NSU faculty member announces fall semester leave and retirement after making incendiary comments regarding unvaccinated people

After receiving numerous messages about what consequences a Northwestern State University faculty member would face regarding incendiary comments that were made on social media regarding people who are unvaccinated, the NPJ reached out to the university for a follow up.

The response reads:

There have been discussions between the administration and this faculty member, but the university cannot comment on personnel matters. The university’s response to this individual’s comments has been posted on social media platforms.

Shortly after this response was received it was brought to the Journal’s attention that the faculty member in question made a statement on her personal Facebook page regarding the event. It reads:

By now I am sure most of you know what went down yesterday. In response to the mask mandate, I wrote on the governor’s website that I was furious that we had to return to these measures because so many people refused to get masked. I ended by saying that, at this point, I didn’t care if all the unmasked people died. I know that wasn’t wise. I also know that’s a sentiment that has come up repeatedly in conversations I have had since we returned from Croatia. However, my words were interpreted as my wishing everyone dead, which is not what I said. It’s ironic that having spent my life teaching students to read what the text says rather than what they think it says, this is happening now.

I have so been inundated with hate mail, much of it threatening, and I will not be leaving my house for awhile. I have spoken with the Provost and I will be taking leave over the fall semester. Some of the vitriol was directed not only at me, but also at the Scholar’s College and given the always already threat of violence on campus, I do not want to subject any of my colleagues or our students, to danger. Most of you know that I have been dreaming of retirement, although I planned to do it in a more dignified manner. However, at the end of fall semester I will retire. Emotionally, I have been ready for a couple years and now wish I had done it before Covid set in, although who knew that was going to happen? I hoped to hang in for two more years for financial reasons, but most of you know I am tired to the core. My intentional tremor is getting worse and the shaking can make it difficult to type or to turn pages. I’ve never not been a fighter, and I have always wanted to model resilience and resistance to our students, but I’m not sure that is wise now. I will finish the book I am working on and I know I will miss the classroom discussion that has always driven me.

As for my current and former students, you have been the reason I stayed on so long. You are the most amazing group of people I have ever known and it has truly been an honor to share a classroom with you.

ORIGINAL STORY: https://natchitochesparishjournal.com/2021/08/03/northwestern-state-university-responds-to-faculty-members-incendiary-facebook-comment-regarding-unvaccinated-people/

53 thoughts on “NSU faculty member announces fall semester leave and retirement after making incendiary comments regarding unvaccinated people

  1. Dr. Stave, I can read the written word and I can write it as well. I read your full comment and the statement, “At this point, as vicious as it sounds, I wouldn’t care if every unvaccinated person died,” is pretty self-explanatory. You even admitted that it sounded “vicious.” It was vicious and a terrible thing to say. Trying to crawfish out of it is cowardly and puts an even more negative light on this terrible situation. The hate mail and threats that you are receiving are equally vicious and hypocritical. And I denounce that as a negative response to your ill-advised post. You may not have MEANT to wish all unvaccinated people dead, but gee whiz, Doc, it surely reads that way. I don’t think “interpretations” of what you wrote are incorrect. You don’t care if every unvaccinated person dies….that is pretty straight forward and not really open to interpretation. As a professor of English, you knew exactly what you were writing. Yes, we are tired. Most everyone is tired. I retired from nursing 4 years ago because I was tired. The people that are really tired are my friends, the doctors and nurses who are fighting every day to save the lives of the unvaccinated as well as the vaccinated. Your statement was a blow to all their hard, tiring, unrecognized work. And may I add dangerous work as several of them have also been ill with this virus. And they went right back to work after they recovered. I do hope nothing violent happens to you and hope that any further actions by you in the future offer more positive suggestions and advocation for encouraging people to get vaccinated other than not caring if they die. That is rather counter productive. I usually only sign my first name on the responses, but today, I am listing my full name and would like to encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Small pox (and other deadly diseases) was eradicated in this country because everyone got vaccinated…everyone. It’s the same scenario now. Please get vaccinated.

