Chicken fried snake strikes again

Word quickly spread Monday morning, May 17, via social media regarding a power outage around 4 am. Approximately half of the City utility customers in East Natchitoches experienced a power outage due to a snake that was attempting to get baby birds out of a nest.

This scenario seemed like a case of deja vu to NPJ staff members who recalled a story published almost to the day 5 years ago. The timing made us chuckle, but not the loud boom and eerie flash that were heard and seen in the St. Maurice and Blanchard Road area. We’re sure it wasn’t amusing to the residents who were without power for a time while crews worked to restore the feed.

Natchitoches Parish Journal, May 10, 2016

Chicken fried snake takes out power to City

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  1. The City of Natchitoches electricians did a great job getting the power back on in a safe and timely manner! Thanks, guys!

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