Parish Council Meeting: May 17

The Parish Council’s meeting on May 17 lasted until almost 8 pm despite a relatively short agenda.

Parish Treasurer Julie Lockhart informed Council members during her report that the Parish Government is set to receive funds through the American Rescue Plan in the amount of $3.7 million this year and $3.7 million next year. She added that she’s still waiting to receive instructions on how this money can be spent, but that it can’t be used for roads and bridges.

Other agenda items included:

Confirm reappointment of Billy Shugart and Michael Richardson to the Fire District No. 4 Board

Confirm reappointment of Mike Marbut to the Fire District No. 7 Board

Confirm reappointment of Bobby Outlaw and James Wagley to the Fire District No. 10 Board

FAILED***Adopt ordinance 007-2021 allowing Parish residents to vote and make their own decision on whether they want to remain or repeal the current form of Government Home Rule Charter or go back to the Police Jury form of government.

Adopt Ordinance 008-2021 to effect a zoning change from an Industrial-Agriculture District to a Business-3 District to establish a gymnasium on a 2.52 acre tract of land located at 1386 Hwy. 504 in Natchitoches

Adopt Ordinance 009-2021 to effect a zoning change from a City District to a Business-3 District to establish a restaurant with liquor sales on a .936 acre tract of land located at 1211 Patrick Road in Natchitoches

Adopt Ordinance 010-2021 providing for the levy within Sales Tax District No. 1 effective July 1 of a 1% sales and use tax having been authorized at a special election held on April 24 and final adoption on May 17

Approve filing application for LCDBG and LCDBG-HVAC. Will look at Health Unit, OCS Office

Approve hiring of consulting form of Frye Magee and the Engineering Firm of Schuler Consulting Company for the LCDBG with all admin and engineering fees to be paid by Sabine Parish Waterworks No. 1

Approve seeking RFQs for admin and engineering for the LCDBG-HVAC Program

Approve levying the same millage or roll forward for the 2021 tax year (Library does not want to roll forward, but Government buildings, health unit and general fund will)

Health Unit: $848,000

Salter made a motion to have everything remain the same. Unanimous vote for approval

Accept resolution passed and signed by the Villages of Robeline and Powhatan as official requests for road work to be performed within their incorporates limits for a time period of January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 and to approve such work to be performed within that time period

Donate the Marthaville Community Service Center back to the Marthaville community

Approve Weyerhaeuser application for tax exemption application #20200065-ITE

Authorize Parish President to sign an extension to the agreement with the US Forest Service

TABLED UNTIL NEXT MONTH***Authorize Parish President to award the RFQ and sign a contract with the lowest bidder that related to certified building official and flood plan management services

Approve awarding the bid for Health Unit roof replacement to Terry’s Roofing and Sheet Metal LLC in the amount of $63,000

Authorize Parish President to enter into Cooperative Endeavor Agreements with the following good samaritans:

Billy Garland- Old River Road North and Smith Island Road

John Ackel- Cade’s Camp Road and Greenhead Camp Road

Marques Braxton- Marquette Drive

Garland Giddings- Red Giddings Road

Billy Fair and Joseph Brandt Perot- Johnson Chute Road

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48 thoughts on “Parish Council Meeting: May 17

  1. I live in “THE BOONIES”, and I pay a very sizable tax that is sent to me every year right at Christmas time. I travel on the same old roads everyone else does. I have even made repairs to a drainage ditch in front of my house to keep the road from washing out. I asked the parish a few times to fix it before we lost our road and after a time of inaction I fixe d it myself. I don’t get anything for my tax dollars , I guess its because I live in the BOONIES!

  2. Barbara Clark is a very worthy student. I had the privilege of being her music teacher for a number of years!

  3. Bet a large amount of the 3.7 million goes into the pocket of over paid under qualified people that work for the parish government in positions within fiance and administration…

    • I think the Parish Council should have several “Observe Your Parish In Action” days so that they can prove to the residents of the parish they are doing all they can to remedy the pothole situation. Or so that we can see what they do on a daily basis. in several departments. Or maybe hidden cameras would be better, that way they would be in a comfortable setting where they could carry on the regular business of the day. If we were watching, we know they would do their best to impress.

