Northwestern State University responds to faculty member’s incendiary Facebook comment regarding unvaccinated people

Northwestern State University responds to faculty member’s incendiary Facebook comment regarding unvaccinated people

Northwestern State University published the following statement on Aug. 2 in response to screenshots of a comment made on Facebook by a faculty member:

Social media messages from Northwestern personnel who are not authorized to speak on behalf of the university should not be considered a reflection of the views or position of the institution.

The university recognizes that many issues related to the global pandemic are divisive, and the institution respects the rights of all individuals to freedom of expression even on such challenging issues as those surrounding the COVID crisis. The university will continue its exhaustive endeavors to help assure the health, safety and wellbeing of the campus and community during this new surge of the virus.

The comment read:

It is so infuriating that those selfish people who refused to get vaccinated let the Delta variant incubate among them, and now we are all in danger again. We just learned that our university must be masked again this fall and I imagine all social gatherings will again be cancelled. At this point, vicious as it sounds, I wouldn’t care if every unvaccinated person died.

While the comment was removed by the faculty member soon after it was posted, the damage was done. The last sentence of the comment had people asking the following questions of the university:

What college employs a teacher who publicly states they wish death on unvaccinated people?

How can someone who believes this and is bold enough to post it be responsible for the education of our students?

Will the safety of unvaccinated students be insured?

Is the faculty member going to be reprimanded?

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51 thoughts on “Northwestern State University responds to faculty member’s incendiary Facebook comment regarding unvaccinated people

  1. I believe the biggest issue with her statement was stating that she wouldn’t care if EVERY unvaccinated person died. Unvaccinated does not equal infected. There are many reasons for someone to remain unvaccinated, and some of those issues are legit medical reasons. It is a risk to take new vaccine or a new medication and there is a risk for COVID, obviously. It is up to the individual and with the help of their medical provider to assess the risks and make the best informed decision. I guess with her frustration, she failed to see that aspect.

    For example, we had been considering having a baby for sometime now. I work in the medical field; therefore, I had first access to the vaccine. I still waited a few months before receiving the vaccine since I was advised, at the time, to not get vaccinated if I had a chance of being pregnant. Once confirmed that I wasn’t, my husband and I postponed tring to conceive and received our vaccines. Since then, they have determined the vaccine was safe for pregnant women, but if the did not determine that, and I had been pregnant, then me and my child would be in that category that she doesn’t care if they died.

    Granted, I understand the frustration with those who are refusing the due to misinformation. I get that. However, I believe it is due to a lack of trust with the government in media. It is a consequence of politicizing a virus for over a year because you do not like the man in the white house. Liberals did not all last year with Trump with some, particularly Kamala Harris I believe, stating that she would refuse the vaccine under Trump’s administration, but once Biden was confirmed the winner of the election, she immediately received the vaccine. I’m sorry, but what does president have to do with the creation and efficacy of vaccines?

    I bring up the above because I do know Dr. Stave. I have taken her classes, been in her home, and see what she posts on Facebook. I know what stances she takes on issues and has been guilty of the inflammatory spreading of information against the former administration and supports nearly everything the democrat party has to say against Republicans. I do not believe she would be as open-minded if a Trump supporter would have made the comment she made. She once posted on Facebook that those who supported Trump should not come out to her. She could not handle knowing if someone close to her supported Trump; therefore, she is not receptive to other opinions or ideas. I admit there are many things to criticize Trump for , and rightfully so, and there are many things to critize Biden, on; however, for someone to ostracize another because of a political disagreement is the reason why the country is the way it is today. Dr. Stave perpetuates that despite her claims of being open and accepting of others. Now, do I think she should be fired? Not my call. I don’t really care one way or another plus I’m not a fan of cancel culture and losing a job due to one comment on one’s personal platform. Plus, legally, it does not appear that they can do that anyway. Does she deserve death threats? Absolutely not. She did not openly threaten anyone. Was it a wrong, insensitive, and arrogant comment? Absolutely.

