President Biden Approves Gov. Edwards’ Request for Federal Emergency Declaration

President Biden Approves Gov. Edwards’ Request for Federal Emergency Declaration Due to Impact of Historic Winter Storms
President Joseph R. Biden approved Governor John Bel Edwards’ request for a federal emergency declaration for all 64 Louisiana parishes impacted by the severe and historic winter weather on Feb. 18. Specifically, FEMA will provide emergency protective measures (Category B) for mass care and sheltering and direct federal assistance from federal agencies.

“I’m thankful to the Biden administration for a swift response to my request as our state continues to deal with the bitterly cold temperatures as well as power and water outages that are causing extreme challenges for so many of our citizens and have already claimed three lives,” said Gov. Edwards. “While the second storm has passed through our state, unfortunately, some areas are still facing freeze warnings and we will not begin to truly thaw out until the latter part of the weekend. That is why this assistance from our federal partners is critical. It will help provide much needed relief. This has been a very tough week. In addition to dealing with the historic weather, we are still battling the pandemic. Although our resilience is being tested once again, we are going to get through this. I want to encourage everyone to continue to heed the warnings of your local officials, be very careful in supplementing heat to your homes, be vigilant when you get on the roadways and pay close attention to the weather forecasts where you live.”

Yesterday, Gov. Edwards sent a letter requesting direct federal assistance, specifically commodities and supplies in response to the extended power outage and also Emergency Protective measures under the FEMA Public Assistance program.

Severe weather started in Louisiana on February 11, 2021, with a second round of storms beginning on February 17, 2021. More than 200,000 people were without power on the morning of February 16, 2021 and as of noon on Thursday, February 18, 124,738 Louisiana households were still without power. In addition, there are 98 water outages impacting 245,676 people. In addition, more than 956,000 Louisianans live in areas with boil water advisories.

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  1. The story was about a Federal Emergency Declaration. Thank you Edwards for asking and thank you Biden for approval. If you people can’t stay on point, go get on Twitter or better yet meet each other in person and swing away. NPJ needs a moderator. Not to censor or fact check, but just to keep a thread worth reading. Personal back and forth bitching needs to be somewhere else. Yes, you have the 1st Amendment right to say it, but not in a comment section of an article. Please.

    • Giving out millions of vaccines. Getting out the second covid relief. Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. This is just the beginning. And they’ve done nothing?..only if you’re too blind to see it.

      • They have done nothing to HELP our country but biden has done plenty to hurt our country like the paris climate agreement. Gas is already up over double per barrel in just a month

      • The U.S. will pay for the PCA and be the only country to abide by the rules just like before.
        The covid relief?? Where is it?
        Giving out millions of vacines well if not for the last administration there wouldn’t be any to give out.
        Rebuttals: Just the facts please.

  2. “Dems have the House, Senate and Oval so I think, along with so very many people in this country, that it is time to start taking care of America and Americans!!”
    Thanks for saying it.

    • Pelosi and the dems have not done anything but try to get Trump out of the oval for 4 years. It finally happened and you would think you folks would quit taking things out of context, and lying at this point. It’s OLD OLD OLD and makes a lot of us sick at the way people act. I am sick to death of you people, and you know who I’m talking about.

      • The real MEWHP:

        “Rodney Allen, I did not post those words you are accusing me of posting. I would never say that to anyone because I know I don’t have the right to say that to anyone….”

        The apology/no apology, sorry/not sorry, I-did-it-but-you-made-me-do it MEWHP:

        “Ok, I looked it up and I did inadvertently word it that way, so I do apologize to Vicki for saying what I said incorrectly.”

        This is truly “newspeak,” right out of Orwell’s “1984.”

        I’ll give you credit, though: you’ve got the Trump stages of denial of the obvious down COLD!

        Step 1: Deny the truth

        Trumper: I never said that!

        Non-Trumper: But you did.

        Trumper: That’s a lie!

        Non-Trumper: Well, here’s the transcript.

        Trumper: OK, I said it, but there’s nothing wrong with what I said!

        Non-Trumper: Then why did you lie about having said it?

        Trumper: I didn’t say it!

        Non-Trumper: But you just admitted you said it.

