When God Multiplied the Enchiladas

One of the things that will make me more nervous than a sinner on a Sunday pew is preparing a home cooked meal for someone else. I much prefer to treat someone to a meal in a restaurant because if things go poorly, it is the restaurant’s folly and not my own. If I invite you over to my house to break bread, I will always go with my old trusty enchiladas. If I sign up for a Meal Train to help others, I will also check the list first to make sure no one else committed to enchiladas. If no one else has claimed the rights then I will move forward with my tasty and highly esteemed favorite Mexican meal.

This would consist of the Old El Paso recipe found on the rear of the can of enchilada sauce, corn salad and a Cheerio pie for dessert.

I would have loved to tell you that it was an ancient family recipe that was handed down from my tribal ancestors but If I am being totally honest, the recipe was found while on a desperate search for new meal ideas. Often, I will embellish the recipe and add extra ingredients but more times than not, it is the simplest recipe known to mankind and literally a crowd favorite.

Top it with sour cream, green onions and diced tomatoes and you would swear you are partaking of gourmet Tex-Mex.

This past weekend when I made trip to the grocery store, I had already planned to cook the enchiladas for my household but also wanted to make a pan for my former in-laws who were battling some health issues. I purchased all of the ingredients but decided to buy a little extra meat and freeze what was not immediately needed.

Once I returned home, I started browning the meat and for some unknown reason it just looked like a lot of ground beef. At this point, I checked the package to see how many pounds that I had purchased. It was merely two pounds but I even had transfer it into a larger pot to accommodate what appeared to be substantial amount of meat.

I did joke with God while cooking and told him it looked like his was multiplying the enchiladas to feed five thousand.

The meal was coming together flawlessly. Everything was seasoned to perfection and I was confident that the recipients of the enchiladas would not be disappointed. I started to roll enchiladas and put them in the appropriate pan. One pan down and one to go…. but it appeared there was enough meat to actually make a third pan.

It was around this time that I decided to make a pan for my daddy…making my pan last…and deliver them to Goldonna. Once his pan was complete there appeared to be enough left for another pan. So, this one would bless a neighbor across the street and I would make my pan last. The most peculiar thing happened next.

It appeared there was enough for a fourth pan, so this went to another neighbor across the street. Making my own pan last, there was more than enough to feed me, my daughter and her friend lunch and then glorious repeats for supper that night.

God didn’t feed enchiladas to the five thousand but he did feed five families off of a minuscule amount of ground beef and lots of love. I truly felt since I made my pan last that he provided enough to bless the people that he wanted blessed through the work of my hands. As I have written many times before… there is no greater blessing than putting others before yourself. Meeting needs of others before your own is a humbling and spiritual experience that has everlasting effects on your soul.

God always provides for you when you decide to serve others first.

I am so blessed that God puts people in my path to show his love to. What started as a normal Saturday of chores and cooking turned into God multiplying the enchiladas. I am firmly convinced that if I sew enchiladas then I will surely reap enchiladas.

“Don’t forget to do good and to share what you have because God is pleased with these kinds of sacrifices.” – Hebrews 13:16

4 thoughts on “When God Multiplied the Enchiladas

  1. Great story.
    Loaves, fishes, enchiladas, whatever. I do love a good food miracle. 🤓🙏👍👍

  2. “YOU CAN NOT OUT GIVE GOD”, so glad to see your article, once again a wonderful, well written story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. God is good and takes care of his people. I understand not wanting to cook for others because I’m not a big cook. I’m worried I’ll mess things up so I just don’t do it. It’s wonderful people like you are in this world and you definitely have a calling to help others. God made that possible if you ever had any questions. We need more servants like you. God bless you

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