  2. Does no one appreciate hyperbole? Jesus told you to pluck out your eye, but I don’t see eye patches all over my church. Sometimes we use exaggeration to make a point. I’ve known Dr. Stave for many years, and she is a warm, nurturing person, dearly beloved by her students. She doesn’t want anybody to die. She’s very frustrated, as she should be, that most adults in Louisiana are deliberately choosing to endanger the lives of others. Some strong language and hyperbole may be appropriate, and people should take her hyperbolic language for what it is.

    • Let me guess brad you must feel sorry for her. Well to bad my whole family and I are not vaccinated and I don’t care if she loses her job or not buddy. No one brought this on her but herself. I know when I say something I mean it. So deal with it

    • So are the rest of us we are all frustrated but she should know better to say such irresponsible remarks, some can’t take the shot, others do not trust it to be safe, we have rights this is still a free country and to ridicule one because they don’t agree with your beliefs and to act childish to spewing out ugliness against others is irresistible especially someone in her position

  3. Facebook is full of comments a lot more vicious than those of Holly Stave. Conservatives who rail against cancel culture should extend the same freedom to liberals and other people who do not agree with them. Holly should not have made the comment, but would you like to be judged for the rest of your life by your worse day? Unvaccinated people will ultimately have to cope with the results of their decision no matter how others try to protect them. It is unfortunate that decision also affects their loved ones including babies and children.

    • Blue dog, I don’t need you to protect me and I find it offensive that you attempt to divert from Stave’s vicious death wish by invoking a typical leftist “conservatives rails against the cancel culture” tactic. Why don’t you rail against the Chinese communist government and their release of this evil “bug”.

      • You need to go back to school bc you clearly have trouble with reading comprehension. There was no “death wish” anywhere in her FB comment. Regarding your choice of adjectives that you used to describe her blunt, and understandably frustrated opinion about the huge number of unvaccinated COVIDIOTS, I literally LOL’d at your attempt to play the role of DRAMA QUEEN in this scenario. And, then it occurred to me that you would greatly benefit from owning a dictionary bc you obviously don’t have one….and you desperately NEED one.

        • Hey Christopher just cause you chose to be a guinea pig that your decision but it’s not your spot to call shots for other ppl so did with it I glad your vaccinated and doing good with it but judge other ppl is not in your vocabulary so if you want to get a book grab a Bible and study on judging

    • Maybe a real apology would be in order first!
      Extend the same rights to liberals? I guess you mean the same way the liberals have?

  4. Still waiting Mr Jones. If you can’t handle a problem with an obvious solution, you will not be able to handle tough problems. Might be best for you to go back to teaching a Business Law class.

    Northwestern Alumni and Natchitoches area supporters will no longer give their time, money and talent to a university that doesn’t protect students and staff from what some might call predictors.

    It’s time to do the right thing.

  5. How will this affect recruiting? NSU is on thin ice as it is. Our reputation is tanking. We as citizens of Natchitoches had better take care of this before we lose the school completely. What parent wants to pay, or take out loans, for their kids to be fed this BS?
    Many of us alumni will find it hard to support this financially.

  6. In moments of anger and frustration, I’ve probably written hundreds of posts worse considered than Dr. Stave’s, some of them appallingly vicious. After writing them, I read them, savor my righteous indignation and eloquence, then hit rather than . But I know that one day I’ll be distracted and accidentally hit , and then the excrement will hit the fan.

    As a conservative, I’ve raged over the viciousness of cancel culture and the way people lose jobs or are ostracized for careless turns of phrase by social media lynch mobs. But I’m occasionally reminded that my own conservative tribe is pretty much the same. Hence I’m close to being a free speech absolutist. Patterns and clear expressions of hate are one thing, and we deserve to be judged for them, but as much as I try to be tolerant and love my fellow humans, I’ve sometimes thought, “If someone has to get a brain tumor, it should be him”, or “I wish natural selection would work a bit more quickly on those people”. And I’d hate to be judged for blurting it out in a fit of pique.