      • I agree. I have also long pondered the need to have the elected officials justify , on an annual basis, their salary, their existence. They should do performance reviews with us—just like other workers have to do every year. They list annual goals that were agreed upon and PROVE the results they claim. They fail in their job—–we can show them the door.

  4. I always find it funny when these people in the boonies want to complain about their 5 mile road with 4 houses on it that none are over the $75k homestead exemption complaining about the taxes they pay. They are first to complain about handouts and other things but they pay $0 into the road tax and want an interstate to their 4 homes. Individuals on Harmony and Hart rd don’t pay enough into the road fund pay the gas on the trucks bringing the material.

    • It is because of people like you that the system of Parish Government doesn’t work. We pay taxes every time we shop, gasoline tax for roads, and I really have to wonder if we pay $0.00 in road taxes. I certainly know we used to pay them. There is a piece here about how much taxes will increase on these villages now. So where will those taxes go? We want a fair share for our roads so our houses are assessed a bit higher than $75,000. These conditions drastically reduce the price of our real estate. So, you think you can have it both ways, (no road repair, and houses worth nothing.) even though you think you should.
      My son was considering moving here after retirement, but spending just a few days here, he said” Mama I just don’t want to live like this.”

      Your sarcasm is what infects everyone in Natchitoches City making the spending for us more and more decreased. Then to read about the wasteful spending on the beautiful Roque House. This attitude that we deserve nothing is really too much.

      Don’t understand why you don’t think we need roads that are smooth. So what if we have vehicle damage. So what if we get choaked on dust, and stuck in mud.

      So this is the way to slam people and spread propaganda so you can get all you want. Sickening.

      • So, you want someone else to pay for your roads! Just want it to be clear. I also live in the Parish, I did not choose to live down a pig trail with no tax base and complain about the people who do pay property and road taxes. I choose to travel roadways that do not damage my vehicle. I don’t expect everyone else to pay my way.

        The Roque House is a historical treasure and is being flooded and needs to be elevated to preserve the history of this area and not one cent of road tax funds is being used for that project.

        Maybe, you son should look in the areas of town that are not “covered in dusty or stuck in the mud”.

        Your sales taxes don’t go for roads and your gasoline tax goes to the state.

        Again, why exactly should the people who pay into the road fund pay for those that don’t?

        You chose to live there

        • I still misunderstand that idea I don’t pay taxes. I used to. My property is assessed at reduced values, so why should I pay the same property tax that you would for a home of equal value.
          So I live on a parish road about 2 miles long. There are 13 dwellings on this road. There are 10 who live in these dwellings who work and need the road to get to their jobs. How do they not pay taxes for these roads. Some of the nicer homes pay dearly for property taxes. Don’t know how many, but my son pays his share for sure. So don’t act like none of us pay property taxes.
          There are utility workers – Swepco, A T &T, Dish network or Hughes Net people who use this road. One poor Dish Tech had to get pulled out of a ditch a week ago.
          There are home health and meals on wheels that use this road.
          There are heating, air conditioning , plumbers, carpenters, roofing people using these roads.
          There is USPS, FedEX, UPS, and other delivery drivers that use this road. Do they pay parish taxes?
          There are school buses using this road.
          There are hunters using this road.
          There are 2 large cattle farmers using this road to pull their cows to auction and bring some cows home from auction. They use heavy equipment on this road to harvest their hay. I am certain they pay property taxes.
          Then the logging industry carries full loads and empty loads sometimes about 8 times in one day on this pot hole ridden road.
          Don’t loggers pay road tax? They need these roads so your sorry Natchitoches rear end can have lumber. And in the same token, also to have beef.

          When we were in the Police Jury system, we had money for roads. Now Natchitoches has just about all of it. There were taxes for roads- what in the world did you do with our money- and why: It is so obvious, with your insults, you hate us. And you are one of many haters of us and you keep spreading your hate.
          I chose to live here because family land is here. It was cheaper to buy or build here. The land is a gift to me and my family. It is a safe place, with peace. And me and my neighbors deserve the same respect as you do.
          I hope you grow a heart one day.

          • Go read your post in response to Diogenes before you tell anyone else to grow a heart.

