NRMC: Fraud Alert


Patients have alerted us that they’ve received automated voicemails from an old (now unused) Clinic phone number, (318) 354-2493, stating money will be auto deducted from their bank account due to overdue bills. Please disregard these, as they are fraudulent scamming attempts, and in no way connected to NRMC.

These messages are scams and aim to steal personal information such as SS number, banking info or Credit/Debit Card information.

The message is automated and makes NO reference to any specific Physician or NRMC.

These call do NOT originate from NRMC!

We are working with authorities to see what more can be done, but since the calls are not originating from the hospital or anywhere locally, all we can do at this point is make the public aware.

Please see the graphic below on tips to avoid these fraudulent calls and be certain you are speaking with an NRMC employee.