NCHS Head Football Coach Seeks Input from Community

Natchitoches Central Head Football is seeking input and assistance from the Natchitoches community to help grow the program at the school and increase support with community buy-in.

“My goal is to get the people in the community more involved with our program. I want us to create partnerships with each other while supporting the team and the school,” says Coach James Wilkerson. The football program at Natchitoches Central High School has been a staple of the public school system in Natchitoches Parish for many decades and has the potential to be a winning program with a bright future.

Coach Wilkerson has been on staff since 2020, right before COVID-19 and the pandemic has greatly limited options for fundraising for the team. Since the new coach has been on staff he has rebooted the Quarter Back Club and has added membership to that club. He is also looking to expand membership and bring awareness to the needs of the football team. Coach Wilkerson is committed to expanding the program and seeks input. If you are interested in joining a community committee to help the football team please contact James Wilkerson at