        Trumper: Because it was perfect!

        Step 2: Claim the lie you told was “taken out of context.”

        Trumper: You took what I said and twisted it!

        Non-Trumper: How could I twist what you’ve already admitted you said?

        Trumper: You took it out of context!

        Non-Trumper: But the issue wasn’t about the context, but about whether or not you said what I said you said. Furthermore, how could any context justify what you said and the insulting way you said it?

        Trumper: Uh…YOU LIE TOO!

        Non-Trumper: No, I don’t.

        Trumper: YOU LIE ALL THE TIME!

        Non-Trumper: Prove it.

        Trumper: I don’t have to prove ANYTHING to you!

        Non-Trumper: When you call me a liar, it think you do need to offer proof I lied.

        Trumper: Trying to talk to you is like trying to talk to a fence post!

        Non-Trumper: How’s that?

        Trumper: THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! NOW!

        Step 3: Change the subject


        NON-TRUMPER: Ah, President Biden’s already doing that.

        Trumper: THAT’S A LIE!

        Non-Trumper: Well, he’s brought COVID cases down drastically in just a month, he’s speeded up vaccinations exponentially, he’s pushing ahead with a 1.9 trillion dollars in aid…”


        AND %&#*@$% YOU, LIBTARD!

        The End?

        MEWHP: no/yes/no/yes/no/yes and so on to infinity….

      • To help with development in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador. You know.. all the people that had been pouring into our country. A lot cheaper than an unneeded wall.

        • All 3 are corrupt to no end. Google each one add government corruption. That money is going to a few government officials.
          That money should go to Americans in need end of story.

  3. I think this WHOLE, ENTIRE thread needs to go away. Its not healthy its creating negativity and it doesn’t solve anything because not one of you are listening and you go back and forth each time with the same things. Is it really worth it? Does it change anything? Will it make a difference? Where is the editor?

    • Please..! Golf boy?! What would he do? Throw paper towels at starving, dehydrated, freezing people? He left the US with a raging pandemic (now cases down by 70%), record unemployment, recovery of an attack on our Gov’t? He wouldnt come here much less step up quickly to help a Democratic state. That is, a state with a Democratic gov, thankfully! What did he do for Puerto Rico, twice? And for California during their worst wildfires in history? Rake it. Failed, twice impeached, facing many, many, many lawsuits Individual 1 is, was ineffective. Always on the snooze, thank you, no.

      • Lolololol the democratic governor hid the supplies ship there! The money just disappeared. Lol I don’t guess you remember the 1000s pallets of water found months after hidden on an air strip? Hey got the supplies there and the democratic governor and her staff got rich off of it!!!! FACT!

        • Mike Casey putting FACT at the end of a comment don’t make it so! Again I remind you I am an Independent! I have received the Army National Guard’s Presidential Medal even though I have not served in the military! The present governor of Louisiana is a West Point graduate! Serve his country in the military! Trump was a draft dodger FACT! Governor Edwards showed that he wanted to work for all of Louisiana by making former Lt Governor Jay Dardenne (a Republican who ran against him) his chief of administration! As a Black Independent citizen of Louisiana I am proud of Governor Edwards a Democrat and Senator Bill Cassidy a Republican! I support the person not the party! On the 4th of July we celebrate the Declaration of Independence not the Declaration of Republicans or Democrats! Peace!

          • Fact a deferment does not make you a draft dodger and you feel it does then I guess the 5 Biden had makes him one in that case!
            Fact your continued name dropping and continued mentions of your achievements doesn’t change any actual facts about ANYTHING!

          • Mike Casey I only apologize for my ignorance! I am proud of my knowledge,experience, and accomplishments and will not apologize for that! I participate in these forums so people will understand that the African American community isn’t monolithic! We all don’t think alike! I am happy and grateful for being a citizen of the Greatest Nation on Earth! Peace!

          • Randy Shelly I don’t see anything you need to apologize for. You seem to have done a great deal for your community.
            We can agree to keep this political and current and recently events. if that’s ok with you?

          • Mike Casey I will defend your right to say what you please! I would die to defend my right to do the same! However I believe in having my enemies die for their cause! One of my goals in life is to out live my enemies! Peace!

