NATCHITOCHES PARISH (February 27, 2021)- The State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFM) has arrested a Natchitoches man for a fire that occurred at the commercial building where he was operating his mechanic and tire shop without permission.

Robert Hull, 50, was issued a misdemeanor summons for Negligent Arson on February 25.

On the afternoon of October 6, Natchitoches Parish Fire District #9 responded to a report of a commercial fire located in the 2700 block of US Highway 71. One injury was reported in the fire. The SFM was then requested to assist with determining the origin and cause of the fire.

After an assessment of the scene and collecting witness statements, deputies determined the fire was caused by a mixture of ignitable vapors from a vehicle being worked on and an electrical spark from nearby equipment operating at the same time.

Deputies learned Hull, the business owner, and his son, were working inside of the building after being directed by the building owner not to be inside nor conducting the type of operations they were.

Following a local law enforcement agency recently charging Hull with Criminal Trespassing in the case, SFM deputies issued the misdemeanor summons for Negligent Arson.