placing the blame for the attack on an Internet video: “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet. The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.”

            Yet the next day, in her 3:04 PM September 12 conversation with Kandil, Clinton said, “We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack – not a protest.” Which means our Obama-led gonadless, soulless government did nothing to prevent the attack. No readiness plan; and as we already know, no consequences to the people who carried out the attack.

            So while legally she might not be tried, she was guilty as hell, as was Obama, over the deaths of those men. So don’t feed me crap about it was the Republicans who found she was not responsible, they were part of the group, not all of the group.

            See how you have to watch tricky, sly, lying democrats. And this little tale goes on an on However, while I answered you here to show your lie, why are we taking the comments on this article back to years ago. Are you finding that you can’t defend old Joe and the money behind the dems any longer. There were lies, money changing hands, and all sorts of things, that you people don’t want investigated. I still wonder why. Had you people agreed to having machines checked, votes recounted by honest people, and you would never have had another word from us. As for things being thrown out of court, maybe a bit like some small towns, if you are a liberal, and in front of a liberal judge you have it made.

    • Again, my thanks to those who replied to my challenge to defend Trump’s attempt to overthrow democracy on January 6 by doing exactly what I predicted you’d do: replay your moldy oldie greatest hits of disinformation about Democrats: “Benghazi!” “Emails!” “Hunter Biden!”

      While you’re at it, please keep it up! Play that catchy single on your old turntable, “The Swiftboating of John Kerry.” Then play the follow-up smash “McCain was a Coward and a Traitor; Trump Served Proudly in the STD Wars of the 80s.” And don’t forget a brand-new wing-nut fav, “Antifa Did the Capitol Riot.”

      • Funny how you just look over all of those events,just skip over what you feel has importance! YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

      • Randy here is an assignment for you: Look up: NY Post, “Leftist Protesters Wreak Havoc in Portland, Vandalize Oregons’ Democratic Headquarters”. Read all the posts about this incident that occurred January 20, 2021.

        Then look up John Sullivan “Insurgence USA”. Then look at John Sullivan’s presence inside the capital building standing with his iron fist logo on his shirt. The logo is for his Insurgence USA an organization he founded and runs: for the purpose to take down America. . John is standing next to the AF vet who was killed. He was unharmed.

        While you are looking at the capital videos, look at all those young African Americans in black bloc who were present. Do you believe these protestors voted for Donald Trump? Then, think: Cops were assaulted and one cop killed by a fire extinguisher. Which side has been attacking police in so many brutal ways over the summer. So who hates cops? Who wants tp punish them? Then think: Who wholeheartedly supports cops?
        Sure all sides were and have been so guilty of violence. All these activities should be condemned. All these activities.
        See Democrats, you play with fire and you will be burned. Support stopping ALL the violence in the USA before it is too late. If not, then God please help us all.

        • OLD RN I respect your opinion more than most! At least you research information that is presented to you! I know that by some of your previous post! I am not going to get in a tit for tat debate with you! I am not trying to change your mind because you can’t change mine unless you can logically make your point that I previously disagreed with! I live a great life! I don’t let exterior things tointerfere with that! Remember the Serenity Prayer! Peace!

  7. Sniffer is raising the US corporate tax rate to 28%, several points higher than the world wide average of 23.79%. You are probably thinking, ‘What do I care?’ But the fact is corporations don’t pay taxes, they are passed through in the form of higher costs, and their customers, (you and I) are the ones that end up paying those taxes. So even though it’s an indirect tax, we, the consumer will end up paying, and paying.

    The Sniffer also wants a tax on greenhouse gas emissions which would significantly increase household costs such as cooling and heating, transportation, and even groceries as the United States gets 80 percent of its energy from fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas. It would also raise the cost of manufacturing in the United States. We as consumers will all end up paying these taxes.

    • As i said before, anything Repubs have done, will do or have talked about doing they blame Dems. Pedophiles in a basement in a pizza joint? Really? Can you all say Epstein? Pedophile, basement, maybe or maybe not in a pizza joint. There is no price on saving our planet. That’s something that I learned at a very early age and we can all do. Turn off the light when you leave a room. Turn off the water faucet. Turn up or down (depending on the season) the thermostat. Buy energy efficient cars. Mine is a hybrid that gets near 50 mpg on the highway and 60+ mpg in town. Don’t litter. On and on.. I do my part. But just like with this virus, folks are too lazy or they just don’t care. Wear a mask. Stay well.

      • Epstein? You mean that guy that was pals with Bill Clinton and traveled to his private island on the “Lolita Express”?

    • The United States imposes a tax on the profits of US resident corporations at a rate of 21 percent (reduced from 35 percent by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act). The corporate income tax raised $230.2 billion in fiscal 2019, accounting for 6.6 percent of total federal revenue, down from 9 percent in 2017. Tax Policy Center

      • Houston Chronicle, Business Insider, NPR, Spectrum local news, KHOU. Do you need more? A petition started by Yale law students is circulating with thousands of signatures of lawyers, 3rd year law students, retired appeals court judge, law professors.