          • Randy I agree! Here’s two of my favorite
            George Patton quotes

            The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

            May God have mercy on my enemy, because , I won’t!

      • Isn’t it grotesque to see a Trump Stooge painting his cult leader as an altruistic, saintly savior coming here to Louisiana to rescue “his” freezing, COVID-ravaged, minimum-wage-earning people from the horrors of “Democrat” communism?

        So why isn’t Donnie Fatso already here? He’s unemployed and supposedly a multi-billionaire. Why’s he still playing golf every day in warm and sunny south Florida, then having his lunch of carefully burned top-cut steak and oh-so-precisely served diet coke (“Always, ALWAYS open the can in his presence, NEVER before you get to his table. And always ASK HIM if he wants two scoops of vanilla. Then bring them IMMEDIATELY.”) This isn’t satire, by the way. His waiters have leaked their strict orders from management when serving the King of Mar-a-Lago. Displease him in any way and you’re out on the street.

        What’s keeping Trump from showing his love for loyal red states like LA and TX by coming here on his own supposed vast fortune and volunteering in a food bank in Robeline or donating a mill or so in Alexandria to help the poor with their utility bills and plumbing bills, and rent money?

        Why? Because he could not possibly care less about poor people in crisis in Louisiana or anywhere else, Honorable Mention.

        Trump’s a psychopath, not a philanthropist.

        • Because he’s a private citizen now you idiot!
          Where’s The Old Sniffer? Millionaire and so-called commander and chief?
          Where’s Polosi? Millionaire
          If Donald Trump wants to pay someone to peel grapes and hand feed him,he’s created a job and it’s his money you moron.
          Now correct my spelling and my grammar or whatever you want too. For someone who pretends to be the smartest asshat around you sure don’t show it!
          And finally that grape peeling job is still one more then the old Sniffer has created compaired to what he’s killed!
          Now I’m done with you, because you live in a fantasy world and can’t see the real facts!

          • That’s it Mike. Where is $30,000,000 and an 8,200 sq ft home in Martha’s Vinyard, Obama.

            I did want to say I am sorry for the loss of your Dad. Here is a cyber hug to you too!!

          • But a fake “deferment” based on a shameless lie does make Trump a draft dodger, HM. Where’s that “Bone Spurs” note? Who’s the doctor who wrote it? Trump said he couldn’t remember the doctor’s name, and didn’t have a copy of the note in is records. Right.

            And as for Trump’s being a private citizen, I’m glad you’ve finally acknowledged that. We the people threw the bum out by over 7,000,000 votes. But the point is that a supposed multi-billionaire isn’t prohibited from giving to the poor stricken by twin disasters in LA and TX, is he? Bill Gates has never been President, but that hasn’t prevented him and his wife from donating billions to worthy causes around the world. Couldn’t private citizen Trump come up with something? After all, you said he certainly would be here in Louisiana if he were still President. Why not come anyway instead of playing golf every damn day and begging people like you for more money.

            When he was President, Trump was notorious for withholding disaster relief from blue states or in the case of Puerto Rico, US Territories. Biden, on the other hand, signed of on Texas’ plea for relief. That’s because Biden’s the President of the United States, not of the United Blue States.

            As for Trump’s money being “his,” you tell that to all the contractors he stiffed and drove into bankruptcy over the years, and to the followers of his he defrauded in his “Trump University” rip off. Settling that one cost him 25 mil, remember? Or just tell that to Deutsche Bank, or to Putin, or to the IRS he’s stiffed for decades (but that one will soon be corrected, big time).

            You’ll have to watch all the lawsuits, convictions, and very probably jail time take Trump down to were he’s always belonged: bankrupt again, sitting alone in a steel cage.

            You keep promising you’re “through with me, HM–but then you you always come back for more humiliation.

            Why not stop while you’re behind?

        • You don’t seem to understand that you aren’t humiliating anyone but yourself. I’ll give it to you, you are an intelligent person. But your arrogance offsets all of that. Yeah, yeah, yeah you wrote a few books and we’re probably a damn good teacher. That doesn’t impress many people because we all didn’t want to do that. We chose other meaningful occupations. That doesn’t make us any less than you. If you would chill with the insults and lame games I would probably listen to what you have to say. Doesn’t mean I would agree but I would try to understand your prospective. I just don’t get it. But I guess I’m just a dumbass jarhead that loves chewing crayons, and I’m cool with that. But yeah my paw hurts or whatever nonsense you keep babbling about.