            Taxes for roads are paid througj property taxes. The UPS truck driving on your road does not pay them. Your cattle/timber operations pay very little since they are assessed as agricultural.

            You obviously don’t understand how the tax structure works.

            I have no problem spending money on the roads but the hypocrisy of your posts complaining about Democrats wanting everything for free but the lack of acknowledgement that you want the same is what is ironic.

          • Thomas Paine, you know so much. Do heavy trucks, such as log trucks, 18 wheelers, trucks hauling drilling equipment or other equipment equally as heavy do damage to the roads in the parish. I have always heard that the heavy trucks do much more damage to roads than cars. So are you saying that the companies owning these trucks should not pay for road repair? Why should home owners pay for repairs of damage that heavy trucks do? Just would like to hear you side, because I believe truck owners owe for repairs. They tear them up, but it’s at our expense.

        • So my heart is broken from all the things said often about rural Natchitoches. Insults and degenerating living conditions can make anyone angry.
          I want to pay my fair taxes just like everyone. For years I paid my taxes for my road. Then Parish gov comes in and takes control. then we pay no taxes and no roads?
          So back to police jury system for me. If you read your post (original) You sound so insulting of us. Was that necessary? So I argue and insult back defending myself.
          I have heard these insults before from people who think we are inferior, but now accusing us of not paying taxes is really insulting and degrading. I only want to know why we lost all we had before the takeover of the parish council.

          I want to know why so many want to accuse us of the things that we have to hear. Why don’t you start over on a kinder note?

          • Old RN it doesn’t matter what system of government you have if you have ignorant people running the system! Just because a person win a popularity contest( election) don’t mean that they are qualified for the job! It’s the Police Jury that is responsible for the shape we are in along with the carry over of jurors to the Parish Council! The three carryover are nothing but obstructionist determined to see the Parish Council fails! There are term limits on the Parish Council and one of those carryover wants to go back to the Police Jury so can run again! He been a failed part of parish government longer than anyone else! Natchitoches Parish can do better then what’s representing us currently! It’s going to take some serious work!

          • Old RN, not sure what you found so insulting, was it the term “boonies”? Or was it making the point that there is very little property taxes paid by the people who live on these rural roads?

            The point is clear, there is not enough money and there never was. I believe you memories of the police jury and the taxes seem to be off.

            I think it is horrible that the roads are in the condition they are but I truly believe the roads should be repaired in order based on usage. I don’t believe that the Parish should prioritize roads based on taxes collected but should absolutely be done bead on the most heavily trafficked roads down to the least.

            Everyone is frustrated but I also find it ridiculous when people talk about how they pay taxes and their road should be fixed when in reality they don’t pay the taxes into the road fund at all.

            I find it doubly ridiculous when they post on other subjects about the freeloading democrats when they want other people’s taxes to pay to repair their roads.

          • Mr. Paine, please stop insulting the people who choose to live in the country. Your statement that included ” live down a pig trail with no tax base and complain about the people who do pay property and road taxes.” was insulting to those people. I believe you owe a lot of people an apology. Maybe you don’t think so, but you are a bit arrogant in your writing.

            As for the Roque house, you wrote, “The Roque House is a historical treasure and is being flooded and needs to be elevated to preserve the history of this area.” I agree that structures from the past should be preserved. However, I did not know that it had flooded. Could you tell me when the house flooded. I think it’s location is perfect, and that is where the tourists go. They see it on the riverbank, and I’m not sure they will see it in another location.

          • MEWHP,

            If you find the term “pig trail” insulting I apologize. I will not apologize for making the point that the roads mentioned contribute extremely little to the Road tax. It is the truth. It may be an inconvenient truth but it is truth nonetheless. I live in the Parish also and have nothing against rural people. What I take issue is hypocrisy of individuals ranging about how much taxes they pay toward roads and their road should be fixed when in fact they don’t pay said road taxes. The same posters complain about the unemployment funds or freeloads democrats yet they want the Parish to build a $5million dollar road for when the property owners pay little to no money into the road fund.

            Don’t hate the messenger

            The Roque house is being raised so it will no longer get water inside. While it is being raised they are planning on turning the house toward the river. It is not being moved off site.