    • There was a time when I believed that leftists had a kind heart but were foolish and wreckless in the government policies they advocated to make society more kind. But in recent years it has become apparent that viciousness, violence, hatefulness, corruption in all aspects of political life, and a lack of basic moral standards defines the left. From the French Revolution to the rise of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao in the early 20th century, to Castro, Che, Ho, and Pol Pot in the late 20th century you had folks who thought the only way to make the world a kinder place was to frame their opponents with crimes to imprison them, physically abuse them. and ultimately kill them. When usually people start desiring the death of their political opponents and feel that their death is justified then the society is ready for the next genocide. I remember as a child not being uncomfortable with my playmates celebrating the death of Martin Luther King. I saw a sad look on my father’s face that evening as he watched the news. Trying to be like my friends I said ” Dad wasn’t he just a trouble maker?” My dad looked at me with a very concerned expression and said ” You should never wish anybody to die”. To honor my father I try to live up to his ideals about valuing lives even those of your opponent. Even though I’m vaccinated because I work in tourism I know that the vaccination is not the only issue she has with us libertarians. I m pretty sure she would be just as desirous of my death over my 2nd amendment views as well. Knowing that I’m a target makes belief in the sanctity of all life a heavy cross to bear.

      • Tom great post and as for you being a target the rest of us are also their targets. I wish they would reasurch those names you posted for two reasons 1. What they did to gain their power.
        2. How their raign ended and it ended for millions of people under their control. Pol Pot to start with just to show how recent these things have happened Pot was a scary person!

  2. It’s a shame that it took social media and NPJ posts to push the so called leaders of NSU to make this “woke” person vacate her position. I would hope that the same devices would be used to vacate more “woke” people from OUR university. They need to go home and pout because they can’t have their way anymore. WAKE UP people and reclaim your lives. Don’t lbe silenced by the bullies. Let’s take it back. Be tired of the give it to me for free crowd. Nothing is free. It’s one down and plenty to go.

    • Dear Old Guy, With all due respect, sir, you really don’t know what was transpiring within the administrative walls of NSU after they were made aware of Dr. Stave’s post. This is not instant coffee; it takes measures and processes to “deal with” situations like this; especially those that are as inflammatory as her Facebook post. The issue was dealt with and a resolution has been forthcoming. It may not have happened as quickly as you would like, but that’s the way of the world now; “I want it and I want it NOW.” I think the situation was handled appropriately.

  3. Does everyone leaving mean comments realize that’s the exact thing this lady is being called out for? Wouldn’t the world be better if we all tried harder to be kind?

  4. There are more important things to Bitch about other than what someone said to hurt your feelings!!!! MOVE ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    • Ric, I think it’s a little more than “hurting our feelings.” It was hate speech and it should be addressed and vigorously. We will MOVE ON. After each person who wants to expresses their opinions about the statement that literally wouldn’t care if certain people died. I don’t know you, but lets say that she said, “middle-aged, males, with receding hairlines would die.” Same-same if she described you.

  5. You’re all a bunch of hateful people, suddenly now it’s fine to wish I’ll on a person, because you didn’t like their actions! And tomorrow you will cry for your rights to “ freedom of speech and expression” for your own good. You the people writing here are the most ignorant, despicable, deplorable people in existence! Go ahead and try to fix what you see as hate with more hate, and of course add a lesson about God a Jesus,
    To your hate mail for a little icing on the cake!

    • Wonder if this post would have been made if we were talking about something a republican posted? Seems like freedom of speech is only supposed to work one way. JRL I hope you complained when a sitting president was banned from social networks!

      • Mike Casey, a sitting pos being banned from social media has nothing to do with any freedoms! Especially speech and the simpleton comment trying to raise this as a republican vs democrat (which I am neither of) I expect from someone like yourself!

        • It’s showing that a bias media has the power to take away all of our freedom of speech if they can do it to sitting president.