    Anyway, you believe in cancel culture, or you don’t. You believe that people, regardless of politics, should bear the consequences of their actions – speech, vaccination, what have you – or you don’t. You believe that decisions should be based in data and evidence when possible, or you don’t. If you don’t think conservatives should be forced from academia for their unpleasant political or personal views, then you extend that to liberals or you’re a hypocrite. In this day and age, we need to be careful what we say on social media. We need to self-censor and be fake, or be punished for showing who we are. But … I’d really rather know who you are, and so I’d like you to feel free to tell me without guile or hypocrisy. And none of us is nearly as nice as we’d like others to believe. I need to get the beam out of my eye before worrying about Dr. Stave’s mote. If you really don’t want your kids to be exposed to crazy liberal Dr. Stave, tell them to take a class with madly conservative Dr. Picht instead. They’ll get something very different, though I can’t guarantee that it will make them or you any happier. She’s on campus to teach literature, I’m on campus to teach economics and Russian. Neither of us subjects our students to hate, but neither of us is there to make anyone happy.

    • The difference here is she is a public educator posting on a public platform. What does that imply what she teaches behind close door?
      If I were an unvaccinated student in her class, does my view automatically put me in being retaliated ?
      There are consequences of our words, especially for public servants.

      • If she’d made the comments on a private platform, would it imply anything different about what she teaches behind closed doors? Our doors aren’t really closed, by the way; people can and do visit our classes, and our students are entirely free to share what we say. They often do. And we’re not allowed by law to ask students about their vaccination status, so unless an unvaccinated student wants to bring it up in class – not really appropriate in a literature class, but students bring up the darnedest things – students need fear her opinion on vaccination no more than they need fear a Christian professor’s views on, say, abortion or same-sex-marriage.

        Should college professors keep their religion secret? What if they attend a church that has strong positions on, say, the sinfulness of some gender orientations? Religion is right there with speech in the First Amendment. If words outside the workplace have consequences for public servants, then why not their worship? We public servants don’t give up our First Amendment rights, but of course you’re correct that words have consequences. So they say every time they cancel a conservative or a Christian. That’s not a satisfactory argument, in my opinion.

        • I don’t believe you that conservative students can freely say what they want and not being retaliated and doxxed. Media parroting viewpoint has the strong dominance now, and even the conservative faculty isn’t spare and at the mercy of so called ” justice warriors ” that can cause their deny of tenure, demotion and even designation .
          Couple of examples I can think of immediately are Eric weinstein from Dark Horse Podcast, Dr. Mike Adams from UNCW was being doxxed to the point of his suicide.
          Let alone poor student who cares for his/ her grade and I don’t believe in you one bit that the student’s papers won’t be graded differently once his/ her viewpoints are made clear and strong contradicted to the ones held dear by the faculty.
          I’m not naïve and have been around the academic block.
          I don’t believe you.

          • Is it possible for you to provide an example from NSU? Dr. Picht, Dr. Stave, and I (and many others) do not work at the institutions you mentioned, and I reject the notion of being held responsible for the possible sins of others that I was in no way witness to.

            Like many academics, I have strong opinions about many things, some of which are even in my own area of expertise. You will not learn what most of them are from any interactions with me in my classes or other professional activities I engage in on campus. When they are made explicit, they are confined to topics that are relevant to the class, and are supported by peer-reviewed research.

  7. Holly Stave should be fired immediately. I understand freedom of speech but when an educator wishes death on people who don’t comply with her wishes, freedom speech becomes a pathway to dictate what, when, and where any of us can live, drive, eat, go, or even be allowed to live. Her thought process is old school communism and if allowed to migrate into her student’s minds it may lead to more people being OK with you, me, anyone, being killed in the name of saving lives. FIRE HER NOW!!!!!

    • When does freedom of speech become inciting violence? Her poor students are probably so indoctrinated they may take it upon themselves to carry out her wishes. What responsibility does she have in the actions of those in her charge?

      • Hmm. Incitement to violence. Our department secretary – a kind and delightful woman whose greatest dalliance with the dark side has been to marry a cellist – has been getting death threats. So has Dr. Stave. So far the only talk of violence has been directed at her and some of her colleagues.

        To be clear, Dr. Stave didn’t call for violence; she expressed indifference to the fates of those who go unvaccinated. Doing it on the governor’s Facebook page certainly wasn’t a good move, but so far all the talk of violence has come from people who hate her. That seems disproportionate.

