Lakeview Gators Rolling Along

Lakeview had a great last week of basketball with two victories to add to the win column. Tuesday, Lakeview hosted North Webster and did not disappoint. Lakeview scored a whopping 119 points in the game. Lakeview quickly jumped out on the Knights and never looked back. At the end of the first quarter, it was 35 to 6 Lakeview. By halftime, the Gators had scored 69 points and were looking to break the clock. At the end of the third quarter, the fans were getting anxious and so were the players. Everyone wanted to see the 100 mark. The end of the third quarter score was 92 to 36. Needless to say, the Gators ran the Knights into the ground with a final score of 119 to 51.

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter

Lakeview 35 34 23 27 119

North Webster 6 15 15 27 51

Clifton jones Jr. 25 points, Alonzo Driver 24 points, Javonte Howard 19 points, Dayton Taylor 17 points Andre Sowell 13 points

Clifton Jones 12 rebounds, Dillon Pikes 8 rebounds

Dayton Taylor 6 assists

Dayton Taylor 10 steals, Javonte Howard 7 steals, Alonzo Driver 5 steals

Lakeview concluded the week with a short travel to the town of Mansfield to take on the Wolverines. Mansfield, coached by Lakeview graduate Chris Bush, awaited the Gators with a 4 – 1, win-loss record. When the Gators arrived, the gym was packed to see what all the hype was about. When Lakeview entered the building, the fans were not impressed, as the size of Lakeview is definitely not intimidating. The game started hot for the Wolverines with one of their players draining several three pointers to begin the game. As the first quarter concluded, the game was tied at 15 and the gym was tense. Lakeview was able to gather some stops and play decent defense holding the Wolverines to 8 points, but the Lakeview offense just could not break loose. The half ended with Lakeview leading 26 to 23. The beginning of the second half continued to be a good defensive battle for both teams. Every time Lakeview started to break away, Coach Bush instantly called a timeout. “You got to credit his coaching ability. I feel that his scheme kept them in the game,” stated Coach Williams. Lakeview only led by 8 at the end of the third quarter, Lakeview 41 to Mansfield 33. As the fourth quarter began, “I felt that it was going to be another chess match. My guys were wanting to burst out and break the game open, being over eager. Once we settled down, it all fell into place,” stated Coach Williams. The Gators went crazy in the fourth quarter after a dunk from Andre Sowell. “It seems like he just floated to the goal. I knew once the dunk came, the defense was going to follow,” stated Coach Williams. Lakeview blew the game open with an 18 to 3 run in the fourth quarter. Lakeview gained another win to remain undefeated with a score of 59 to 36. Next week, Lakeview will travel across the parish to Saint Mary’s on Tuesday. The later part of the week Lakeview will travel to the Northshore to play 5A Covington on Friday, December 17th and Northshore Saturday December 18th.

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter

Lakeview 15 11 15 18 59

Mansfield 15 8 10 3 36

Andre Sowell 18 points, Javonte Howard 17 points

Javonte Howard 8 Rebounds, Cameron Holden 6 Rebounds, Andre Sowell 6 Rebounds

Cameron Holden 4 steals, Alonzo Driver 4 Steals