Provencal students create food trucks for ‘Quest for Success’ Project

Provencal 8th grade junior high students did a food truck project in their Quest for Success Class and worked hard creating a menu and the actual truck. The students are learning firsthand what is like to run a successful business by creating a business plan to go along with their projects.

Students pictured include: Ella Jones, Skylar Bolton, Anna Roberts, and Baylee Melder, Kalin Weeks, Kendal Presson, Melaine Maley, Aniyah Gillie, Abbie Simmons, Mason Martin, and Makenzi Garlington, Anthony Schaan, Ra’Shaylinn Vanzant, and Mackenzie Garlington, Jace Sweeny, Aydan Ogle, and David Brown, Christina Shilling, Aaron Mayrand, Sango, Morgan Martin, Dakota Simmons, Kennedy Coutee, Roderick Hayes, Keegan Schaan, Cardarius Moore, McKinseigh Roberts, Madlyn-Rose Hymes, Layla Brown, Austin St Andry, Kaden Strickland, Madison Sanders, and Amie and Abbie Thompson.

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