Natchitoches man arrested on narcotics offenses during investigation of overdose related death

According to a Task Force official, Agents with the Natchitoches Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force (NMJDTF) began an investigation of an overdose death that occurred in the Natchitoches JW Thomas Apartmentslocated on 500 North St. in late January.  

During the course of the investigation, Agents secured an arrest warrant for an Eric Fisher, 33 of the Natchitoches Thomas Apartments, for the following charge:

1 Count of La RS 40:979, Attempt and Conspiracy to Distribute Schedule IV (Alprazolam/Xanax). 

On March 10th 2021, Agents conducted an operation in reference to the ongoing overdose death investigation and executed search warrants on multiple apartments within the Natchitoches Thomas Apartments based on evidence of narcotics sales. During the execution of these search warrants agents made contact with Fisher while at his residence.  Fisher was placed under arrest on the active warrant and a search of his residence was conducted. 

As a result of the search of Fisher’s residence he was also charge with the following offense:

1 Count RS 40:966, Possession of CDS Schedule I (Marijuana)

1 Count RS 40:968, Possession of CDS Schedule III (Suboxone/Buprenorphine)

1 Count RS 14:95E, Possession of a Firearm in the Presence of Controlled Dangerous Substances

Fisher was transported and booked at the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center. Fisher was issued a summons to appear in District Court date on May 3rd 2021.

The overdose death investigation is still ongoing and more arrests are to follow.

The Natchitoches Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force would like to thank the Citizens of Natchitoches for their support. Many times an investigation begins with a simple phone call or tip from a concerned citizen. For this reason the Task Force encourages all citizens to report any crimes in their neighborhoods anonymously by calling 318-357-2248, The Natchitoches Police Department, or the Natchitoches Parish Sheriffs Office.

One thought on “Natchitoches man arrested on narcotics offenses during investigation of overdose related death

  1. So painful- deaths from narcotics overdoses. RIP to all those who have accidently overdosed with drugs.

    From the March 17-18 2021 edition of the Town Talk published an article by Melissa Gregory: “There have been an alarming increase in overdoses in the Christus Cabrini Hospital Emergency room over the past two weeks.” “Overdoses are opioid related with carfentanil in a variety of agents. Carfentanil is used in veterinary medicine, a tranquilizer for large animals like elephants. Individual grains are about as small as those of salt, and it’s 10,000 more times powerful that morphine. And it looks like drugs laced with it have found their way to Central Louisiana.” The hospital has seen marijauna, meth, cocaine and heroin being laced with carfenanil. Law enforcement now even sees marijuana containing carfentanil” Very deadly, like lesser fentanyl as it also can be absorbed by the skin or inhaled.”

    Carfenanil ” mainly comes from overseas, particularly China. To get to Central Louisiana, illegal drugs usually go through Mexico before going to Houston and then to the local area.”

    Recently, Alexandria police have investigated 14 overdoses and 4 deaths in the past 2-3 weeks.

    A main reason we need border control. We just can’t let anybody cross our border without being detained and searched.

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