    • Jrl, countering hate with more hate is clearly counter productive. MLK “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

  6. Whether one agrees with her comments or not, Dr. Stave is as entitled to the same freedom of speech as you are. Universities should be advocates of freedom of thought and speech.

  7. Wishing death upon a certain group of people is never right or justifiable. What would’ve been the outcome had she written “people of certain color and sexual preference is why this country is so chaotic and dying from disunity. As callous as it may sound, I wouldn’t care if they all died”??
    I just wonder what would’ve happened then — IF those were her words. Just replace the nouns… I think we all know it would’ve been handled totally different. See! It..is..never..justifiable. We are all human beings. Just saying…

  8. Unfortunately the unvaccinated can cause great harm even
    death to the rest of the population whereas the writer’s words only
    express her views and opinions which is her right as well as
    those that do not comply with medical advice which is unfortunate

  9. Poor poor you ms. Stave…karma came back hun, good riddance to you and to your cold hearted ideas…you have the audacity to attempt the poor pitiful me card and still offer no apology. Wow, just wow…

  10. Mrs. Staves FB response today:
    “In response to the mask mandate, I wrote on the governor’s website that I was furious that we had to return to these measures because so many people refused to get masked. I ended by saying that, at this point, I didn’t care if all the unmasked people died.”

    ” It’s ironic that having spent my life teaching students to read what the text says rather than what they think it says, this is happening now.”

    Mrs. Stave, YOU apparently have a short term memory. We read the text for what it said, not what we THINK it said. Here is a refresher of what YOU said since you have so quickly forgotten.

    Mrs. Staves actual words….

    “It is so infuriating that those selfish people who refused to get vaccinated let the Delta variant incubate among them, and now we are all in danger again. We just learned that our university must be masked again this fall and I imagine all social gatherings will again be cancelled. At this point, vicious as it sounds, I wouldn’t care if every unvaccinated person died.”

    Lie much? Twist the truth much? Honey, do yourself a favor and own it and do what is right. You are deflecting and not owning your remarks. Making excuses like a 10 yr old trying to get out of trouble……

  11. She wished me dead. She feels 0 remorse. If covid gets anyone I really hope her beliefs come back as death by covid to her “privilege” to be vaccinated self. How’s that feel “teach”? Once a man tried to kill me them my own brain. And thats fact. To be wished dead after I truly survived I truly do hope it gets
    Her. Or a bus.. Covid just seems fitting. Hope you rot you worthless waste! And have a great day!!

  12. She never apologized.
    She’s not sorry she said it.
    Upon he king out her FB page, I discovered she’s Wicken and has her own Coven. (Probably didn’t spell those correctly). I personally wouldn’t want her having any influence on my child.

    • Being Wiccan is irrelevant. Unless she’s trying to convert people, it has no bearing whatsoever. It’s not my preference for beliefs, but to each their own. If you do your research, you’ll find they’re generally peaceful and believe that however they treat people will come back to them. Her actions are now coming back to her- as well they should. Her comment was, indeed, terrible. But faulting her religion is an invalid argument. It has as much to do with the situation as her mentioning Croatia. Zilch.

  13. For you to say such a thing is pure hate and evil! I speak as a person who had Covid and spent 3 nights and 4 days in icu on life support. I’m 49 years old. Nobody until they have been that sick with this has a clue as to just how aweful it is. No I will not be vaccinated , that’s my choice. Bc I am terrified of anything to do with this virus. I went to bed fine and woke up literally dying. Low oxygen and low blood pressure. Very low. I didn’t even know who I was or what was happening. So nobody will tell me about this. It’s a very personal choice. But you woman to not care if half the country dies, you have a hate problem. And there’s no vaccine to fix that. Try Jesus! You definitely deserve to face consequences for this. So good for NSU for getting rid of you.

    • Covid survivor
      You are vaccinated by your natural immune response.
      Your situation is different to those who have no type of immunity. Those need artificial immunity (from a vaccine),
      As always, I am sorry for all the suffering you endured. I hope you are well now,

      • OLD RN great way to explain it! I had a kidney removed a little over a year ago due to cancer and have some immunity issues so I’m willing to take the chance because the alternative is not very bright!