  8. So put the tar sands on a giant diesel powered locomotive prone to derailment, terrorist attack, natural disaster and possible disruption of supply in order to protect them environment. That’s blissful ignorance.

  9. Lithium Batteries’ Dirty Secret: Manufacturing Them Leaves Massive Carbon Footprint
    Once in operation, electric cars certainly reduce your carbon footprint, but making the lithium-ion batteries could emit 74% more CO2 than for conventional cars.

    OCT 16, 2018

  10. Just announced: the second Articles of Impeachment will be sent to the Senate on Monday.

    The trial is scheduled to begin on February 9.

    Since Democrats now control the Senate, there will be witnesses.

    I look forward to hearing the Trump faithful who post here explain to us why Trump isn’t guilty of inciting the mob to attack the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the state certified Electoral and popular votes–the cornerstone of democracy itself in our country.

    Note: rehashing “Stop the Steal,” empty claims thrown out by 60 courts; Shawn Hannity rants; or Qanon conspiracies about pedophilia and cannibalism practiced by top Democrats don’t count as evidence.

    Avoiding the question by changing the subject doesn’t count, either.

    Avoiding these rules will be your admission you have no legitimate arguments against impeaching Trump.

    Claiming Trump has been clinically insane since he lost the lection, however, does count.

    • Lololol with all of your rules,why don’t you just tell us what you want us to say?

      • Rodney Allen question for you old sniffer supporters.
        How will the old sniffer replace the lost jobs and income for the thousands of pipeline workers and the others that will lose millions connected to the pipeline? If you answer
        Jail them,deport them,sue them,tooth fairy unicorns,voodoo or Bring back President Donald Trump your answer will not count#

        • How will all the lost lives be replaced? You know. The ones lost by the lack of action by Individual 1 in the 1st days, weeks, months of covid? His lies and denials cost thousands and thousands and thousands of lives. We have it under control. There’s only a few cases and it’ll be gone by Easter, etc. It’s a hoax. How many times can you be lied to and still believe. Tooth fairy, unicorns, voodoo and let’s add the Easter bunny.
          And as far as drilling jobs lost, look towards clean energy jobs. Don’t drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve. Don’t drill on Native American lands. Don’t drill in National Parks. And quit drilling off our polluted shore. Give us back all of our lost land and the water polluted by drilling. How many jobs lost to our seafood industry? Where was your outrage? How many jobs were lost and businesses closed permanently because of Individusl 1’s inaction? Where was your outrage? Over 400,000 lives lost so far.. Where is your outrage? Please wear a mask. Stay well.

  11. I see Old Joe trying to take credit for getting the COVID vaccine out to all people as quickly as he possibly can. I don’t know if you folks have been paying attention at all, or just hating President Trump, but he did get the vaccine out in record time. He also got ventilators to hospitals in record time to help prevent deaths earlier, so now hospitals should have a good supply of ventilators when needed. Now if one person says that Trump killed all these people, I’ll ask you. Did you have enough sense to wear a mask and follow guidelines when they were given? You are still alive. Those who didn’t have enough sense to wear a mask and traveled in packs and didn’t in any way try to prevent catching COVID, then they brought about their own death, and the deaths of those they came into contact with. During the time, we were hearing so many things, we didn’t know what to do to protect ourselves. Who knew the Chinese, friends of Hunter and old Joe, could be so evil as to let loose this pandemic on the world. As President Trump said, the true name of it is the China Virus. They are guilty and they know they are guilty. President Trump listened to experts, and they all had different advice, even the so called genius of infectious diseases, changed his tune from time to time as new things were learned. So stop your hate, and blame the true monster in this little horror story, the CHINESE. There was no reason for executive orders by Old Joe at this point, The vaccine is in the hands and has been in the hands of the the states, it’s already in force and moving. He only did this so he could take credit. So if you want the truth, there it is. President Trump did an amazing job in getting the vaccine ready to give to the people. Some of the mishaps we are now seeing lay in the hands of the governors, especially in New York. There are so many restrictions, the vaccine is being thrown out. So start looking at the governors, and quit blaming Trump. At some point, you have to see thing as they are, not as you wish they were because of your hate for President Donald Trump.

  12. You people are insane. The media will paint all things Covid in a more positive light, so the problem will start to drift away. Before we know it it will be gone. Biden will be our savior. Media controls every aspect of our lives.Control the narrative, control the people.

  13. Old Joe was sworn in at noon. He had a foot high stack of things to sign within a couple of hours. Now that tells me he had not been working, but the ones who pull the puppet strings had been working. Biden signed things he had no idea of what he was signing. I say we still need to find the puppet masters of the democratic party, for we do know they are back there.

    Now, Vicki, you insulted our president over and over again, so since it was ok for you, I can call the one leading the badministration now, the old senile individual who thinks he’s #1, for he is not leading anything. He didn’t do all the work on those things he signed yesterday. Heck, he didn’t do that much work in the 47 years he was supposedly working in DC.