          • Mr Paine, you have it all wrong. I do not hate the messenger. I hate that the messenger feels he has the right to talk down to people who may live in smaller homes, on property that has been in their family for years, or people who do not have the income in this parish to buy a larger, more expensive home. Homes farther out in the country are typically not as costly to build. Many are homes passed from generation to generation and they don’t have all the bells and whistles that the new homes have, but that does not mean that they are not comfortable, well-built, beautiful homes. But because the assessed value has not been raised by the parish officials who are supposed to keep up to date on the value of the property, you are up in arms against the homeowners. I know things are not up to date, they never are, but I don’t know of any owner that is going to walk into that parish office and say, you have my home undervalued. Look at your homestead exemption, is the true value of your home listed on this and then on your tax bill. Are you being totally honest? Could you sell your home for more that is printed on that paper as it’s worth. If you are not paying taxes on it’s full value, wouldn’t that mean you are stealing from the parish? By the way, there are other taxes that we pay, not just property tax and maybe we need to think about those when you talk about people paying their fair share. I know the article is about the Parish Council and the condition of roads in the parish. However you did bring up people who did not pay their share of taxes. Now, people who make more money are notorious for finding and using the loopholes that the IRS allows us to use in filing our federal income tax. Tell me sir, do you take advantage or any or every write-off they allow. If you do, are you stealing from the government, even though they allowed you to use it.

            That is what you are saying about the good people who live in the true country. They pay their property tax bill, but their bill happens to be $0. So, are you being honest when you say they are stealing from the parish. I would say the answer to that is a resounding NO. They are being billed at a $0 balance owed, and they owe nothing. It has you up in arms, but these people are doing nothing wrong. They live on a parish road, so the parish is responsible for maintaining that road. Period! End of discussion on that subject. They are not free loaders, they are not stealing, they don’t deserve what you have been dishing out to them. They really deserve a real apology from you. The words you used, they live on pig trails, they are stealing from the parish, and so many words you used in your comments were wrong, just wrong, and we all know it. Too bad you have closed your eyes to your own rudeness. I have my moments of pure anger, but I don’t make hardworking people who might live in a smaller home than I, feel that they are not deserving. It is simply not so. The parish made the deal, these folks are simply going along with what the parish told them to do.

            Then you mention that they talk about free-loading democrats. I do believe you have misread something. How do I know? Because I believe as many of them. I’m a conservative person, in my personal life and the way I think politically. I don’t think people who are able to work should be supported by the government. They are lazy and they are freeloaders. Folks, please note, I said the people who are ABLE TO WORK. Now the government In DC and the current administration is paying enough unemployment so people don’t want to work, they had rather sit home, and freeload. Does anyone think of what this is doing to our economy. Especially coming off a pandemic that closed businesses, and schools and sent people home with no income, and ended jobs. Yes stimulus money was needed, and that was the right way to help people. We should encourage people to get job training and be self sufficient, and not depend on the government to pay them to not work. The USA is in debt, the current administration wants to continue to pay unemployment at a rate too high, they want to give $500 per month to families with children, they want to raise minimum wage, and then to put the icing on top, we have thousands of illegal immigrants coming in daily, we don’t know anything about who they are, any diseases they might be bringing in, are they coming in to be supported by the government with money we don’t have. Yes, we fuss and complain, but again you do have it all wrong. As US Citizens, we do have that right.

          • MEWHP,

            Your rationalization skills are amazing.

            I have nothing to apologize for. If you are insulted by the term pig trail I am sorry but that is a term that is used in the country.

            I did not say they all were stealing I was directing that to the individual who said his property was worth much more, yet the tax rolls show differently.

            You are right the Parish is responsible for ALL the parish roads. I never said they should only do the roads where people pay property tax. I believe I said the roads should be prioritized by usage.

            If ten people live on a 5 mile road that is barely used it should not be the first priority.

            Personally, I don’t have any write offs and only have the standard deductions, my kids are grown and I don’t have enough money to hide

            Now, you show your true colors with your hate for people different than you in your comments. You rationalize your hate for people who don’t have what you have very clearly. You rationalize tax evasion is ok for rich people by asking if I use loop holes. You rationalize that what you want is more important than people fleeing unsafe conditions in their homes country by saying they are diseased.