        • Mike- I hope you are not going to have any more cancer issues.

          The alternative to taking the vaccine is not very bright. You may get covid but it should be a mild case. If you do get even a minor case, an ICU nurse at NRMC recommends you seek monoclonal antibodies as your case should receive special attention.

          I will pray for you!!!

          • Yes ma’am the people and wound care keep me up-to-date on everything they can! Had both my shots and keep my mask on. My quarterly check up was great no signs of cancer kidney working great and a1c was down 3 points!

  14. Unreal that this loon would cry about “financial situation”, when everyone knows that she has made 6 figures for decades and has the best retirement plan in this part of the country. Tone deaf much?

    P.S.–Your grammar is just one more reason you have no business molding young minds.

  15. I’m pro-mask, pro-vaccine, and have been fully vaccinated since spring. I agree too many unvaccinated people have contributed to rising cases. Yes, I’m frustrated, too. But Stave’s comment took things too far. While I believe anyone who can get vaccinated should, there are many who have valid reasons for not doing so. The blanket statement of “every unvaccinated person…” shows lack of awareness. The phrase “vicious as it sounds” tells me she knew what she was saying was hateful. I get that people say things in the heat of the moment, we’re all human, and shouldn’t be “canceled” for it. She should have IMMEDIATELY apologized. Her statement here mentions the irony of reading text, yet she fails to state the correct wording of “unvaccinated” as opposed to “unmasked.” She goes on to victimize herself regarding finances and tremors. Yes, these things are unpleasant and I wish her well, but the blameshifting and lack of humility are quite telling. I hope this experience leads her to eat a slice of “humble pie.” There are people I respect greatly who have good things to say about Stave. I wish her well in her retirement and hope she gets some rest and relaxation.

  16. Let me start by saying I’m not a student of NSU but your comment has managed to enrage the masses. Let me also say that I am one of those “unvaccinated” people and I will remain that way. Why? Because I have enough common sense to understand that the vaccine is not for my benefit. If the government is trying to give someone a million dollars (lottery)to get the vaccine, we’ll thats a million reasons why I won’t get it. If the vaccine was that wonderful, all this bribery would be unnecessary.
    That being said, you should probably find a church to go to, find JESUS!! He is your only Hope!!!

  17. I love how she says she teaches students to read what the text says yet she completely changed what her original post stated! It wasn’t about the unmasked, it was about the unvaccinated!

    No matter what side of the vaccine decision anyone is on, no one should be ok with a whole group of society dying just because they have different beliefs than them..

    As for me an my house, we will not get the COVID vaccine at this time. We have natural antibodies from previously having COVID, the vaccine is not FDA approved, and people who get the vaccine can still get and transmit COVID. I have peace about not getting the vaccine. When I lose my peace and feel the need to get vaccinated, I will.

  18. Huh, no authetic apology to see here. Only how she’s a victim. Damn shame she had the ability to influence young people for so long and in her final professional hour couldn’t fully own the condition she created and urge her students and peers to be cogniscente of their social and professional environment.

    Cest la vie

  19. I’ll take “how not to apologize” for $200 Alex.

    Yeah right, we all misinterpreted what she posted and then goes on and on about herself as if she is the victim. I think the new department head of inclusion and diversity needs to step up here and make a formal statement about how this sort of thing will not be tolerated. Yeah that won’t happen either.

    At least she won’t be exposed to the great unwashed.


  20. You are just proving why you have been the most hated faculty member on campus for years. How do you have so much hate in your heart that you wish death on half the country. You are being forced out by the university, own it.

  21. Sincerely, you are a horrible person and are still making excuses for your actions. You are being forced out by the university, own it. You have been the most hated faculty member on campus for years and this is such a relief to so many people! Don’t let the door hit you where good lord split you you evil person.

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