        • Mr. Picht,
          Indifference to the fates of those who go unvaccinated and openly announcing that she does not care if they die are very different. My guess is that most of these comments are coming from people who don’t even know her and not from people who hate her. Per other comments, I am sure Dr. Stave has many charming qualites, but posting this on Facebook is not one of them. An intelligent, professional, NSU faculty member should have the sense to know better, no matter how angry or frustrated they may be.

      • If I could indoctrinate my students, they would all do their homework when assigned, would see me in my office for help with material they don’t understand, and every one would end the semester with at least a C.

        We professors do not have the power that you seem to think we do!

        • Bernadette mainly refers to those humanities major professors who injects their liberal views and ridicule conservative politicians/ groups and labeling them as far-right ideology.
          Plenty anecdotes story tells many innocent high school kids go into these majors and churn out to be government hating graduates, Marxist ideology infatuated after their graduation.

          If the most notorious and ridiculous ideology such as CRT that don’t pass any rational scrutiny test and can be supported and held dear by these young adults, let’s not pretend none indoctrination is happening in the western academia right now,
          You as a STEM professors might not be aware and happening in your department, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t elsewhere.

  8. She should be fired. She showed that she has no feelings for her students or anyone else. That’s a opinion better left unsaid

  9. q. What college employs a teacher who publicly states they wish death on unvaccinated people?
    a. Most all of them.

    q. How can someone who believes this and is bold enough to post it be responsible for the education of our students?
    a. Activities that involve children and youth tend to attract miscreants like this one because their deviant beliefs can be freely disseminated without much concern for accountability.

    q. Will the safety of unvaccinated students be insured?
    a. Not by NSU, you’d best watch out for yourselves.

    q. Is the faculty member going to be reprimanded?
    a. Of course the woman(?) will not be reprimanded – are you kidding?

  10. sounds kind of like that there perfesser is one of the good ole boys when she said she wouldn’t care if all unvaxed people died….sounds like she wants all of them illegals streaming through the southern border and other places to kick the bucket…nice thought sweetheart…figured you being from up north you’d be one of them woke people

  11. You have to be careful what you put on Facebook, Holly. Knowing you as a very intelligent and passionate person, your comment caused a stir. Although your comment was extreme, the first amendment does give you the right to put it out there! So all we loving Christians should accept your opinion and move on! It’s all about love!

  12. She should be fired immediately. Someone with her attitude should not be allowed to educate this country’s children. That type of education has caused a lot of our country’s problems today.

  13. I thought United States was a free country, I’m not vaccinated and don’t plan on it. How can you be a teacher to teach to other ones knowledge when you can’t even figure out what is spreading the covid. I’m from Natchitoches and know all of ppl that have been vaccinated and still catching the covid. So go figure the way to get rid of these is keep your distance and protect yourself from others. I have ppl tell me that when you get the flu shot it doesn’t give you the flu.( BS) so who is really spreading the virus vaccinated or not vaccinated. I just hope you ask for forgiveness for requesting death among other ppl when it comes judgement day.

    • The United States is not a free country…it’s actually ridiculously overpriced. LOL
      I believe the point that you were trying to make is that, as Americans, each of us has been bestowed with certain fundamental freedoms. However, those freedoms or inalienable rights are not without limits and common sense restrictions. For instance, your freedom to act silly by flailing around and swinging your arms wildly ceases to exist where my nose or any other part of my body begins. The truly remarkable aspect of your comment, other than your lack of understanding as to how vaccines work (including how they have also previously worked on you), is how you unwittingly made the professor’s case for her while simultaneously failing to support or justify your own decision to not get vaccinated. She clearly has the freedom to express her understandable annoyance of anyone who has selfishly refused to get vaccinated, and thereby, increasing the magnitude and severity of this 4th resurgent wave of COVID infections/hospitalizations/deaths. The Governor of Alabama recently made a similar comment and went so far as to actually place the blame for every renewed mask mandate and the overcrowded hospitals on “the unvaccinated people.” Which is not only factually true, it’s also an infringement on the freedoms of vaccinated people by forcing us to wear masks again despite making the wiser choice to get our shots. The professor’s decision to post a brutally shocking sentiment in a public forum caused no harm, actual or imagined, to any other person. The decision by others to not get vaccinated is having a direct and very harmful effect on our society as a whole. I predict that once the COVID vaccines are fully approved by the FDA, then it will become mandatory for everyone not having a medical or legal exemption to be vaccinated in this country. The sooner, the better.