            It seems you have such a heart for people less fortunate than you

          • Thomas Paine, you take my words and twist them as someone else used to do, and apparently is still going to do. I do believe the people who matter know exactly what I mean in the words I write, and do not believe your way of twisting them. You are really something else, and as I said to someone else once, don’t put words in my mouth. You and I both know what you are trying to do, and it proves you to be very much like two or three others who have commented on here. We could not be more different in what we believe, or in the way we feel about the good people who choose to live in the country. It’s funny, you accuse them of stealing from the parish, and yes I know you are back tracking now, but you have said it more than once. However you feel that people who come into this country illegally are not stealing from us. They are not vetted, we do not know how much of what they say is the truth, if they will work or if they are people who will live off the generosity of the current administration. My question was, how do we pay for it. They have not paid anything, so I do no understand your reasoning. I have no problems with taking people into our country who need to come in, but you don’t do it by opening the borders and letting everyone in, they should apply and do it the legal way. That is something I have no problem with.

            OK folks, let’s see how he wants to twist this one.

          • MEWHP, I did not put any words in your mouth, you typed them yourself.

            As far as the immigrants you are speaking of they will pay the same sales tax as everyone else when they purchase something. They will not pay property tax either.

            It is very clear that much of rural Natchitoches Parish is not paying into the road tax. At the same time they are blaming the road department for spending money in the City. It is clear that no money from the road fund is spent in the city but that truth doesn’t matter.

            It is also very clear that the roads are in bad shape and people don’t want to admit that the problem is funding from the federal government changed and the Parish road fund can’t make a dent when the rural properties are not paying into the system.

            The Parish should have counters on the road that monitor traffic and start fixing roads based on usage.

            How can the Parish help the greatest amount of citizens? That is what needs to be answered.

          • Paine, you are determined to be a man who sees people who don’t pay property taxes as thieves, even though their homes are valued lower, and they are exempt from paying property tax. Yet when I mention that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are coming into the USA by the thousands, even though I said I have no problem with immigrants who come in legally, you say I am filled with hate because I have concerns about these people not being vetted.

            These people are costing out government millions, and they are being rewarded for truly breaking the law. THEY ARE ENTERING THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY! They haven’t contributed one dime of tax money when they cross the border. Most come with nothing. WE, THE TAXPAYERS PROVIDE THEM WITH SHELTER, FOOD, CLOTHING, MEDICAL CARE, EDUCATION, TRAVEL EXPENSES TO OTHER PLACES, and who knows what else. My point is that you said I was filled with hate, but I think you are a little mixed up, again! How can you say that this is not basically the same thing. If people don’t pay property tax and want their roads repaired because they are parish roads, and other people come with no money, pay no taxes, and they do it illegally, yet we still give them everything they need, then how can you call one a thief and not the other.

            So, Pain, when you speak of someone hating, you should be looking in the mirror. When I point out to you what you have said about citizens who have lived and worked here all their lives, you try to say oh no, that is not what I meant, even when we have read it more than once. You are showing a true hate, and you are showing it to innocent people. Yet you say that I hate, when I don’t, I only think it is wrong and foolish to have open borders, because we can’t take care of our own citizens. How can we possibly provide for hundreds of thousands who come here legally.

            The folks on here know what I’m talking about, no matter how you want to twist it. I don’t believe that you even come close to convincing anyone that your way is the right way. You have done all you can to discredit me and what I have said. I personally think you have failed. I am tired of dealing with you, the way you talk to some good people, the way you try to try to convince us that you didn’t say what you said and the way you twist things. You really should give it up. I’m not giving up, I’m just done with trying to show someone with a closed mind that he is wrong.

            I do have one more thing to set you straight on. You said, “ Do you really believe the Parish is intentionally doing things to not fix the roads? Seriously,?” I said they knew the way they patch holes does not work. Why haven’t they done something to find better ways to patch potholes.

            While it has been a pleasure discussing this issue with you, I believe that you can only see things the way you want to see them. You will not change, so I really do have more important things to do. I think I will do a daily count of the potholes in front of my home. I want to see how fast they multiply. By the way, I’m already seeing people driving almost in the ditch in order to miss our potholes.

          • MEWHP,

            Have you convinced yourself yet?

