Consumer Alert: Money Order Restrictions

To the Bank Customers of Natchitoches Parish: On February 3, 2022, I presented for DEPOSIT ONLY two money orders for deposit into my account at LaCap Federal Credit Union. I have been banking with LaCap for a long time. Many people purchase money orders to pay their bills and I also receive them from my clients. The required LaCap Federal Credit Union deposit ticket was completed and the two money orders were tendered for DEPOSIT ONLY with the account number on the back of each. The lady operating the teller window informed me that they would not accept the United States Postal Service Money Orders because they had had been issued on the same date as the day I was trying to deposit them. What? The lady said that they would not take Money Orders for deposit until AFTER the date the Money Order was purchased. In my case February 4, 2022 would be the first date of acceptance. Then it was stated that they have to call and verify the Money Order before deposit. Please accept this letter from me to the Banking Public as a consumer notice.


Soon to Be Former LaCap Capitol Credit Union

Customer Note: There are many good local banks