          • Such a generous reply. Really. Thank you.

            My above average intelligence isn’t something I consider a virtue. I just happened to get it purely by the accident of genetic variation. But I’ve tried to follow the path this throw of the dice has led me to walk. I’ve tried to pursue the truths my mind has permitted me so see, no matter what it costs me. And believe me, it has cost me a lot. Some true things are profoundly disturbing to me. But I’ve found the rewards of following the truth have far outweighed the costs.

            My frank and even harsh replies on this site seem necessary to me to break through what I see as the constant noise of propaganda by those who don’t like democracy because it threatens their ability to make vast amounts of money–no matter how much damage that costs to people less well situated and intelligent. Hence those poor people who froze in Texas while Cruz flew off to Cancun.

            Even more importantly, I think the anti-intellectualism of our current age will only drag us down into a permanent state of the sort of brutality we all saw on January 6. I’ve been a teacher all my adult life, and, as we all know, teachers can be a pain in the ass. I’ll cop to that. But I’m only trying to use my oratorical battering ram to breach the stone walls of what I see as obvious anti-democratic lies. And I’m willing to shout that, under my own name.

            I stand by my judgment that Trump is a cancer on our body politic. We can’t follow his example and survive as a democratic republic. The Big Lie he told about the election’s being stolen, and the insurrection he egged on to try to stay in power are the greatest crimes every perpetrated in American history.

            All this will be evident as the civil and criminal court cases against him begin to fall like a long string of self-propelled dominos.

            But I’ll leave you with another smart-assed teacher’s quotation, this time by the English Romantic poet William Blake: Opposition is true friendship.

            And I thank you for your service.


          • Rodney, as a life-long teacher, you should have learned long ago that you cannot reach people to teach them anything if you continually insult them and tell them how stupid they are. I’m sure you have heard the saying “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” so you might try being nicer to people rather than the constant flow of insults.

            I had a relative who was considered a genius. She had university degrees, masters degrees, and doctorates from universities all over the US. She was a department head at a well known university. She wrote college textbooks that were pretty impressive. One thing she had on you is that she was a great communicator, her people skills were off the charts as they say. She was the most intelligent woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with. She talked with people and not at people. She never made anyone feel less intelligent than she, she built people up, she did not tear them down. She laughed with you, not at you.

            She did have one or two ‘issues’ let’s say. She admitted them, acknowledged that she had these problems, and even laughed about this. First, she was a genius but she had not one bit of common sense. Not one ounce! She laughed that she often did not have enough sense to come in out of the rain. She could write textbooks, but don’t let her in the kitchen. She could not boil water. She said she burned boiled eggs. She knew what she was not good at, she admitted it and she laughed at her shortcomings. She knew that she still had things to learn.

            So Rodney, if you would talk to all of us like we were decent intelligent beings, maybe you would earn a little bit of respect from those that don’t agree with you. You insult people when they write their very first comment, and that is just not right. I think you will find that things are much more pleasant when you don’t belittle people. If you are nice, people are generally nice in return. But you will be the one who determines what happens at this point. I have stayed away because I know life is short, I know I don’t have a lot of years ahead of me, and I don’t like all the anger generated in these discussions. I will be gone after this because I truly don’t want to have all this animosity around me, and in me. These are my senior years, I want a happy end of life for me. Please go in peace, enjoy life and realize that all people are entitled to their opinion, even if you don’t agree with it.

          • Rodney Allen, I did not post those words you are accusing me of posting. I would never say that to anyone because I know I don’t have the right to say that to anyone, and I know I don’t control who posts on here.