            First, you say I have shown hate towards these people. I never said there was anything wrong with them. You may not like the word pig trails or boonies, those are not hateful terms.

            The only person I said that was “stealing from the parish” was the gentleman who stated his property was worth much more than the homestead when the public records show it’s not. Either he is lying about the value or he knows he is not not paying what he should. It’s like accidentally not paying for a candy bar in your pocket and walking to the car versus intentionally walking out of the store without paying.

            Now your take on immigration is absolutely hate filled. You said it correctly “they come with nothing”. If they are coming with nothing doesn’t that make you wonder what they are running from? Do you ever wonder what would be so bad that they would abandon their children at the border so they could have a better life? Those people are not complaining about. It being able to get to McDonald’s. They just want to be able to live and have a chance. It should make you feel much better about yourself when you call them criminals. Maybe it is because they have darker skin than you or don’t speak English. They are trying to escape from something. Is it our duty as humans to help those that cannot help themselves?

        • I still curious as to the lease of the land proposal! Who’s paying and who is receiving payments! The amount and why is this just brought to the attention of the rest of us?

      • Maybe we in the “ rural areas” should quit shopping in Natchitoches.

        There are more of us out here than you think.

        We can and will make a difference.

        • Already done after the BS sales tax fiasco that was sold as a needed tax to help with roads which, as evidenced by Mr. Paine’s comments, was completely false.

          I am curious though as I’ve been saying it for years and now Mr.Paine is saying the same thing, if the property tax structure is the issue why is there no representative with the intestinal fortitude to stand up and address it? Why kill us at the register foroney that won’t be used to get our infrastructure right and let the failing system just continue to limp along?

          • My property tax has increased since I have lived here. I have made improvements to the home and property and had to go to the Planning Commission to get the property permits to add on to the home and to build another structure. I know the tax man got the info that we had made improvements. The problem is that they are not doing all they can to make sure that the values they give a home are up to date. It’s easier to just let them ride. Now, I hate to be the one who says it, but there should be more people paying property taxes. The homestead exemption is very low, based on all I’ve seen. Most people could afford to pay a minimal amount. Even a small amount from owners would go a long way toward fixing roads, IF the Parish Council would spend the money wisely.

            I guess it’s just too easy to do it the way it’s always been done. I love my home and I love Natchitoches, but I think there is so much room for improvement in the government of parish and city. Wasteful spending will never get the important things taken care of.

    • Mr Thomas Payne first I live in the country not the boonies.and yes I do pay road taxes and every other damn tax you pay.and nobody out in the country is wanting a damn thing from you are natchitoches.for years people like you think your above us country folks.i got news for you .your not your just like everyone of those people that think your country folks take care of each other when in need.and for your information my house is way more than 75000 .dollars.we do without so all you people can have a fine road to drive on and a big ball field.and concrete seats to set on .on front street .who paid for that .just don’t have a clue what is country folks go thru.and you damn right I would live in a one room shack before I would move to natchitoches. So before you start running your mouth about all of us country folks you better think twice .your not to good to get your ass put in place.thats not a threat that’s a promise.thank you sir .
      Sincerely Gary foshee from vowesmill louisiana.since 1977.

      • Ok, the only Gary Fisher on the. Natchitoches Assessor listing shows an assessed value of $62,400, and that property owner paid $0.00 in Property taxes and $0.00 to the Road District 40 fund.

        I doesn’t seem you comprehended my post that I too live in the Parish not the city. No road money for the Parish went to the City, the Cane River Waterway paid for the seating downtown.

        I don’t think I am better than anyone just making the point that many/most that live on these back roads don’t pay any dedicated road taxes and want someone else to pay for it(FACT).

        • There is a lot of wrong that needs to be corrected. Through the years it has been that way. We in the rural areas know and experience it every day as we have additional upkeep to do on our vehicles because of scary roads traveled. I say scary because the way some parts of our roads are messed up, meeting another vehicle could easily cause an accident.

          But my reply to you, Thomas Paine, is not the roads at the moment. It is the rudeness of your comment above. Is it your business to look and find, post and belittle what anyone’s property is worth?

          Reminds me of high school students who compared others shoes, and then making fun of those of lesser quality.
          Grow up, learn respect and Heaven help, please don’t post other’s material worth. I do not know either of you who posted above, but I do know our personal worth to our Lord cannot be given a dollar amount.

