Update: What We Know About Whataburger Coming to Natchitoches

We know everyone is breathlessly anticipating any news about the future of a Whataburger in Natchitoches, so here’s what we know about it so far. On Jan. 21 Brandon Cormane posted to his personal Facebook page to let people know that Cormane’s Plumbing has been awarded the bid for plumbing on the Whataburger project that is scheduled to start the first of February. The NPJ touched base with the City of Natchitoches Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque who said a permit application has been submitted by Whataburger, but the permit hasn’t been issued yet. According to Roque, a timeline for construction hasn’t been projected at this point in time. We thought we’d share this information with our readers, because any news is good news at this point as long as it indicates that the process is moving forward and plans are still in the works to build this restaurant that surely has some die-hard fans in our community.

9 thoughts on “Update: What We Know About Whataburger Coming to Natchitoches

  1. How about more buffets or how about activities for the kids to do like arcades and stuff…the children are our future but they out here killing each other cause its nothing else to do in Natchitoches but to eat and see the lights…

  2. How about a more health conscious pizza place. Pizza Artista is an excellent place to get a pretty healthy meal. Good food, decent price.

  3. It’s all Natchitoches day is just another fast food restaurant serving fast food and unhealthy meals

    Would anybody like a really good barbecue restaurant opened?

  4. We were just talking about this last night. I’m glad they are still coming, and I’m very interested in MdAllister’s; I hear it has some really good sandwiches and other menu options. I hope they serve a Rueben. Haven’t had a good Rueben since Cane River Bar and Grill stopped serving them when the other folks took over.

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