      • Hey Christopher if your vaccinated congratulations!!!!!! I have respect for your decision . That’s your busy not everyone else but if you want to down grade me because I’m not vaccinated well hello buddy I live in natchitoches and would be glad to let you say something about me in person anytime anywhere but I promise you a vaccine shot is not going to get rid of an ass whipping

  14. Mr Jones;

    Step up and do your job. NSU moved quickly when a High School student wrote something inappropriate on her Facebook and two NSU employees that told her to change it were demoted.

    Now you have a professor who callously wishes students and faculty that go unvaccinated death and all we hear are crickets. Yes, her Facebook shows she is a supporter of BLM and Joe Biden add in that she is a Wicken, so it’s okay. Her politics are right.

    Shouldn’t the Woke movement go both ways or go away??

    Your move Mr Jones.

  15. Her frustration is out of control.

    Watching the Gov. today and the medical people he had as speakers, Holly Stave is not alone in extreme frustration.

    According to these frontline workers, we are losing our access to health care in this state now. And children and young adults are seriously affected.
    LDH website showed about 250 patients in the hospitals with covid-19 a month ago: Today the number is 1,984. Emergency rooms are in chaos. BEDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN MANY OF OUR HOSPITALS. FOR ANYTHING.
    Why do some people think they know more than the people who are living this nightmare, face to face. Nurses and doctors are begging you to listen to them and get vaccinated. And you sit here and say you know more than them? I truly believe if these people don’t stop with their arrogant misinformation our hospital personnel will retaliate. When nurses make overtime and lots of it, they become so exhausted they are unable to perform at maximum speed. Human bodies collapse with exhaustion. Couple that with a lot of money in the bank, exhaustion, and people trashing what they are telling us, then nurses have been known to just quietly leave. Because they are so frustrated. They just can’t take it anymore. They can get another job later.
    If you are not a hospital worker, then what you have to say is meaningless . Google, textbooks, media are not experienced people and this is the information you believe over what people who have fought hard first hand, during their careers, at the actual bedsides: book knowledge without experience is almost meaningless. You are out of your league. We used to say in hospitals “a little knowledge is dangerous”.
    Tooting your untested misinformation is just not acceptable.

    • It isn’t at all about Ms Stave’s frustration, it’s about her out of control reaction. Is she so powerful in the witch world that she can go wishing death to students and faculty?

      Check out a little of Ms Stave’s previous history. This isn’t her first ride on the Woke train. Please be careful, she might turn you into a frog.

    • Really? You are trying to justify Stave’s depravity because of “frustration”. I’m a nurse too and I call BS!! You seem to not realize that the science isn’t lining up, do you get extra pay for that? Let’s review:
      Vaccine manufacturers are immune to any liability.
      Pfizer paid out billions in bribes for suppressing adverse trial results.
      Moderna has never brought a vaccine to market.
      All previous Corona vaccines have failed.
      Every previous mRNA vaccine has failed.
      Zero long term safety testing.
      Censorship of Fauci funding of Gain of Function
      Censorship of Ivermectin, HCQ, Vit d, Zinc, etc…
      Censorship of Scientific debate
      Censorship of adverse reactions and deaths
      Ignoring Natural Immunity
      99.95% Survival Rate for those under 50
      Bloated Death numbers
      Virus continues to mutate (as viruses do)
      Vaccinated still catch the virus
      FDA, CDC, WHO are captured institutions
      Vaccine and Virus efficacy measured by faulty PCR test (admitted by the physician that created it)
      Never solved lipid nanoparticle delivery problem
      Japanese Pfizer data shows LNP accumulating in organs
      and FINALLY MOST HOSPITALS ARE NOT ADMITTING COVID CASES UNLESS EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES REQUIRE IT, PEOPLE ARE BEING SENT HOME! You also fail to acknowledge the 1000s of Medical workers, mostly nurses walking away from careers that refuse the vaccine!!! Speak only for yourself not the rest of us.