        • FACT you say Mr Paine. I’ve thought about your comments. It seems that if a road is named as a Parish Road, then the parish is responsible for it, no matter how many people live on it, for that old back road might once have taken cars to another road. If it’s a Private Road, then the homeowner(s) would be responsible for repair and maintenance. However, it seems that you think only the “back roads” of the parish are in desperate need of repair, and people don’t property tax if they live on these bad roads. And then you stated you only drive on good roads. I have a few questions for you. Where in the parish do you live? Do you drive daily? Where are all these good roads you drive on?

          Now. please let me give you some information that might enlighten you a bit if you are not too set in your mind that you are right. I live in the parish. I feel blessed in that I have a home and property worth well over $300,000, so you know I pay taxes. Now if it is true that I should have a good road, why is it that when I pull out of my driveway, I could possibly hit 2 potholes in the road at the end of our drive. Then I pull ahead about 50ft, and the road is full of potholes, from side to side, and that those potholes continue for approximately another 50 ft. There is no way to avoid them. You can’t take the other way out, because it’s worse. What I don’t understand is that they have filled the holes, but repairs don’t last. If it rains, it washes out. If it doesn’t rain, cars driving over the repair destroys the patch and we have the same hole in the same spot, all over again. Usually another has joined the group. This is the way it’s been done for years.

          The Police Jury knew the patches didn’t work, now the Parish Council knows it. If they know it doesn’t work, why do they continue to pour money down the drain. They are paid money to work on problems of the parish. I’ve watched meetings, not much happens. The parish president is paid a good salary. I would like to know if he is working on this problem, or does he play “Parish President” all day, kicked back in his chair, talking to cronies on the phone. There are places in the USA that have tackled the problem of potholes and won. They know what to use that works. Has anyone taken the time to call these cities and counties to see what they use, or do they take the easy way out and forget what the parish needs. It’s time to clear the chairs that these people occupy and get a Parish Council and President that will intelligently tackle the pothole problem that residents have fought for years.

          FYI, Mr Paine, his last name is not Fisher, and you used poor judgment, in my opinion, in posting the information you posted. You were wrong!

          • MEWHP,

            I will say this, you are correct his name was Foshee and my phone autocorrected it to Fisher. I apologize. The tax assessment i formation is public information sorry if you didn’t like it but Mr Foshee stated his home was worth a lot more than $75k. There was only one Gary Foshee on the tax rolls so If it truly is the he knows he is stealing from the Parish for not paying his fair share of taxes.

            No where in my post did I say the Parish is not responsible for all parish roads.

            My point was that the people who live on most of these rural roads pay ZERO into the road fund. That is an absolute fact.

            I live south of Natchitoches and I didn’t not say I drive on “good roads”. I said I chose not to drive on roads that cause damage.

            Do you really believe the Parish is intentionally doing things to not fix the roads? Seriously,?

            You can go down the two roads I mentioned in the first post and hardly find a property that pays into the road tax.

            I don’t have anything against people who choose to live in the country but I believe that the priority of road repairs should absolutely be based on usage and not who makes the most noise

    • Someone ought to take you down the Harmony Road to see the big gullies washed out, to feel the potholes when your tire sinks into one.

      The very nerve of you to even presume people living on these roads are not worthy of a decent road based on the taxes paid. Let me remind you that there are folks to attend church out there. Others who have loved ones buried in one of the two cemeteries.

      The Harmony community has been growing and am proud of the lovely home places seen. More would build out that way IF they could get to their homes safely. I don’t live on Harmony road but do have loved ones buried at the Robert’s Cemetery.

      It is a shame for any of our roads to be in this shape. It is a shame for our taxes paid to determine if “ Harmony” is worthy of a decent road.

  5. I have asked before but have never received an answer to my question. Does the Parish get a portion of the tax money that the City gets every time the city limits are extended? Does the Parish have a say in the lines being extended? Every time the City limits are extended, the City takes tax monies away from the Parish. Look at all the businesses going toward I-49 and beyond. If the lines keep going, the City limits will be to Robeline. Just food for thought. Those tax dollars truly would have helped with road repair.

