Letter to the Editor: Kirk Soileau

Dear Editor:

I am writing to congratulate Kirk Soileau, CEO, of the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center and Sarah LaCour, R.N. Quality Control, for STRICTLY enforcing mask-wearing by ALL medical personnel and support staff who work in the hospital, patients, and visitors. We are in the midst of a pandemic which is taking lives. The number of cases just in Natchitoches Parish are extremely high. Mr. Soileau’s courageous decision will definitely save lives, and one of the lives that may be saved is the life of your loved-one or yourself. We have personally lost family members and friends to COVID, and it is such a difficult, and unnecessary, way to die.

Now, if the NRMC would join other health care facilities, and require all medical and support staff to be fully vaccinated, we could actually eradicate this deadly virus.

This virus is a killer and there is no way to know if you will have a mild case or will die from it. Even people with mild cases may have health challenges for an extended period of time from long haul COVID.

If you’re not vaccinated, please help yourself, your family, your community and your country by getting vaccinated. Being vaccinated is patriotic.


Dian Snowden

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28 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Kirk Soileau

  1. The writer of the letter needs to mind their own business and realize they have no impact at all on hospitals or the community. Know your role and shut your hole.

  2. I got it from reliable sources that Governor Edwards was angry with Mr. Soileau because he was giving Covid shots out of order to well connected people! What y’all think of that?

    • I think you should pick up the phone and call him and ask if that is the case instead of posting hearsay. That is the decent thing to do. Just a thought.

      • Thanks for the advice Tom! If I still had a newspaper I would have published it when it.was first brought to my attention! Instead I participate in this forum! Kirk Soileau name comes up in Economic Development discussions! Mayor Ronnie Williams have said he have made decisions on the advice of Kirk Soileau! How much power does he have? Peace!

          • By the way, approximately 40 % of Natchitoches Parish has been vaccinated. Sounds like there are plenty of vaccines for the remaining 60% should they decide to get vaccinated. More peace to you.

        • Kirk has done more for the city and NRMC in the time he’s been here than you ever dreamed of when you had that little race baiting rag. So he gave the new mayor advice and recommendations, what’s the problem? The mayor didn’t have to listen or follow any of those recommendations add in the council would have to approve any of those recommendations! I just wonder why you have a problem with this randy?

          • Mike Casey I was invited to serve on the Economic Development committee by councilwoman at large Ms Betty Smith! I have a problem with Mayor Williams who have discussions with Kirk Soileau and John Richmond and make decisions without informing or discussing issues with the council person at large! The mayor is not a dictator! He better remember that Ms Smith represents all of Natchitoches just like him except he needs 3 votes to do anything, where Ms Smith only need 2 votes with her to accomplish her agenda for the people of Natchitoches!

          • So you upset because the council women was left out of a discussion? Yet Kirk is working with the mayor AND the parish president to better the entire parish! Tell us the bad recommendations Kirk has made to the mayor or John Richmond!

          • Anal10 I dont suck up to anyone those 3 can’t do anything for me! You won’t find anyone on here more critical of ALL of the parish,city and any appointed boards in this parish! And why don’t you post under your real name. Pretty easy to make ignorant comments hiding behind a keyboard!

          • Only ignorant comments I see are yours. Again, please keep kissing up to people as you are known to do. Thanks Mikey.

  3. If medical personnel refuse the Covid vaccine, they should be tested for Covid twice a week. That would keep patients safe.

  4. Soileau is only interested in government money and the only way he can ensure the flow is to lick JBE’s boots, liberty be damned.

  5. Because unvaccinated people can have covid with no symptoms and be very contagious
    If not for you, for your loved ones. That is, if you care. Unvaccinated people should stay home when they get deathly ill and not burden the system and the overwhelmed health care providers!

    • So why are vaccinated people getting Covid? If you really cared you wouldn’t be pushing an experimental non-sterilizing vaccine that is responsible for Covid variants and has killed and injured thousands.

      BTW if a vaccinated person carries a similar viral load as an unvaccinated person (and research points to this) who is infecting who? You really need to look up the latest papers and research on these topics before blaming this on people that don’t want to be a lab rat.

  6. Why cant people worry about theirselves and their own families. If you want vaccine then take vaccine. People that already had covid doesnt need the vaccine like many many doctors have said, some people cant take it they are allergic, as already proven IF YOU DO ANY RESEARCH some people have died from vaccines some now have medical problems because of vaccine. HOW BOUT YOU DO YOU AND LET OTHER PEOPLE DO THEM

  7. Thank you Kirk for taking this stand. I am always amazed at the people who think they know more than scientists and the medical field. Those that remain unvaccinated will have to suffer the consequences unfortunately.

    • Unfortunately the people that dont believe people have rights ONLY want to listen to scientists and doctors that favor their stance. Do some research like i have there are many,many ,many of them that disagree

  8. I have had covid, and the flu kicked my butt more then covid. No I am not vaccinated. I got lucky but I still dont want the vaccine. In the end, it is a personal choice and no one should be forced to take it. We live in America and not a third world country. Let people choose, it’s their bodies.

  9. Some are right it is a choice. All I can say is I had the covid illness and it was by far the sickest I have ever been in my life. There was a couple of days that I thought it might overtake me, it was horrible!! After recovering from the illness I had both shots without any ill affect. I have literally watched several people die from this and I for one think anyone that doesn’t take it is rolling the dice on your life. Again the choice is yours but if you catch it you will wish you had done something to prevent it……I PROMISE!!

    • You do realize people have died and gotten health problems from taking the vaccine. I to have had family die from covid just like many other viruses and diseases. People that want masks and mandatory vaccinations dont seem to understand this will never end until we get new leadership in White house

  10. While NRMC is doing a great job, no one should be forced to take a vaccine. This is America, a free country. If someone doesn’t want the vaccine they shouldn’t be required to take it. If you are vaccinated, then you are protected .
    My body my choice right?

  11. “Now, if the NRMC would join other health care facilities, and require all medical and support staff to be fully vaccinated, we could actually eradicate this deadly virus.” Really?? So the burden of eradication is on the shoulders of medical personnel’s and their vaccination status!! How very uninformed you are. Mr Soileau is indeed a leader with good judgment and has lead NRMC well during this pandemic but to imply he is wanting in leadership if he doesn’t MANDATE employee vaccination is simply ridiculous.

    • I guess you havent caught the part about if you get vaccine you can still get it and pass it on. You dont have a clue if you think its that simple. This overblown lies, misleads and changing minds will never be done until we have new leadership in our goverment. This isnt EBOLA people dying are fewer then people being shot in the streets or even the flu . Just stop it with the DICTATORSHIP

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