By Tommy Rush

When it comes to crazy, we have seen just about everything! In the past few days, we have seen rain, snow, sleet, and single digit temperatures. I suppose it could only get more crazy with an earthquake or a volcano eruption. In the South we can handle most things but ice – that’s another story. Driving on that slick stuff, walking on it – that can be downright dangerous.

This week the cold temperatures, rain and snow has created a hard think layer of ice on every surface in our area. It took me awhile this morning to get my truck doors open because of the blanket of ice covering it. Once I got the door opened, I cranked the engine, turned the heat on high and went back inside my house to enjoy a cup of coffee. Soon the blanket of ice covering my truck melted, but it took heat from the inside to do it.

Over the years I have learned a lot about ice accumulation, not ice on trees and sidewalks, but ice that covers the heart. I wrote this article as I waited for the ice covering my truck to melt. The Ice on my truck was too hard to scrape with a scraper. I would have damaged my truck with a hammer and chisel. The only way to remove the ice was heat from the inside and a little patience. Ice around a person’s heart is even harder to penetrate and often it takes longer. When we allow our hearts to grow hard and cold, we cause a lot of injury to the people around us. Cold hearts have destroyed marriages, families, friendships, church fellowships, even relationships between children and their parents. I don’t know of many things more destructive than a person with a think layer of ice around their heart. Maybe you have a cold heart today or you know someone that needs some de-icing of the heart. If so, I want to encourage you to turn your heart toward the Lord. God has a way of getting through the ice!

God’s way of melting an ice covered heart is the same as my way for de-icing my truck. He warms cold hearts from the inside out. He is a heart warmer, a heart softener, a heart changer. The Lord promises to bless all who will call on Him by removing the cold hard heart and replacing it with a soft heart, a heart of flesh. It’s amazing how the Spirit of God can melt the coldest of hearts and He always does the melting from the inside out.

De-icing the cold heart begins with a simple prayer, ”Lord, here’s my heart. Please warm it with Your grace and goodness.” Trust me, God’s fire and God’s warmth can melt the ice that no one or anything else can crack through. He has done it a millions times before and He can do it again.


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