School Board members meet Weaver Elementary’s first student body president, learn about Weaver Elite Program

Coach Antonio Beaudion presented Weaver Elementary’s first student body president and Weaver Elite’s representative Genesis Conday to the Natchitoches Parish School Board at its meeting on June 3. The program was started this past school year for third and fourth grade students to promote leadership, positive behavior and scholarship.

“We made the Weaver Elite Program to show the world that we can make more leaders in this world,” said Genesis. “At Weaver, we try to make more leaders for the next day. I like to make leaders so we can show other people what’s right.”

Other agenda items included:

Approve millage rates for the year 2021 for the purpose of revenue.

Constitutional Parish-wide tax- 4.6 mills
Special Parish-wide tax- 7 mills
Consolidated School 7- 12 mills
Consolidated School 8 BRE- 7 mills
Consolidated School 8 Special- 7 mills
Consolidated School 9 BRE- 7 mills
Consolidated School 10 BRE- 20 mills

Bond Issue:
Consolidated School 7 Tax Account- 11.5 mills
Consolidated School 8 Tax Account- 33 mills
Consolidated School 9 Tax Account- 8 mills

Advertise for bids for two temporary buildings for Natchitoches Central High School and for paper, cleaning and milk products for the 2021-2022 school year

Award bid for re-roofing of main building at Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School to Southern Roofing and Vinyl Siding

Award bid for renovations of restrooms and drains at MR Weaver and East Natchitoches to Tudor Inc. at $1.2 million

Window and roofing and air conditioning repairs at Marthaville Elementary/Jr. High to Tudor Inc.

Approve minor adjustments to the one time Covid employee compensation

Approve amendments to the General Fund budget

Approve tax exemption request for Weyerhaeuser

  • There was a scheduled vote by the board to consolidate two or three of the districts into one New Consolidated District 11, but that vote was blocked by a Court Order issued late afternoon on June 3, 2021.


Injuction Issued – No vote last night at the School Board Meeting

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  1. Genesis is an amazing little lady. Y’all should see her leadership skills on the softball field as well. One of her dreams is to play softball for Oklahoma State. And as her coach, I’m gonna do everything I can to get her there. Congrats Gen… you are the bomb!!!’

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