    • Biden had told us what his 1st day priorities would be. He and his team have been working hard since before he was sworn in. No surprise that they were ready to have those things ready to sign. It’s called doing research, being prepared, knowing what needs to be done, taking steps to get those things done and putting the right people in place. Thursday he signed “Executive Order on a Sustainable Public Health Supply Chain “. You can read this on Vox. The DPA should have been used a year ago for production of PPE and to aid in production of respirators that were desperately needed. Good thing we used it during WWII. We won that war. It’s such a shame it wasn’t requested a year ago as it might have saved so many lives.

  14. Only one of the Gospel writers–“Luke,” a traditional “wise man” name with which the author identified himself circa 100 AD–in chapter and verse 23.34 attributed to Jesus these words from the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    I would note, as a homo sapiens sapiens living in the United States of America in 2021, “They usually don’t.”

  15. Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden enacted a 60-day ban today on new oil and gas drilling permits and leases for federal lands and waters, including the Gulf of Mexico.

    During his campaign, Biden vowed to halt new oil and gas leasing on federal land and waters and made addressing climate change and environmental pollution a centerpiece of his platform.

    Reaction was swift from oil industry advocates locally and across the U.S.

    “Producing American energy is the heartbeat of Gulf coast local communities from Golden Meadow to Galveston,” Lori LeBlanc, executive director of the Thibodaux-based Gulf Economic Survival Team, said in a prepared statement. “This act of prohibiting leasing and permitting in all areas of the outer continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico is extremely short-sighted and will hurt our Gulf coast citizens at a time when they are already struggling.

    “Today we should be focusing on revitalizing America’s economy and ensuring the survival of many small businesses as well as essential community services that are funded by energy industry tax revenues.”

    Any ban on federal leasing and development will have devastating impacts on Louisiana, said Tyler Gray, president of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association.

    “Restricting offshore energy development is backward policy that only harms the livelihoods of thousands of Louisiana families and the communities that depend on industry tax revenues for critical operating resources for local governments and protection and resiliency of our coast,” he said.

    Local, Louisiana jobs at stake
    Gray cited a recent analysis by his group and the American Petroleum Institute that says an extended drilling ban would impact the Gulf Coast the hardest, estimating 48,000 job losses in Louisiana alone by 2022. The oil-and-gas industry supported more than 249,800 jobs and contributed more than $73 billion to Louisiana’s economy in 2018, the study says


    • Mr Casey, This like so many of your articles reminds me of the words of George Bernard Shaw. “Beware of false knowledge for it is far more dangerous than ignorance.”

      • Joe 1, first of all you should know, Mike Casey doesn’t write articles, he makes comments, so shall I say to you, “Beware of false knowledge for it is for more dangerous than ignorance”? No, I won’t say that to you, because false knowledge is ignorance. False knowledge is lies told and written and we see and hear that every day. It helps. We know who to do business with and which numskulls to escort from our offices.

      • Articles I repost come from the National news outlets,most that are anti right to begin with. But we have what we have.

          Amid Inauguration Day talk of shattered glass ceilings, on Wednesday President Biden delivered a body blow to the rights of women and girls: the Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. On day one, Mr. Biden placed all girls’ sports and women’s safe spaces in the crosshairs of the administrative state.

    • According to TC Energy, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline will cause an estimated 10,000 jobs loss in the oil and gas industry over time.
      It has also been estimated 50,000 jobs in non- pipeline jobs such as restaurants, motels, gas stations and grocery stores all along the pipeline route. Probably 4 or 5 jobs lost for every pipeline job lost.

      Warren Buffet has been identified as the money behind most of the anti-Keystone XL pipeline. Buffet owns the BNSF railroad and that would see a revenue stream taken away if the pipeline went into operation

    • Mr. Casey, The article is about Covid. Can we stay on subject now and then? I’m sure there will be plenty about the oil industry debacle. Let’s talk about this article for now.


    • Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, as promised. In so doing, he killed some 11,000 direct jobs that the pipeline’s construction was to have created, and an estimated 60,000 indirect jobs in secondary, related industries


  16. President Biden is preparing to reverse a Trump administration policy that prohibits U.S. funding for nongovernmental groups that provide or refer patients for abortions — the first of several moves reproductive rights advocates are hoping to see from the Biden administration.


    • He is also reversing all Individual 1’s disastrous bills. And he’s actually working. Wow. Totally new concept.

      • And you can just ignore this?
        You can have the last word,I’m done with you. Really know what type person you are.

        • Absolutely Mr Casey! I love the Mexico City policy which allows government funds to be spent on out of country abortions. Yes he is hard at work! Look at these devastating policies he is passing in his first week. I honestly have nothing better to say than, “Look at this idiot and his treacherous leadership”.

  17. Yeah and while he was “campaigning” he wouldn’t release details on how he was going to handle it. How convenient, more and bigger government. I’m shocked.

    Meanwhile more scientific evidence points to lockdowns ineffectiveness.

      • About the only thing the Ole Sniffer said he would do is raise our taxes. Almost his entire campaign was telling us how much he hated Trump.

        • If you make more than $400,000 in investments and labor, then yes you may have your taxes raised. There were no tax increases in his stimulus plan. Any increases on those above stated would come later in the recovery, possibly included in a later infrastructure plan.

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