Ivan Smith Furniture – Natchitoches employee recognized among TOP 10 Sales Associates

Robbie Tarpley received a Top Performer of the Year Award for being among the Top 10 sales associates out of all the Ivan Smith Furniture locations for 2020.

2020 had some difficult challenges. In February, the Ivan Smith Furniture store in Natchitoches had to close because of the lockdown. It was able to reopen later, but with only two employees. Robbie was one of them.

“We were worried about the safety of customers and store employees alike,” shared Dane. “We’ve also been facing major supply issues due to the pandemic. Robbie handles any issue with her usual poise and takes care of her customers as she’s done for years.”

Robbie has worked at Ivan Smith Furniture in Natchitoches for over 15 years. She’s been in the furniture business since she was 20-years-old and loves decorating homes and meeting new people.

Sales associates are ranked based on their sales and other company criteria like the number of text message opt-ins they gather. Dane Terrell said this is one area where Robbie always goes above and beyond her daily duties.

“What sets her apart is what she does for our customers after the furniture gets delivered,” said Dane. “It’s easy to be a good salesperson when everything goes right. But the difference between being good and being #1 is what you do to fix it when things don’t go as planned. That to me is a salesperson’s most important aspect.”

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  1. Congratulations to Robbie! She was a huge help to us and even came all the way to Saline Lk to help.

  2. So glad to know Robbie and to have done business with her over the years. Always a lady and always professional.

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