    • I have heard part of the problem is the size of this parish. Maybe it is time to look into reducing the size of the parish. Give parts to surrounding parishes. Of course if those areas then became properly cared for the Natchitoches governmental failures would be highlighted again…….

      • I don’t believe the parish is too big. It’s bad money management. Also a lot of people live on property that has been in the family for years, in homes that their parents built, so the homestead exemption is in the homeowners favor, so they pay no property tax. It is a convoluted situation, and it will take smart, caring people to find the solution. Every parish or county in the USA has the problem, it just that they find solutions, so they don’t have as many terrible roads as Louisiana, especially Natchitoches Parish. They say we are a poor parish, and if that is so, is there help available, not a loan, but help because it is a poor parish. Has anyone checked?

  6. Same ole, same ole.
    They can change money from rural to city but would they ever consider the changing of money in the city coffers to the rural needs????

    Sick, sick, sick. The classic philosophy for those in control. Look our for yourself. Horray for ME!!! and the hell with YOU!!!!!

    • I’m so upset about the comments about our rural communities. Know you are as well.
      For example take the Harmony Road. They have a growing community and would probably keep on growing if they could get to their homes safely. There are folk to attend church services about midway down that road, folks whose loved ones are buried at the two cemeteries.

      There are big gullies washed out. Plus the potholes. I only mention this community because of a comment made by another poster spoken with sarcasm.
      All people need roads to travel safely to and from work, school or simply going to a doctor. Where they live, how many taxes they pay, the dollar amount of their worth, and WHO they are, should not be a determination.

      I’ve sat by and watched and read. Enough! Now my one voice will be heard.

      • Virginia,

        I never said that Parish was not responsible for all the Parish roads. The issue is that there isn’t enough money collected into the Road fund which is collected from Property taxes. The Parish should absolutely prioritize road repairs based on the amount of vehicles using the road than whose district the road is in or who does or does not pay taxes.

        The point being made was that there is very little property tax paid on the two roads. I was not belittling or valuing someone’s worth by the tax they paid.

        I was threatened by Mr Foshee and responding to his comments that his property was well over homestead exemption. I shared public information. Was not valuing him at all, just showing that he was not honest.

        It’s too bad more logic can’t be used in fixing the situation but it’s obvious like you said that everyone just looks out for themselves.

  7. All of the information out there and many still can’t fathom the correct answer. AGAIN, the reason money cannot be moved around is because taxes used for funding these various endeavors are DEDICATED as in the people voted for certain taxes to go for certain things. What to move money? Get your council person to put a bill on the table to remove funding from one item and move it to another then place that before the people for a vote. To that end vote for more funding for roads or vote to defund what you think is a waste and quit bitching about how the tax money is being spent. It is being spent in accordance with previous voting by the people.

    • The only good thing I can say about the CRWC is they did give tax money to the parish to work on two roads in the parish. And that is a DEDICATED tax.

      • Defund the library and fix the roads. A disgrace that a library has more money than the police and sheriff’s departments. Don’t even mention he budget for road repair.

  8. Natchitoches Parish is a disgrace to North Louisiana We in the rural parts of the parish pay our taxes and have terrible roads. Most of the time they are nearly impassable and our vichicles are in bad shape because of it. I notice they don’t want to think about going back to the Jury System. They would lose control.

    • I noticed that there was no explanation as to why the ordinance 007-2021 failed. Why don’t the members of the council say why they voted the way they did. In other words, justify your actions council members. In writing , on the record.

  9. I know some of these people have not been in office long, and some have been in office way too long. They cannot seem to do what needs to be done for Natchitoches Parish, they have no money for the most important things, but some items in the budget seems to be over-funded. When the budgets are being decided, why can’t the Parish Council change budget numbers, give less to those who are not needing all the money they get. Then put the excess into repairing the roads, drainage, ets. It is ridiculous that things got to this point in the first place. Our ‘GOOD OLD BOYS’ don’t seem to be doing a lot of good for us. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about replacing each and every one of them for someone who is ready to work for us.

    • They will give you a dozen reasons why they can’t and not one why they can. But let it come to something a select few want,and they will be all over it to make it happen.

    • Government bureaucracy! End up spending it on a park or letting the city beating the parish out of it somehow.

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