Hagewood Water System: Boil Advisory Issued

The Hagewood Water System has issued a Boil Advisory for the Water System due to the distribution system experiencing low water pressure.  This drop in pressure could indicate a question of water quality.  As a precaution, the Hagewood Water System is issuing this Boil Advisory until rescinded.

It is recommended that you boil water for a full minute before consuming it our use in the preparation of drinks, ice or food.

Please try to reduce water use as much as possible at this time.

EFFECTIVE: 02-18-21

One thought on “Hagewood Water System: Boil Advisory Issued

  1. A water boil advisory would work better if we had water! When asked about it, Hagewood Water System did not know when or if repairs had even been started. Then blamed the City of Natchitoches for it. No water since Tuesday night.

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