            What I do know is that I have tried to put an end to these ridiculous comments going back and forth, but obviously you don’t want them to end, because I suppose you just like what is happening. I am sorry I ever answered you in any post, because I feel you don’t understand the words I write, but misunderstand them completely. That way you can come back at us or anyone else with something false. SInce you seem to know so much about what I wrote, please tell me what date it was written. I will go back and retract it and apologize for it. Then if it is not as you say it’s written, will you apologize to me. Like I say, if you are right, I’ll apologize, but I’ll not take you twisting my words any longer. I don’t want this to ruin my days, and the best way to do that is stay away from you.

            Now please, the date you say I said that, I want to read it for myself. Since you say that you know I said it, then you must know the article we were discussing when I said it.

            After you prove to me that I said such a thing, I will apologize, and then I don’t want to hear from you again.

            NPJ, Sorry for the off-replies by me, but I’ve been accused on here of doing something that I don’t remember doing, and I simply want proof. I can show where Rodney Allen has twisted my words and the words of others, and I hope others can see this. I will not be a part of this after we get this little matter cleared. How can you make peace with someone who doesn’t want it, and those of us who have posted in opposition don’t deserve what he is saying about us, and I just want it stopped.

      • Vicki, I think you are forgetting how he helped CA, and even the Dem Governor said so. He even praised Trump for all the thinks he did. So please don’t post lies on here just you don’t like the former President. You have already done that enough. Let’s try to keep the discussion honest, please.

        • MEWHP here’s exactly what you posted to VL on January 8, 2021, 11:41 p.m.:

          “I think most of us are a bit tired of your ridiculous comments, but we let you keep mouthing off, because every time you do, it gives us a clue as to your stupidity.”

          I’d remembered your words imperfectly, but what you actually said was worse.

          You also said the following in the same post:

          “When people meet you and learn your name, they realize you are the one in need of medical/mental help.”

          “You are a fake and phony, and know nothing and are a typical democrat, except worse than most.”

          And I could easily quote you fifty examples of equally poisoned, false, and truly vile things you’ve posted to VL. Just let me know and I’ll provided them to you.

          And yet VL, while getting in a mild shot or two back at you, has never said anything remotely resembling your nakedly personal attacks.

          And the deeper issue here is you keep lying about a “stolen” election” and how Trump didn’t incite the mob on January 6–while VL simply and patiently tells the truth about those obvious lies of yours.

          Which obviously enrages you.

          I’ve never said this before to you, MEWHP, even though you’ve said it over and over and over to me, but I’ll say it now: you’re eaten up with hatred for those of us who want to preserve democracy in our country, and bring to justice the traitor who tried to take it away.

          • Ok, I looked it up and I did inadvertently word it that way, so I do apologize to Vicki for saying what I said incorrectly. What I should have said was that we don’t care that she continue with the ridiculous things she says. I do think it a shame that you took what I said out of context. I think it only fair complete what I said so people might understand better why I said it. “I think most of us are a bit tired of your ridiculous comments, but we let you keep mouthing off, because every time you do, it gives us a clue as to your stupidity. Saying that I am as much to blame for the riots, is so far off the mark it makes you look like a child blaming someone else for your meanness. I am sorry that there was an officer who was killed. I am also sorry for the lady who was shot by an officer, reason yet to be determined as several stories have been told. I am sorry for the entire day, the actions, the people caught up in the riots. I am angry at the men and women who did damage at the Capitol and I hope and pray that they are all arrested.”

            What I had replied to, was her statement which was, “I don’t have time to read a long recitation of snooze news commentary. You and others have pushed the idiocracy, conspiracy theories and lies of a twice popular vote loser and an impeached Individual 1. ***You all are as much to blame for the riots that left a Capital officer dead.*** I use my real name. Vicki Locatto.” I’m sorry to continue this, but Rodney is playing a blame game here. He knows how easy it is to make a simple mistake when writing. He mistook FB for someone saying FBI once, so he knows, it happens. He came into the conversation full of resentment and for whatever reason, he started with harsh words, twisting whatever he didn’t agree with. Then he started putting down everyone who didn’t think like him. He has tried at every turn to make others look stupid. Please take note of her words between the ***.