      • Thank you for sharing the facts. This is the difference between headline reading snowflakes and those who really want answers and do their own research.

      • “The science doesn’t line up”, P. Marie in Tuesday NPJ. None of the “psuedo science” on the internet lines up. I am amazed at the people who claim to be trained in science but really do not understand scientific methodology and spout “internet science” as truth.
        The science of COVID does line up and the vaccines works. How many fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized & how many have died compared to non vaxxed people. Oh yeah, the health caee professionals & democrats are hiding the truth from us because, like Trump, they don’t want to cause panic. But the internet knows the real truths about the global cover ups. World governments have conspired to keep the truth from us. The internet is our savior and will set the people free if we would only “woke” up and listen.
        In today’s world of technological and scientific advancement how can we not marvel at science. In an age of higher education and enlightenment why do so many live in the dark ages and ignorance?

        • And all I can say is that I hope the unvaccinated people have all their affairs in order bc the Delta variant of COVID-19 doesn’t care how old/young you are or how stupid/smart you are. If you’re not vaccinated, it’s going to get you. And, you’ve all been warned, repeatedly. So, please explain to me why I should care about people who so foolishly and stubbornly risked their lives and died as a result of it? I’m not wishing it to happen, but I’m also not going to lose a wink of sleep over the death of people who thought it was more important to be right/free/independent (or whatever adjective you prefer) than it was to be protected and to stay alive. I won’t waste one second of my life even thinking about them once they’re gone, except to feel extremely fortunate and grateful that I was able to get vaccinated in March. The only people I truly feel bad for are those in third world countries who’d do anything for a vaccine shot but can’t get one.

      • P Marie:
        Where did you say what your job is in nursing?
        Did you ever work in ICU?
        Covid patients are not being admitted because we are running out of ICU and other beds. LOOK at this: It has always been extreme cases that are admitted, but TODAY’s data shows HOSPITAL cases that are filling with covid patients in Louisiana’s hospitals has gone from approximately 250 and steadily declining a month ago, to 2,112 today and are increasing to rise at a rapid rate. All 2,112 are extreme cases because these are the hospitalized). Have you heard what is happening to pregnant women NOW with covid?
        Have you looked at the data in the LDH covid-19 website to see what is happening today, in Louisiana with this delta variant? CURRENT INFORMATION refers to the fact that this delta strain is almost a whole new virus in terms of communicability, severity and in terms of the most common age groups most infected. Do you realize that the top 3 age groups infected (as of today’s data) are as follows: # cases/age groups
        18-29 yrs 6,813 (the most affected)
        30-39 yrs 5,279 cases (second most affected)
        5-17 yrs 4,508 cases (third most affected)
        70+ yrs 1,440 cases (second to least affected)
        90% of these cases are unvaccinated. All are extremely ill or they would not be in the hospital. You can forget the survival rate for those under 50. (outdated). With the delta variant mostly mild cases occur in the vaccinated and most of the severe cases are in the unvaccinated (The current statistic is: 90% unvaccinated/ 10% unvaccinated.

        It breaks my heart to see nurses not willing to prevent critical illnesses and death.
        School is about to start and colleges are about to begin their fall rush.

        Disappointed in a traitor: a traitor to the health and well being of all people.

  16. She needs to be placing the blame squarely at the feet of the Governor. The unvaccinated are not the ones incubating the variants and that is according to studies that one can find if one looks for them. Further, the viral load in the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed is the same. At any rate, while it is sad to think that she has little regard for others and their choices I hope the experimental vaccine she took provides her with a long and healthy life.

  17. She needs to be fired. A student should not be subjected to this kind of hate. Let’s see if the new president will handle this as discrimination. Are our unvaxxed students safe from her?

    • Discrimination is spelled out pretty plainly in all institutions. You might want to check your bias. This sounds oddly like you’re upset the people who used a derogatory word to describe people of color were reprimanded.

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