            I have tried twice to get this all back to a civil conversation, but it’s painfully obvious that is not what he wants. I have lashed back at him at times when I shouldn’t, but there are many who would do the same thing. There are 4 people on here that he has ridiculed time and time again, but he can never see that he does not have the right to do that, so we don’t allow someone who is so arrogant to get away with this. I’m sick of having to defend my political standing against someone who will belittle me. I am a conservative Christian, and I do believe President Trump, though not a perfect man, did a lot of good for this country while he was President. I am against wasting time and money like is happening in DC. We, as a country are broke! Why are we sending foreign countries to pay for women to get abortions? We need that money here. Nancy Pelosi spent 4 years trying to get Trump out off the Oval Office and could not find the evidence to do it.. They wasted all that time and money and got nothing in return. Now they are trying again. It is time to LET IT GO! Dems have the House, Senate and Oval so I think, along with so very many people in this country, that it is time to start taking care of America and Americans!!

  4. I am 75 and a widow as of November 2020. Still don’t have power. Swepco said it may be 02/22/21 before I have power. Fema was a joke when I tried to get help with a generator when the hurricane came during the summer so I’m sure there isn’t anything different now. Everything is difficult when you follow state instructions. Still have all the things in my office trying to get hello with a refund in the generator and finally gave up. Just saying.

    • I understand getting repair out to the hardest areas hit by power outages. However, Natchitoches has a large population of senior citizens, and some are living at home with sitters or family members caring for them. Why can’t something be done to help these folks so they don’t have to wait to have heat in their homes? Why do we let some of the most precious among us suffer because we have to get the the largest areas first? They helped build this city, they did so much for us, and now the city and parish cannot figure out a way to help them stay warm. Are we going to let them freeze because it’s not their turn yet.

      I hope the city and the parish look into this situation and will do something about it. We build ball parks and improve the river bank to something grand, but we let the elders of our community suffer. Shame on you mayor and parish president.

      • MEWHP, I refer you to my reply last night to USMC03.

        It’s under the date stamp FEBRUARY 20, 2021 AT 9:26 PM.

        It takes up the issues you have with me.

        • I read your reply, that is why I wrote. If you want to get people to see even a little of your side, you need to become a great communicator. I can see that you don’t understand a thing I try to tell you about the way you make people feel. We are not dumber than you, we simply don’t agree with you. Your intelligence does not always make you see things in the right light, if fact, a superior mind when it comes to some things, is completely clueless when it comes to other things. I was simply trying to help you see that you could do so much more by not doing what you have been doing, like correcting grammar to make people look and feel stupid. You do know that isn’t working, don’t you. You have only offended people. That is why you may be a good orator, but you are not a great communicator. You are missing the point and thereby missing the mark. I don’t hate you, I have no reason to hate you. I don’t agree with you, as is my right. However, we can never even come to common ground because of the way you speak to us. I can’t understand that as an intelligent man, you cannot see that. You are going about this the wrong way. There is too much hate in this country right now, and I just wish you could see that when you talk to us like you do, you are just adding to the discord and hate.

          As for what happened on Jan 6, I do NOT agree with the people who caused such havoc. However, those people did that on their own, because that is just who they are. Just as those who burned and looted cities, did such destruction on their own. Yes, some were followers and were led by the ones who came to destroy, and destroy because they hate. Are we, because of our attitudes toward others, feeding that hate and non-acceptance toward others by the way we talk to those who do not agree with us.

          Y’all make it sound as if what Ted Cruz did was wrong. I wrote the other day that when there are problems with no power and no water, you do what you are able to do to take care of and protect your family. He did nothing wrong in getting his family, including his children, to safety. He returned after he got them settled. Why must you make such a big deal of it. I’m pretty sure if you had the means to do so, you would have done the same thing. There is nothing wrong with what he did. What ever he could do to help the people of Texas, he could do on the phone as easily as being there in person.

          I have a different mindset than you do, and I’m more conservative. You want to do away with all oil and gas, I say we need it, we can’t afford to do away with it. You have got to see that your total dislike, let’s make that hate shall we, of Trump is clouding your judgment. I might not have always liked the man, and I might not always agree with what he did, but he did things that helped the USA and I’m not so blind that I don’t see that. You probably see things that were good, but you can’t admit it. I’m just trying to open your eyes, help you see what you are doing by insulting people constantly. You ain’t gonna get anybody to see things your way when you continually taunt and put people down. When you do things like that, we don’t let you get away with it, and soon it builds to what I’m going to stay out of. I’m only trying to help you gain a little wisdom here, it’s up to you to listen, and learn. Do you have the maturity, and the strength to do that. I don’t like what you are throwing at us. I don’t respond to battering rams, and most people don’t.

          Sorry folks to be off topic, but this awful dialog needs to stop. NOW!

          • Very well said!!

            There are those who watch TV liberal news. There are those who go along with and repeat the liberal news. The differences between left and right belief, as I see it here and many other places in the information system of the left.

            I watched liberal news for three years of Trump being accused of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election. I saw all the hype, but no substance. I wonder how many times I watched Comey walk across the floor toward Trump with some of the same words over and over under the title of “Breaking News”. I felt that coverage was somewhere next to useless. Then the hearing with Mueller. Years of covering the collusion insult, and the days of coverage where Mueller sounded like he was babbling, and then he finally, finally had to say there was no evidence of collusion. All of this extreme waste of government money and time. The only evidence I saw was that the news had was that they were angry and full of hate for the fact that Trump won. And the Steele dossier. Unbelievable.

            But then this is the way it all played out in my mind. It was a source of extreme falsehood. I shut the liberal news off.

            But the democrats saw this and thought it was the ultimate truth. They still do. They are still filled with outrage over this.

            And this is where we are now. There exists different evaluations of what is truth and what is not truth

            I did accidently hear about the Ted Cruz “breaking News”. Yes, MEWHP, people do not need to be in their offices, to work. I have a son who has worked an entire year away from his office. My State Farm agent’s office has been closed a year as well. Again I see this piece of news as ridiculous, where others see this behavior of Cruz to be condemned and repeated with indignation towards the man. . I also see it as a way of intimidation and destruction for this Texas man. I see this happening with all types of people who disagree with the dictatorship that is in power. Take them to court, cause them to lose their job and even their military commitments, and my new word “doxing”. Finally, more waste of time and money to impeach a man that is no longer in office.

            So, MEWHP, Mike Casey, USC03: to try to show any of them anything here on NPJ is hopeless. We are not the powerful TV news.

            And the list goes on and on

          • Old RN, I agree with you, guess it was the side of me that always wants to help someone who is not having a good day and therefore wants us all to have a terrible day. I realized yesterday what this was doing to me, & I just wanted to help the man understand what he is doing and how far he is from accomplishing anything. But all I got was a reference to what he had already written. I thought it was pretty obvious that I have read everything that has been published by NPJ that was written by him. I don’t care for how he chooses to write, the apparent dislike he has for everyone who opposes him is so very apparent. That was my last post concerning him and his actions/writing. I know he does not believe me and he can not believe that I’m a good person and I’m really only trying to help him by teaching him something, a little something to be sure, but something that would be beneficial to him. But I am done. I realize that I don’t have the skills needed to open up his mind a bit to understanding people. AND I’m truly sorry for that, but his attitude is not on my shoulders, but his own. Perhaps he needs a trusted mentor to help him.

          • It takes two to tango, MEWHP.

            And you “tangoed” with me first. Remember my post in which I collected a few of your early insults to me? Your only response was “you sure took a long time to cut and paste all that.”

            Only after further insults from you did I start hitting back at you personally. Check the record and you’ll find that’s true.

            You keep insisting you’re a good person and I’m a bad person. That assertion is apparently non-negotiable with you. While I’m sure you’re a pleasant person when interacting with Trump supporters, you find people like me who see Trump as the psychopath he is worthy only of your contempt.

            I recall one of your many nasty remarks to VL: “We only let you post on this site because we like to laugh at you.” You “only let [her] post here”? Are you that deluded? I’ve never pretended to have the power to keep you from posting here, nor has VL. And if we had we wouldn’t use it.

            If you had the power to censor us, however, I’m pretty sure you’d use it. In your last words of your most recent post you wrote “this awful dialogue most stop. NOW!” Why must it stop now, MEWHP? Because you’re getting frustrated and angry and embarrassed when your usual tactic of ridiculing liberals doesn’t work? Because you can’t make us disappear? Or maybe it’s because you don’t want to keep up the ultimately futile job of defending your twice-impeached, disgraced, sadistic, one-term, and utterly amoral leader.

            As the months go by, and the law suits and criminal trials against Trump pile up, you’re going to be exposed to a lot worse embarrassment than I’ve ever caused you. Your denial of just how horrible Trump is will be harder and harder to keep up, as fewer and fewer people will be willing to offer support for him–at least publicly–now that he’s out of power, running out of borrowed money, and out of escape hatches from justice.

            We have truth, numbers, law, the Constitution, and determination to preserve democracy on our side–and you have Trump.

          • Old RN, I guess this is something we both expected. Intelligence does not always mean mental maturity. But, I did try, but can’t get anywhere because it was all my fault, and the democrats hold all the cards. Some people seriously need to mature beyond their preteen years, and possibly a professional can help them. But as long as this mess continues on here, and the lies are told, I’m outta here. I will miss your posts, but I refuse to be insulted any longer. Rodney and Vicki have some serious problems. You and I know I would never have said what he is saying I said. It’s been nice folks, have a good week and enjoy the warmer weather.

          • MEWHP don’t let that turd In a box get the best of You lol! Just ignore him! Again you proved yourself the bigger person. He and the cat lady will never see the truth until it’s hits them in the face.

        • Mike, that man can never really get the best of anyone. I have to say Thank God I’ve never had to deal with anyone like him in years. He sounds a bit like a kid who got caught fighting. The first words out of a boy who is guilty of fighting, is ‘Well, he started it’ and after what I wrote to him, trying to end this, he sounds like a 10 year old. He might be somewhat intelligent, but he just never grew up. I can’t help but wonder how he treated other teachers if the dared to disagree with him. How did he treat students if they smarted off to him in class.

          No, he is not getting the best of me, I’m just tired of him and his friend. I have heard so many half-truths or statements that make no sense, and it is makes my days not as enjoyable as I want them to be. Talking with some people is nothing but a waste of time and breath. Now folks write their very first comment on here and his reply is hateful and uncalled for. I am
          with him and his friend and I refuse say another word to him. He is an English teacher that does not have communication skills.

          • MEWHP, are you going to stand by your claim to OLD RN that you didn’t post to VL these words: “We only let you post here on this site because we like to laugh at you”?

            You did say that, and you said a lot worse to her.

            Want to re-read all the insults you posted to her? Want everybody else here to re-read them?

            They don’t sound like a “nice person” wrote them.

            And please save me the “you’re threatening me” line. Reposting your posts would simply be posting exactly what you said.

            When someone here stole my online identity by opening an account in my name in order to type “I am stupid. That is all. Rodney Allen,” you posted almost immediately “well, you said it, not me.” But you knew it wasn’t me. Perhaps the identify theft was a team effort. Or perhaps not.

            See what I mean about people who don’t give their full names when posting? Many of them like thinking they’re free from taking responsibility for what they’ve said in the past.

            But that’s not how the internet works.

            I started posting here to dispel the Big Lie Trump told about the election’s being stolen. That Big Lie went on for months, and culminated in his attempt to overthrow democracy on January 6. The other big lie is that Trump isn’t responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American citizens from COVID. He lied every day about this horrible pandemic for months and months. Now, 500,000 Americans lie dead in their graves as a consequence.

            I wanted to do my civic duty by posting here. But you and your pals wanted to distract from the crimes of your cult leader by turning this forum into an insult match.

            Well, you got what you wanted.

    • Ok he wasn’t asleep my bad! He thought hurricane season was over and the democratics had to investigate first and decide how much they were going to the aid package to send to iran. Oh in cash on a plane in the middle of the night.

          • It was Iran’s money.

            The United States had frozen their assets here, rightly, over their unchecked nuclear arms development.

            Unfreezing the Iranians’ money was part of Obama’s negotiation for Iran to enter into the Nuclear Arms deal.

            The Trump stupidly pulled out of it. Then Iran started their nuke program back up at full speed.

            Now, we’ll get back in the agreement if Iran cooperates.

            And the world will be safer.

            Go ahead and pitch a fit. But Everything I just said is true.

            Do a little research and you’ll find that’s true. But doesn’t count.

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